Lifespan Report Excerpts

50-100+ Years Added To Your Life - Now - With Present Technology

(Section 3)

3. Necessary Basis of Evidence and Testing

Walford's diet is unequivocally proven in rats and mice. The only questions are WHY and will it work the same in humans. (It seems to in humans and monkeys over the short run and in every warm-blooded mammal species tested over long-run). Yet, NO reason has been scientifically, rationally suggested or theorized as to why it would not possibly work exactly the same in humans. Those aware of it and ignoring it are simply "waiting to see" and/or desire government "approval". [The hunger induced by a diet that burns carbohydrates - and then restricts calories - is another issue (below) and can be overcome.]

That Walford's diet actually slows the aging process is still a theory in humans, but one of most previously well-supported, potentially immediately and permanently valuable and "surest" of any theory I can imagine. THE ONLY REASON it is not proved - or "approved" - is to test in humans would take 25-100+ years from now (maybe 80-200+ by laughable non-integrated government / bureaucratic standards). Think of what will otherwise surely happen to you if you don't act on this now. (How about your family? Your pets?) In the last 5-10 years there have been a flurry of independent studies verifying Walford and the previous work on which his diet is based; this was well explained in lay terms in the Life Extension Report. Walford has already done the preliminary work - take advantage of it.

This brings up what must now be made clear:

Important Context and Purpose of This Report [entire remainder of #3]

Lack of Things To "Justify", and

Who These Reports Are For:

These reports are by, for, and dedicated to those who express - in public - via actions not just words, the fidelity to Reality (a.k.a. actual courage) necessary either to not have or see past "their own little world" (biases, preconceptions, gambling with judgment / guessing, escaping the rational use of the mind by hiding in tradition and "everybody knows" popular theories & rationalizations)...

...for & to those who actually test ** their thoughts and mere "everybody" or "I already know" theories long enough to see their own (& others) biases / rationalizations (no matter how "precious" they be [typically to other people]) and then test enough to see more of Reality for what it is...

** Testing is the opposite of external authority searches in the form of blind dependence / similar reliance on the mere interpretation of pre-supplied, very pre-packaged "peer-reviewed / censored" published studies. By definition, such interpretation is 99+% mystically-funded & promoted. Valid testing means in / on oneself & others - not overly based on "other peoples" results - with simple, easy, inexpensive laboratory & home tests devoid of vested interests, biases, human parasites, & related "popularity contests". Valid rational testing consists of the kind 99.9+% of all M.D.'s ignore (ultra-darkfield microscope, kinesiology, Clark device, rational observance [by oneself &/or others] of complete and long-lasting / permanent remission of symptoms, standard medical tests but rationally used in their proper context - not as external authority substitutes for proper, rational self-guidance / use of the mind which includes the above tests, etc.).

...for & to those who can and do (even in public) see and integrate Reality for what it is, not what they / "everybody" may want it to be, no matter the level of "pretending" or "fairy tales" going on...

...for & to
those who can and do both identify and acknowledge the existence of general, imminent and immediately valuable, "outside the head" occurrences that "just happen", whether due to themselves or other people...

...i.e. for & to those who are grown up enough to identify and acknowledge (not smear, confuse, mystify, or give the "silent treatment" to) general extremely relevant "status quo destroying or not" occurrences that exist "even outside" the realm of things they may or may not use as their normal external-authorities (pay-checks, income, M.D.'s, government, etc.)... i.e. for and to those honest enough to acknowledge such occurrences "outside" their favorite writing / publishing, drug, vitamin, herb, standard medical "opinion" or other company / government... i.e. for & to those who acknowledge such occurrences that arise / exist "outside" of any group of people prone to band together to support / perpetuate their own rationalizations, inactivity, laziness, or maintenance of past lesser values. (This is regardless if the group's "purpose" is immediate / "quick" profit / "selling it" to others or the slightly less evolved non-profit motivated "pushing-it-off-on"-other-people-approach)... i.e. for & to people whose "attention spans" extend "out" to Reality...

...for & to
those who have no regard for any and all "perceived" self-interests and non-objective / "laziness" biases in maintaining established income / gain deriving actions in the marketplace when such biases, interests & actions conflict with Reality / things of (far) greater value and (rational) reason to engage in...

...for & to those who take one look at the status quo / "way things are" and laugh / shake their heads & then do something about it...

