20 February 1999

Master Protocol Description

(excerpts & contents from "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I")

-The Surest, Safest, Quickest (Least Expensive) Results Possible: BI Research, Aging, Cancer, AIDS, Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular and Potentially

ALL Disease Period,

Including ALL Fatigue, ALL Pain, Blood Sugar / Blood Pressure / Tooth/Gum Disorders, etc. -

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Section C (from "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I")

Late 90's Research and Beyond:

Master (Ultimate) Protocol

The previous Cancer, AIDS & Infectious Disease Remissions report (now titled more accurately "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I") represents research done mainly in the late 80's to early/mid 90's. While every single part of it remains accurate and useful in itself to this day there is as of 1999 now much better and much more.

Looking at the early research, before much was known about the below, I'm forced now to admit the original report looks (to me) little more than surface logic. Surface / popularly-known logic that is compared to what I now know (but not compared to conventional therapies which have still failed to grasp / admit the above). (Medical report contents are far from obsolete - they are required as the basis for either a full or an accurate understanding of the Master Protocol. I continue to use the medical report contents every day along side the Master Protocol. Each one of the two compliments and benefits the other.)

What follows started out as the most recent major revision of the above report, but it was soon realized it would entail rewriting the whole thing, a senseless endeavor especially considering that the below not only can't be put in a report by its very nature and definition - it just isn't the sort of thing put in a report / newsletter / article period - let alone one that 50-some dollars either can or does buy (anywhere, any topic).

The final result may look simple now, but realize it was arrived at only after years of prolonged detailed personal research, development, and experimentation.

The protocol described here represents "advanced" knowledge: readers must be prepared for it by first reading and understanding the rest of "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I", and preferably the "Heart & Vascular Disease Remissions Report" (& the "Lifespan Report"). To grasp what is being communicated below, it is especially necessary to have read the summaries and disadvantages (& advantages) of the Clark, Beck & Rife approaches. The "Lifespan Report", especially the online part, also greatly aids understanding of the protocol. The Master Protocol is far more than a report and is thus only available to those who have purchased (& "hopefully" understood) "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I". The protocol material needs understood and requires a lengthy agreement found at end of "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I". The protocol can be described here but it is not something that can be put online.

But first, click here for background (tabulation of supplement costs & futility of approach) and medical disclaimer.

Master Protocol

- The Surest, Safest, Quickest (Least Expensive) Results Possible -


Forget the Neocheaters, Mysticism & Medical Dark Ages ever existed ...

(Practical Application Of) Fully-Integrated Honesty Now Has the one & only ("experimental" 1 - extremely safe 2 - PROVEN 3 - virtually certain 4 - "integrated" 5 )

"Complete 'Spontaneous'* Remission 6 & Long-Term / Permanent Freedom From All Symptoms" (*And Not By Chance) for:

  • Cancer (All), AIDS, HIV, Virtually / Entirely All Other Infectious Diseases (Flu's, colds, pneumonia, E-Bola, biological warfare, etc.), & Many Previously Imagined "Unrelated" "Incurable"

  • Diseases Including (But Not Limited To) Candida / Yeast Infections, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Asthma, Pain / Inflammation of All Types & Sources (especially effective at removing the pain AND the cause unlike Aspirin and analgesics), Food Intolerances, Virtually All If Not All Digestive Problems, Ulcers, Tooth / Root & Gum Problems & Much

- If Not All -

  • Diabetes / Arthritis / Heart / Artery / Blood Pressure & Vascular Disorders / Depression / Anxiety / "Stress" & ANY Lack of Energy

- both Remission of Current Symptoms AND Prevention / Development of Future Disorders Made

Virtually If Not Entirely IMPOSSIBLE *

  • Your Own BI Self-Experiments (now), So-Called "Immortal" Blood Cells Without The Restrictions Imposed By Conventional Electro-Medicine & Popular Approaches,

  • Extreme Longevity Benefits, & Average - Probable Maximum - Lifespan Extension:

  • Access & Take Part In My BI / Disease "Remission" Research Now:

  • Laugh At Pills, Diet, & Exercise (when promoted for these effects - or any supposed "worthwhile" effects compared to these)

  • Laugh When People Try To Tell You Food Consumption Is Your Sole Source of Energy (an outdated, mystical, "stone-age medicine" belief - thanks to progress, there are now options - and they're not vitamins, pills, or anything traditionally considered a nutrient)