...i.e. those like Dr. Beck (though still widely & purposely ignored, rationalized, & unrecognized, responsible for clearly one of the most important non-mystical advances / "integrations" in the recorded history of medicine [or possibly science period.]) (And of those simple, easy to use ones that are specifically, immediately applicable to everyone alive... possibly the most important) (regardless if it's insignificant cost is ever covered by their "health" insurance). (And no, neocheaters go away - as far as I know, he doesn't practice medicine, answer medical questions, make, sell, advise, or use them, on anyone but himself, nor do I, nor have we met, nor are we affiliated with each other. He only tells others how (and I don't think he charges anything for it either) - and I only use it on myself / "integrate" it and tell others "about" it)...

...i.e. for & to those who do not make a living using to any degree the technique of pandering to ignorance, laziness, or mysticism and do not earn any income period by telling people whatever they think the group wants to hear, already knows, or will easily accept...

...i.e. these reports are for & to those who are unlike all the rest and are honest...

...i.e. for & to those who possess the level of integration and absence of laziness to change things for their own good, or to allow things to be changed for their own good... (which, when done "right", also "just happens" to be for the good of others as well).

The purpose of this report is to identify, review and integrate - without the slightest supplement, drug, diet, conventional, unconventional, specific therapy / specialized non-integrated training / "practice", or other bias (for / against) or affiliation - the most valuable useable therapies in existence. This means and includes publications (if any, explaining the therapies in detail) immediately available and completely understandable to the average person for purposes of surviving death due to aging and preventing the health epidemic of accompanying killer diseases to the maximum possible extent. If it's not possible to be "immortal" now, then it's possible to sustain health by slowing the aging process using current "theoretical / experimental / proven in rats, etc." therapies until the aging process can successfully and reliably be halted in humans once and for all. (This does not mean cryonics.)

I have nothing to "justify". I have no stories or headlines to invent (or reason to do so). My only interest is in what works for me. If something doesn't work, I have no interest in it (and little interest in something of less than maximum or potential maximum value to me). (As a byproduct, since this is based on objectivity and "FIH", not anecdotal evidence or hearsay or popular / media idiocy, and I am only interested in the most fundamental processes / factors possible and methods to influence them, what works for me also works for other people.) I do not write books or newsletters, and I do not give seminars. I have no viewpoint to push, no writing / books / jobs to rationalize, no lack of self-esteem or income to justify, and am not a journalist, "media member", or "writer".

I have absolutely no desire to sell any report - or anything - to anyone who "cannot yet handle it". If you are not yet honest enough to exert the effort to grasp these methods in their one, only, full & accurate context - which is quite easy given a valid effort - (for treatment of a killer disease, aging, or otherwise), please do not order anything from me. Likewise, after such earning of an understanding, if you are not practicing "FIH" enough to then exert the minor effort necessary to use these methods on yourself or at least on others (not little bits thereof plucked out of context), please do not waste either of our time with report orders / attempted communications that will either go to waste or constitute one themselves. Where the actual (real, FIH-based, fully-integrated), not "perceived", not "quoted", success / measurable result of something is the goal, the 95-99+% of the populous [not mere 80-85%] with either a "death wish" ** or, as far as investing / business go, a "poverty wish", are - by necessity & without choice - to be avoided (see Dr. Beck references at end). (Feedback & experiences of those rationally using these and yet-to-be mentioned methods is valuable & highly welcomed however.)

I have not, as most writers, by the very definition of their occupation, taken something that could very well be explained (properly & completely) with a minimum of effort and pages and turned it into the size of a book (or meaningless / long newsletter article). Any "writing" here is not written for you "to read" but is designed to be acted upon and used by you (& me) and is conveyed in the most easily understandable format possible (to those applying any semblance of "FIH"). It cannot to date be found integrated anywhere else to my knowledge - if it were, I wouldn't have had to write it (I could just say "see such & such..."). Although you may be able to find my integrated "to-the-point" writing on the Internet some places, you cannot find anything I've written in book stores, health stores, or libraries, and I do not market these reports via the mail or television. Two small ads have been placed ever for these reports and they simply "go along" with whatever little advertising there is to find the proper people for purposes of replicating investment methods. This is the research I accumulated for myself only and for my own use on myself. Nothing herein was arrived at "for marketing or professional services" purposes or for the thought of using on anyone but myself.

** The vast majority of people may claim / convince themselves otherwise, but (rational or careful) analysis of their prolonged statistically significant actions unequivocally proves they are in error / deluded. Perhaps more accurately they consciously want one thing but unconsciously want something other than their stated purpose / desire. Real intent is determined only by analysis of actions and their effects. No one does anything of any significance to the contents of these reports "unwittingly"; there is always a reason to such statistically significant prolonged behavior whether it is understood or not. Words spoken aloud or written are next to meaningless. "Stated purposes", intentions, thoughts, other "lip-service" are the same: only the measured effect of the thought / fulfillment of the purpose / "testing" & gradual refining of the thought has any significant meaning.

Over-Popularized "Sound-Good" Rationalizations Used To Ignore the Individual's Own Responsibility For Use of This Method:

Any repetition herein is the minimal amount to achieve the desired goal - the results of the method, may be the same or similar words but in a different context, and is necessary & desirable (to the reader's results & implementation). (As all who understand "FIH" know, meaning is not just definition / words alone but dependent on the context used). The rewards for any perceived repetition will be found in the method's results. The vast majority of people chop decades or more off their potential lifespan & totally unnecessarily succumb to killer diseases due to inadequate / partial reading, "get heath / life quick" searches / thinking they can find "the answer" / all that's needed in one or two popular books on the market / therapies / doctors, & resulting half-hearted attempts at implementation. In order to do this right, it not only must be thought it is understood, it must be understood. "Insufficient time" or "it takes too long", etc. is a rationalization often used to cover up hidden failure in other areas (laziness): the topic is your life.

This method is easy & quick to understand & surprisingly easy to use. It must be viewed in its proper context - that of all available methods - not of imagined, visions of future methods that will save the non-user (of this method here) from a lifetime of medical / health laziness. If work is being done oneself in other "areas" to achieve BI [biological immortality as defined by "FIH"] / increased lifespan to get there, while the method here is not being used / "integrated" by the person, a rationalization is taking place & one's life is very probably being gambled away. If you avoid this method now in order to go on with a minimum of interference with what is consuming "all" your time now, you will very probably die completely & absolutely without necessity or valid reason before your "savior-method" is a) discovered, then b) available, then c) useable by you, then d) actually used by you, then e) has had time to have its effects in you. No valid reason exists why the method here should not be used. Every day that this report (and others) remain "unintegrated" to / by the person is a day he must be counted on as chopping off more than that one single day from his life. This chopping takes the form of unnecessary suffering / death / doctor, hospital & death industry fees. Such rationalizations are an efficient way to fulfill the death wish / commit suicide however.

Any (honest) M.D. or other health specialist has his own set of "pet" treatments he likes to (most often hastily) prescribe which are based on his own clinical observations typically combined with a large amount of guess-work / specialized / other-research-ignoring bias. Thrown into this mix then is maybe a small dose of "outside-the-office-or-head" research typically based on popularity and social-acceptability in either the alternative or mainstream medical context / "community in which he lives". He also then typically has a long list of therapies he is ignoring or simply won't try because - in addition to the other reasons identified herein - they might replace or could be better than his standard "pet" treatments. (Pet treatments that must be guarded against replacing typically at all costs are antibiotics, cough syrups, beta-blockers, acid-controllers, so-called "AIDS drugs", etc.). Even the possibility of the abandonment of his "pet" / "off-the-shelf", generalized / "drug company pre-supplied" / "fast-food" treatments would be connected in his mind to a perceived invalidation of his years of "clinical practice" (i.e. observed results + guesswork / popular "sound-good" / "make-a-buck [not just for him]" theories).

The reports here and information therein are not about a prescription for any disease and are not intended to be used by anyone as a prescription for any disease or condition. They (reports, information therein) are instead an identification of rational treatment options, no matter how much mysticism / widespread "purposeful" ignorance / rationalizations may surround them. Such identification is only made possible via the prior separate identification of current widespread medical mysticism.

Even so, the therapies and information identified herein bare no resemblance to those even identified, let alone used, by the typical M.D. or health professional.

Use of These Reports

Although hospitals themselves are now beginning to be widely accepted as a major cause of death and unnecessary illness (by leading doctors themselves, Dr. Douglass of "Second Opinion" newsletter fame included) and a simple visit to a doctor's or dentist's office can be dangerous to your health, I in no way hint - as some people like to "interpret" - that any of the therapies listed herein should be used blindly without a good reason or by questionable self-diagnosis. In no way do I recommend ANYONE blindly use any of these therapies without 1) a good reason (which includes but is not limited to knowing what you're doing) and 2) proper medical supervision (ideally by one or more doctors without the biases identified herein).