  • (Side Effect: Weight & Hunger Loss Without Dieting, Exercise, or Pills)

  • Abandon Conventional & Unconventional Medicine

  • Abandon Mass-Marketed, Sales-Oriented, "Everybody Knows", "Neighborhood-Doctor" "Medicine"

  • Abandon "Academic" / Government / Drug Company-Funded "Medicine"

  • Opt Out Of "The Death Industry" Once & For All

  • Venture Into "Fully-Integrated" Medicine, Rational Medicine, Self-Sufficiency, & Real Self-Guidance

  • Take Out the Only Rational, Genuine "Insurance Policy" There is

"FIH" Medicine - "Rational" Medicine: The Potential Fulfilled

The (Fully) Integrated Answer for Cancer, AIDS, Infectious Disease, Heart / Circulatory Disease -

All Disease PERIOD

Immediately, Specifically, Available Now

Actual BI Research

Not treatment, not remission (as the word is popularly used), not philosophical generalities, but the one and only - integrated - specific documented (experimental / extremely safe, probable) ___** [see footnote] for AIDS/HIV, cancer, infectious diseases, & other previously imagined "unrelated" "incurable" diseases. Found well over half a decade ago & successfully & easily (self-) duplicated over & over again. The only way documented to successfully, repeatedly (easily, quickly, & mystically-free) turn HIV+ into HIV negative, eliminate AIDS symptoms, & stop all outward symptoms of all types of cancer, among many other conditions, even advanced, with no known side effects, toxicity, "minute pollution hunts / attempted eliminations", or interference with normal pill / food consumption.

What? No one told you? You should know better than to be surprised. It may yet be a long time before you can find a doctor who can accept the real causes of cancer, AIDS/HIV (both very similar), and the other diseases listed here. Self-reliance now is the only way to ensure your future survival. You can now address the cause of cancer, AIDS/HIV, virtually any infectious disease, and all the other supposed "unrelated" disorders, and apply this extremely probable ___** yourself in your own home in a matter of days - easily, inexpensively, quickly, & very much safer than the average doctor / hospital visit - without unnatural dependence on anyone, doctors, hospitals, the government, insurance companies, or their trade unions.

What's it worth to you, your family, your loved ones, friends, relatives & pets - to be able to "test" these results yourself, on yourself, your pets, your children / "make it available" for your other loved ones' "testing" on themselves too? What's it worth to you to very, very probably be able to quickly, almost immediately in some cases, induce a ___** in them all?? Where there would historically be no ___** at all?? Or where any ___** would otherwise be a long, drawn-out, job / industry-creating, bank-account-draining affair that literally "sucks the life" out of you / all involved?? Where the only other "permanent remission" is very improbable and happens only by chance??

* Avoiding otherwise non-toxic and beneficial drugs / herbs / supplements / foods (whether containing minute traces of pollutants or whether completely "clean") is NOT part of the protocol: this protocol does not state such avoidance of pharmaceuticals is necessary or desirable (& I myself take whatever I want without care or noticeable side effects when I use it) . Only avoidance of already overtly poisonous therapies such as AZT & radiation are a part of the protocol. As of late 1998, there are NO herbs, growing list of pills to take, (any pills to take,) popular organ "cleanses", things to avoid / contaminants to watch or test for, or "gripping of things" necessary with this (as there are with popular approaches). Nor are there any high-maintenance / "impossibly-fiddly" / "have-to-consistently-watch-them" gadgets involved to buy or make (and then constantly get repaired or have to repair yourself). (When evaluating any other approach, the restrictions in the previous *'d sentences need carefully examined - they are now totally unnecessary to almost everyone's proper & adequate use of this protocol!) (See 3rd of "Three Important Disclaimers Everyone Should Read".)

You are not getting "a" protocol. You are getting "my" protocol. You are getting something designed for me given the drawbacks & failings of the popular / marketed approaches. You are therefore getting what anyone who has used such approaches (& then seen this) knows as the best protocol period - a method based solely on the painstaking prolonged stripping away of any & all - not some - but all - affiliated mysticism / non-sequiturs at least 95-99% of all applying "FIH" fail to identify or see through. The most hidden, most fundamental, most all-contaminating, all-encompassing non-sequiturs / mysticism so naturally widespread and unquestioned in virtually everyone's upbringing that it still traps at least 95-99% of all otherwise regarded as the most integrated "FIH" people. That's what makes this possible - identification and removal of the most fundamental well-accepted fallacies.