These treatments, while the most non-toxic of any generally available should be used to treat or prevent a specific condition they have already shown effectiveness against (or are thought to be useful against in extreme life / health-threatening circumstances). Despite the title of some of the books & materials referenced, the therapies are neither "miracles" nor "cure-all's" to be used irrationally, blindly, or stupidly, although those using these reports may come close to the latter ("remission-alls") when rationally (properly & completely) applied. FULLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE YOU DO IT. (Otherwise, you - not me - are taking the meaning of these reports completely out of context!)

What follows is an integration and summary of mostly ignored, ill-understood treatment methods, NOT specific individualized recommendations or medical advice. Anyone considering use of the therapies herein should consult the references as well as a competent medical doctor prior to and during any use.

This publication is written, sold and should be read with the following understanding. 1) the author and publisher do not engage in specific medical, legal, or professional recommendations, advice, prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment, training or services. 2) The author and publisher will be held harmless, not responsible, & not liable for any results or believed or alleged results, directly or indirectly, of a reader's or users use or misuse, understanding or misunderstanding of enclosed information / any report. 3) The reader / user using or misusing these reports acts entirely of his / her own responsibility in using information herein / in any report. And 4) even though meticulously researched and written to ensure accuracy and completeness of information herein / in any report, the information / report may not be infallible and therefore no responsibility for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies will be assumed by the publisher or author.

Especially - but not limited to - any dietary and energy balancing therapies, this is mainly a review, and you cannot possibly attempt either without the full necessary details found only in the referenced books / materials! Unknowledgeable self-diagnosis or similar treatment is not the purpose here and can be just as dangerous to health as the blind following of inferior advice from an association-happy M.D.

What You Must Do - Understand the Nature of Gambling / Physical & Business Death & Suicide

To understand your own role in slowing your own aging process, aging must be considered as "the killer disease" which will kill you. There are no if's / and's / or's / but's about it; it is only a matter of time and then it or one of its complications will get you. Within the context of aging, the heart diseases, cancers, delayed physical reactions resulting in accidents, the killer diseases, etc. that go along with it must be considered as the result of the aging process: they wouldn't have killed you when you were younger. Obviously, unless only a short 2-4 decades of usable quality life are enough for you, you need to devise a method to slow (& then another to stop / reverse) the process of aging itself - not the individual killer diseases which is a separate subject and can be done by different methods which do not affect the fundamental process of aging. You're not going to be around very long if you don't. A "normal" lifespan may be acceptable to the masses, but it is completely inadequate to those who understand & practice the philosophy of "fully integrated honesty".

Next you must understand the nature of a method for predicting future results: no one can see into the future: no one / no method is omni-present. They / it can only predict future events to a certain probability. This means you must be extremely careful in designing / choosing your "method": you cannot gamble - you must only do things that are safe - things that are going to result in the maximum chance, as known now, of your future event happening. You must eliminate chances and fix "the odds" in your favor as best as they can be fixed because you don't know (without lifespan studies in humans of your method) that what you are doing now will be successful then. And you won't for another 25-100 years. You can measure signs of aging over possibly 5-10 year periods, but any real evidence will take a lot longer. And by the time you then see your evidence / proof in yourself (as opposed to other people you are not) it might be too late to do anything about it / apply new methods if your very "first" one chosen then doesn't "seem" to be working.

Therefore, "safe" in this context can only mean the same thing it means for anyone dying of any killer disease. Your disease IS still a killer disease: by definition this means if you do nothing or do what's "accepted" / "trade union approved" you will be killed by it - you will have no chance because you're doing what "everybody" else is doing - and they're still dying of it.

If you grasp "FIH", you will immediately understand that if it hasn't been done "for you" already by government / academically funded / popular research, you have to take responsibility for yourself and your own life: the government, external businesses, academia and other people in general are not you - they have little interest in what happens to you compared to your own rational self-interest. Society obviously isn't interested very much in the length of your life; it is interested in the length if its own life - of the species at best and, needed appearances aside, generally couldn't care less what happens to you. You're "just one person" and you're not "it". Same for the evolutionary process: it exists by "subjugating" the individual to work for it / fulfill its end.

Governments, society, and groups in general exist by controlling individuals and making the individuals serve them; this is a fundamental conflict of interest when a population of "uncontrolled" individuals have control over their own lives. After the first 25-30 years or so of life, historically no human serves any significant purpose to natural evolution, the species, genetic characteristics, etc. Evolution thus has not bred any characteristics (of the kind you're interested in) into the species to keep aging or killer diseases at bay much after that time.

For anyone applying fully-integrated honesty, this means it's time to take action on your own, by & for yourself. What this means is, again, by definition, in using / devising any method to control your own aging and killer diseases, you are your own researcher. You use rational self-guidance.

This is a life and death situation and Reality; "thoughts" on the functioning thereon can be worse than meaningless when off even in small amounts. Never do you count on anything to work simply or otherwise because it's "thought" to work or "seems" to work. Nevertheless, you must ensure the desired end result as best as you can because your life literally depends on it. This means you always have multiple back-up plans. And you probably institute at least some of them simultaneously to your current "method" - the one you think has the best probability of doing the trick.

Basis of Doctors' Prescriptions

In prescribing therapies even to critically ill people, the basis of choosing what to prescribe is fundamentally in almost all cases that which is politically approved - not that which gives the patient the best chance for life. In order to generally publish a study (and to be "accepted"), it must be double-blind. That is, 1/2 of the dangerously ill / dying patients receive a placebo (nothing disguised in pill form). In any serious killer disease, only a complete fool would allow himself only a 50-50 chance of even receiving treatment just so others can "study" the effect of a single drug, etc.

In addition and aside from such studies, in contrast to prescribing one or a few politically accepted drugs, an honest M.D. (e.g. as Atkins relates in "Health Revolution") will prescribe many more substances (a combination therapy of at least rationally promising substances) in a life/death case. Such an M.D. will not accept "approved" results that almost certainly - or certainly - equal death if the condition is allowed to deteriorate / "run its own" course. "That course" is determined by the species, the natural evolutionary process, the government, the trade unions - anyone & anything but the individual dying of it (aging, cancer, etc.). The long term success rate in otherwise little-hope situations with these rational "unapproved" combination therapies can be very high (see "Health Revolution", Clark, Beck, and others).

Because not as much is known about such "unapproved" treatments, NON-TOXIC substances (drugs or usually nutrients) are generally chosen for rational combination therapies.

The point is not approval or "doing one's duty"; it is nothing but the survival (successful treatment) of the patient. In a cancer case for example, it is totally impossible to reconcile the opposing attitudes of 1) ignoring the value of those therapies identified herein (see also full Lifespan Report) and in the cancer report, and rational unapproved combination therapies - ignoring them by either the use of the "silent 'treatment'" or "name-calling" [see Heart Disease Report] - and 2) a genuine fundamental overriding, first and foremost purpose and desire to keep the patient alive. (How about well?)

It's really just a question of honesty.

Find A Doctor Who Will Live As Long As You

In addition to doctor's offices and hospitals being dangerous and non-integrated places to be, with meaningful test results frequently being sabotaged by inefficiency, contradictory patient instructions, general laziness, mixing up of patient test results, misdiagnosis, and occasional extreme bias, 90-99+% of all doctors are notoriously non-objective. Indeed, as pointed out by Dr. Wallach, author of "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie" book & tapes discussed below (I don't know if I would have called it the same, but I'm not him, and it is correct), the "lifespan" of the average medical doctor is as low as his objectivity. And these are the people treating you for killer diseases and aging.

(The large decades difference quoted by Wallach in average lifespan between the M.D.'s and the population in general was probably due to a statistically insignificant sample size originally used by Wallach. However, the point is still valid, and other studies have shown declining death rates when doctors go on strike in various countries. Doctors should not have a shorter lifespan than the overall population yet that is irrelevant now because they do. Doctors should have a significantly longer lifespan than the overall population. They should know better than the overall population they treat.)

(Their success rate in their favorite pastime - "investing" via their brokers and mutual fund managers - is even considerably more dismal in my estimate than their success in remaining alive and in good health. I'm sure most do fine by popular standards. However, following the herd instinct - choosing "the right fund" or broker to manage things for them - is not what I can call investing.) (And dentists have the highest rate of suicide - a known result, along with "Mad Hatters Syndrome" & general stupidity, of mercury poisoning - of any profession in the world.*) Indeed, a surprisingly high number of M.D.'s actions even in the operating room can only be explained by alcohol &/or drug addiction.