This is based on published and necessarily mainly unpublished studies, reports of clinical observations & resulting repeated self-experiments & self-observations anyone can repeat for themselves over and over again as many times as they like. Not Rife-based technology, not water, not excess water, NOT DIET, NOT SUPPLEMENTS, not ozone & NOT: drugs, light, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, shark anything, "soups", "cocktails" [HA!] [watch your life expectancy closely on those], vitamins / herbs / homeopathy (although all three can help), surgery (ditto for some whose cancers have already been allowed - due to stifled access to this integrated Reality - to grow badly now threatening nearby organs), radiation, hormones, incomprehensible "chemo" [non-] therapy, acupuncture, grape juice, raw foods, enzymes, mental imagery, probiotics, conventional "therapies" (unlike all of them), cryonics, mysticism or other silliness / excuses for incompetence / laziness / big bills to people who don't want to / can't earn them properly. Some of these things above may help, & you may use them if you want to get more aggressive / the quickest possible results, but they are not "the protocol / method" & are unnecessary & a waste of time for this purpose in the vast majority if not all cases.

Part of it may be based on the work of Dr.'s Beck & Clark, & others, but a) the protocol itself is not anything (I've seen) available directly from Beck / Clark / any individual source, & more importantly b) you may not have to strap on / hold any electrodes, plug anything in, turn any device on, or use any batteries (let alone take any pills) depending on your condition - even if you have cancer.

(Of course, a more forceful approach may be desirable to best ensure the absolute quickest possible results for conditions that are still out of control / immediately life-threatening. In the case of an immediate life-threatening condition such as cancer / full blown AIDS / need for a heart transplant / heart attacks or strokes already occurring / etc. the "all-out" approach used in this protocol has gotten dramatic results in 24hrs or less to a few days - typically where there IS NO improvement traditionally. The more laid-back standard approach used in the protocol is cheaper, simpler and typically seems to take up to a few weeks or more. The latter simpler approach is all that may be needed in the case of virtually any infection depending of course on if you have the few weeks to wait for "permanent remission". If you've been subject to traditional "treatments", and if what you'll now begin to see as a simple, easily totally "remissed" infection has already been allowed to go wildly out of hand to life-threatening proportions, then you'll obviously want the all-out approach used in the protocol or one closer to it. [The "all-out" approach here should not be confused with pills or the above long list of things of which this protocol wants no part - there are simply different ways to use the protocol.])

Heart Attacks Stopped Cold In Mid Progress

(Another example: heart attacks can even be stopped in mid progress as they occur totally reversing all signs of heart trouble in a few minutes, very simply, at virtually no cost. That means it has even been done repeatedly, without any expensive electro-medical device. And it's even reported effective with other conditions as well. Seizures are reported to respond very well. [It's nothing to do with coughing or breathing - rather, results incomparably better than you will find in any hospital. At the very least, no heart patient or their families should be without this knowledge. Yet virtually no one knows about it. And virtually no one is telling anyone about it.] [These and other therapies should be regarded as first-aid measures - any remaining cause should still be addressed.])

(You ["hopefully" in conjunction with one or more M.D.'s or other doctors who have somehow managed to "miraculously" maintain some semblance of "integrated objectivity" about themselves and their profession whatsoever] will have to decide on what approach, typical laid-back or all-out or somewhere in between, to take with this protocol given the severity of your condition. Being research that you "experiment" with on yourself, not medical advice, one thing is sure - you'll know what I would do if I were in various circumstances [and frequently have done to test on myself even in the absence of disease / dire circumstances]. And, you'll know what other people both have done and are doing right now - those with serious diseases and those simply desiring to live a life longer and one in better health than anyone lacking / falling short of actually using "FIH" in practice can imagine.)

If you don't find out the [real] [non-mystical] facts now, you or a loved-one "might" not exist [for Biological Immortality] later. (The word "might" here is an understatement. The word exist is not.)

Are you another one of the masses who will die a statistic needlessly and senselessly [of mysticism] - even when you're armed with "FIH" - even when you've put it to good use for the last 15 years - even when you "already knew" "useful" medical "advantages" the masses didn't and began to implement them long ago - even when you had been "taking the right pills", eating, drinking, and exercising properly for decades? Are you another one of the masses who will die a needless death when you could have had the one & only integrated extremely probable (even in yourself), already proven & well documented in others ___** ["Complete 'Spontaneous' Remission &..."] ?