It may seem difficult at first, but you must find one who is in that top 1% or so if you intend to slow aging or avert killer diseases. (The full lifespan report will help you in that area. It recommends multiple sources for M.D.'s likely to be the most objective, but ultimately, the responsibility for judging the objectivity of a doctor rests on your own visits with him and judging him on his use of the therapies identified in these reports, his attitude, and his neo-cheating ploys. The doctor could just as well be a "her", but for brevity I'll say "him".)

* There may however be a profession with even higher suicide rates than dentists. There is another highly irrational / literally insane group of "professionals". They are the direct unprotected handlers of massive amounts of mercury in those primitive out-of-control violent operations that use the mercury to attract gold in the Amazon river basins. The gold is separated via vaporization. The mercury (one of the most toxic substances known to man for which even the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. lists as unsafe at any level) is then "naturally" released into the river, soil & atmosphere with no clean-up attempted or possible. (It's more "cost-effective" in certain circles to let people die and become diseased from it than it is [to them] to clean it up.)

As a result, no untested nutritional supplement / food including at the least otherwise very beneficial cats claw can be rationally regarded as safe when it originates from the Amazon or any region where this practice is employed. The substance must be rigorously tested with the Clark device as well as standard analysis for mercury in order to be proven otherwise. (Of course virtually no supplement or food is tested with the Clark or similar device. And many aren't tested for mercury even by standard analysis.)

The Amazon situation is continuing now & is the worst case of mercury poisoning in recorded history. At least 2.5 million pounds of mercury have been dumped over a ten year span - far greater than that used in the U.S. by that last bastion of suicidal & irrational tendencies clothed in professional apparel - the dental industry in general. This "cost-effective" practice results in at least an equal amount of mercury pollution as gold gained. Large scale debilitating / death-causing health problems have existed for years in the mining areas and affect people worldwide due to massive contamination via ocean & atmosphere, eventually in drinking water, food, & air breathed in at far away locations. North American fish & waters are also widely polluted. However, the Amazon situation is far worse by a factor of 10 or more than the most widely reported Japanese factory dumpings from the 50's. The 1950's Japanese dumpings still cause irrationality, stupidity, disease, death, & debilitation in people today. (No, the Amazon problem is not due to lack of government intervention. It's due to stupidity which is then greatly enhanced & perpetuated by the physiological effects of mercury.)

S. And this is within the context of "FIH" acquaintances. I have not begun to test everyone dealt with for mercury in other body areas such as intestines or in favorite foods, but maybe I should. This is an indicator I use that has proved itself in determining business associations / trustworthiness of people. (I do not practice medicine on anyone but myself.)

* Silver fillings immediately act like batteries in the presence of saliva due to their composition of metals. Despite required long-term rationalizations to the contrary by the dental trade unions, the electrical current formed even from one silver filling liquefies & vaporizes the metals used including almost half the mercury in the first 5 years. Far more toxic than alcohol or sugar, the mercury then destroys body & brain cells & processes. Further, after just 5 years, the mercury in a filling (of which it originally constitutes 50%) reacts with saliva / bacteria to form methyl-mercury which is 100 times more toxic than the original mercury & possibly the most toxic substance known to man. Just chewing on mercury fillings causes a 15,000% increase in mercury vapor (it goes unimpeded directly to the brain & lungs both where it can & does cause massive damage on its way to the bloodstream & every other part of the body).

* If "enough" mercury is present, the end results are brain symptoms such as Alzheimer's disease & death often preceded by allergies, lowered immunity, arthritis, metallic taste, loosened teeth, some symptoms of "drunkenness", lupus, angina, rapid heart beat & heart problems, violence, bizarre behavior, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, gum, digestive & mouth problems / inflammation, muscle spasms, tremors, candida overgrowth, excess salivation, sleep problems, hair loss, loss of taste, memory problems, blindness, paralysis, miscarriage & menstrual problems, chronic infections, mental deterioration, incoordination, birth & brain defects, depression, suicide, and emotional, neurological, & skin problems. Brushing on a silver filling is nothing more than "stirring up mercury" & "conjuring up stupidity".

* And grinding the teeth or using peroxide over the silver fillings really invites quick trouble. The only quick, effective, & reliable detoxification is with intravenous EDTA chelation and proper procedures followed for removal by a dentist who does not implant mercury fillings period. ANY oral supplement may be ineffective compared to real valid chelation which can only be administered intravenously. Supplements may also take weeks to months to years to have their chelating effects which are (very) weak vs. shots of EDTA. Selenium in particular is a mercury antagonist, but caution should be used ingesting more than 300-400mcg/ day. Organic colloidal selenium, if you can find it in reasonable amounts, may be the one of the best oral therapies and safer than inorganic selenium.

* There IS no safe level of mercury, it is extremely hazardous waste, and in the U.S. even the Environmental Protection Agency has a 'zero tolerance' policy towards it (for good reason).

* Dentists are by far the most dangerous type of "white clothed" health professional because their existence depends on pretending what they do with mouth surgery, fillings included, has no effect on the organism's health or rest of the body. Root canals similarly should be avoided at all costs regardless the presence or non-presence of mercury (see Clark). Although less specifically toxic than mercury, fluoride is also a poison that no informed person should ever allow to be used on them by any dentist, should never be drunk in water, & should never be used in toothpaste. Doctors / dentists & associated "health professionals" in general are responsible for more destruction & cost the public far more than lawyers or abusive revenue agents. They however more than adequately fulfill the average person's overriding need: his "hidden" death / failure wish instilled in him since infancy. Mercury & fluoride both greatly contribute to blind "following the herd instinct / external-authorities searches" more than any other popularly used poisons.

Self-Responsibility Needed Before Significant Damage Is Done

Anyone who has yet to realize the sheer danger - let alone incompetence - of the mainstream medical / dental profession is in need of watching Dr. Wallach's video tape, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", before significant damage is done. (As well, recommended is the audio tape of the same name of a different seminar. Get both directly from Wallach / American Longevity - not the ones cut off at end; not one cent is derived here from any of Wallach's material. There's a shortened cassette available by 3rd parties - that's not the one being recommended here.).

Doctors &/or hospitals are needed at some time (especially for diagnosis) in spite of their sheer danger & unpredictability. The obituaries of doctors & others & newspaper articles in his books & tapes are worth noting. Dr. Wallach has performed over 17,000 animal autopsies and exposes how animals are better medically treated than humans. Animal studies are the key to extension of human lifespan & eventual elimination of aging.

Note that standard medical tests alone can & have been dangerous: unnecessary x-rays, swallowing of toxic substances, etc.

The immune system's chief gland (thymus) was routinely surgically removed in the first half of the 1900's because "it shrank during illness". Even later the thymus was destroyed by x-rays & radiation and with it went much if any chance of the lifespans talked about herein. For a very good exposure of why medicine in general - as practiced, not "as it should be" - makes a complete mockery of the concepts of "science", reason, rationality, & objectivity, read Chapter 14, "Science, Medicine and Society" (Rochlitz). Especially read under the subtitle "20th Century Medical 'Science' ", page 196, 3rd edition of his revolutionary book, "Allergies & Candida with the Physicist's Rapid Solution", Steven Rochlitz (references at end). This book is necessary regardless the presence of the diseases in its title.

Virtually everyone suffers from allergies of some sort & these are routinely misdiagnosed by non-objective medical practitioners as other diseases. It is estimated identification & either (easy, non-drug) correction or elimination of allergic substances can add up to 20 years or more to the average person's life.

The disease of mysticism (creation of problems where none previously exist) affects M.D.'s and especially all occupations involving a high degree of specialization. Thus, like no where else, it directly impacts the length and literal quality of your life. A few pages of newly edited extracts (all indented) from the heart disease report of special relevance here:

Basis of Reading / Treatment

In certain force-backed government states it has been made into a legal crime (and a mockery of a philosophical, ethical, moral or real crime) to use the word "cure" in connection with any "mysterious & powerful" disease "everybody" and their trade unions, university / "grant" subsisting researchers, popular "cause-concert" musicians / other "know-nothings", not to mention drug company's, all just know "can't be cured". (Otherwise, the support structure for entire major bureaucracies & industries would begin to collapse). I treat myself only with these therapies. To remain objective I do not make or sell any devices, substances, or therapies: I sell (integrated) information / knowledge only, and do not treat or advise anyone (other than myself) regarding anything.

Further, I do not want to get any of the other "researchers" or sellers of devices, etc. mentioned in these reports in any trouble they're not already in, so I will and am necessarily refer(ing) to everything here - all therapies - therefore as "research / development" and you the reader as your own personal "researcher". Although I will not repeat it every sentence or paragraph it should be clearly understood the context of anything written here, while specific, is "experimental" and "theoretical" even though some or all of it may have already been proven in rats and supported by other "researchers'" results in humans (and other parts of it proven period). After reading these reports, you may use the information to dramatically slow your own aging or experience "a complete and total remission" from cancer or negative AIDS tests (not to be confused with simple antibody tests), etc. - or rid yourself of any sign of all disease symptoms. But if you do or attempt any of those, that is legally different. You did it as a researcher on your own and I had no part of it personally other than to point you in the right direction via these reports.

It can however be said that as of mid 1998 a safe estimate is that at least 98-100% of all deaths & substantially diminished health from cancer, AIDS, 99+% of all infectious diseases & "overgrowths", heart disease, stroke, and other killer diseases are unnecessary given specific current and past technology. Technology as opposed to philosophical idealism / wishful thinking / other generalities / or waiting for any current / future "research" to pay off. And the same can be said as of mid 1997, mid 1996, and almost certainly mid 1995, mid 1994, & probably 1993 as well - if not decades earlier. What has been killing those suffering from the above diseases is an infection of the mind - mysticism, a "defeat the healer" general "death wish" as Dr. Beck puts it. This can take the form of reliance on the media / government / trade unions / hospitals / drug companies / pharmacies / health stores / popular books and everything else that can possibly be set up as external authorities to alleviate self-responsibility / "self-research". This alleviation can only result in a lack of identification & lack of application of the therapies mentioned in these reports.

This does not necessarily mean those who have already allowed their condition to deteriorate to immediately life-threatening proportions can save themselves with an instant dose of "self-responsibility" or "pre-packed external guidance" in the form of the (improper or
any) use of these reports. (The ability to save themselves however does seems likely in the vast majority of all cases of those fully & properly applying these reports).

It means the condition itself is to begin with unnecessary, as it was almost certainly half a decade ago, 2 decades ago, & probably even 3-4 decades previous. It means the condition almost certainly would not be there today had these identifications and applications been made when they should have been made - when the problem first began. For those in this condition now, there is no one to thank but the external authorities used and ones' own reliance on them / lack of "research". This is the "estimate" of a "researcher".

partial reading can be dangerous to your health. It can be dangerous - if not life-shortening period (life-shortening
especially when viewed in context of other available therapies & their proper application) - to apply any therapy herein without fully grasping all points mentioned in these reports. This is regardless whether you're already using one of them. Similarly, partial reading / partial understanding of any of the quoted references at end / specific directions for any attempted therapy can be equally dangerous. This is Reality. "Partial reading" & other forms of context-dropping are what originally brought about the current unnecessary "mass-debilitation" to killer disease & aging.

SECOND WARNING: Between the above and one section of the online "
Heart Disease Report", only HALF of [#3 of the Lifespan Report] "Important Context and Purpose of This Report" is online. The 2nd half of #3 should be read to fully grasp the context of these reports. The 2nd half may or may not ever be put online, but even if it is there are still at least 17 different sections of the Lifespan Report. No more than 3 out of 17 sections will ever be put online. A new version of the Lifespan Report is now being edited and is expected to be available July 2000. Indicate your interest now by email, fax, or mail and details including price will be returned when available. "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I", especially Master Protocol section, and the "Heart & Vascular Disease Report" contain specifics on much of the topics covered in #3 above.

Main Technical Reference (see Life Extension Report (LER) and 120 Year Diet for others):

The Retardation of Aging and Disease By Dietary Restriction by Drs. Richard Weindruch and Roy L. Walford (Charles L. Thomas, Springfield ILL, 1988)


Walford, The 120 Year Diet, Pocket Books, 1986; Maximum Lifespan, 1983

Walford, The Anti-Aging Plan, Four Walls Eight Windows, NY, 1994

Atkins, Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, David Mckay Co., 1972

Atkins, Dr Atkins New diet Revolution, M. Evans & Co., 1992

Rochlitz, Allergies & Candida With the Physicist's Rapid Solution, 3rd. ed., Human Ecology Balancing Sciences, Inc, P.O. Box 21091, Sedona, AZ 86341

Wallach & Lan, Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures, 1994, Double Happiness Publ., Bonita, CA

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