Time to decide. 7

Don't let the length of your life be determined by the approval-seekers, popular opinion-panderers, hoaxes, context-droppers, & the follow-the-leader-&-do-whatever-they-can-get-away-with social-intellectual types who choose to ignore progress in general (& this) for their own benefit. (You know who they are.) (Entirely separate to medical report contents.)

Even if you are symptom-free and healthy now, you should know AND use this (technically "experimentally" as "research" on yourself) to protect yourself against possible / very probable future illness. Your own biological immortality research starts here. Immediate benefits include, unlike the free-radical theory, unlike what any combination of pills / diet / exercise can produce, potentially never having to endure another flu or cold in your life. (Flu & colds are understatements.) And potentially never having to suffer through any type of infection, no matter what percentage of the masses die from it, that produces anything but the most minor and mildly-annoying, short-lived symptoms.

What This Means,

Problems With Popular Approaches

I have personally used Clark's device (aside from doing "all I can" to follow the rest of her [ever-growing] protocol) since the design was first published in 1995: in 3 years of constant use ("experimentation") it has failed to "do the job" (its job) alone although it does have some beneficial effect. In that time I've continually been unable to use Beck's devices due to the "threat" of "electroporation" (20 or more times absorption than normal) and being unable to consistently eliminate all pills & questionable foods (garlic, onions, "superfoods", foods very high in carotenes, etc.) - I have been unwilling to take the risk without extensive (& expensive) continual medical tests. For 2 years or more I have consistently eliminated most, but not enough, supplements / foods to make my use of Beck's devices safe: in that time I started developing (life-shortening) deficiencies of certain essential nutrients and finally had to give up having no desire to fix one problem by / while causing another (major) one. I have however watched closely in person as other people have used Beck's devices on themselves with success that Clark's device has not given them (they were able to eliminate supplements although I suspect one or more of them caused certain deficiencies while strictly avoiding pills as is necessary to follow both Clark's [for pollution] & Beck's [for "electroporation"] protocols).

As far as I'm concerned, aside from the rest of their protocols, neither Clark's nor Beck's designs are free of fundamental flaws, and neither alone have produced significant results in my situation although Clark's has had short lived beneficial effects some of the time. This lead me on a search for alternatives (I have not found Rife-type machines useful - compared to this protocol - although the possibility still remains open with future developments).

After 3 years of research & experimentation I have what I consider the ultimate currently available answer and the only solution necessary (even though it will undoubtedly be improved upon later).

The protocol contains a combination & modification of Beck's & Clark's designs plus completely different technology not as widely known, works much better in my experiments [because a) I can use it without the risk of dangerously increased pill / food absorption, & b) separately, it is unquestionably more effective in its own right than the above popularly available designs / protocols]. The protocol fixes fundamental flaws I see not only in the electro-medical aspects of popular approaches (Beck, Clark, Rife, etc.) but in other key aspects as well.

Furthermore, no electrical device or pills may be necessary depending on what other parts of the protocol you decide to use which is based on your symptoms and how quickly you need to get rid of them.

Note that I consider the standard colloidal silver maker design to be good for what it is - but totally & fundamentally inadequate for the job and that this protocol also fixes problems with the standard a) detoxification methods such as colloidal silver, & b) ozone makers. For instance, I cannot recommend the standard ozone generator design as endorsed by both Beck & Clark as among other things, it may leak ozone / nitrogen byproducts into the air which of course can be toxic to the lungs if breathed in. You can either buy all the devices used in this protocol at surprisingly low cost, or you can [not necessarily will] easily make most, if not all, of them yourself irrespective of any formal training. It should be stressed electro-medicine, silver, and ozone are not the entire protocol however, only (small) parts, and some of the ones I most see fundamental flaws in their popular design & implementation.

This protocol synthesizes parts of Beck's, Clark's, & Rife's protocols but also adds more - much more that may work better than anything based on Beck / Clark / Rife / ozone / silver, etc, etc, etc. alone. Among other things, I consider this tested protocol to make Beck's devices usable (for myself who will not eliminate pills or foods just to avoid the possibility of death from an overdose of something that would be a completely normal & safe amount without the use of the device). As those familiar with the actual application of "FIH" already know, as usual there is the mass-marketed / widely available / popular (in whatever context) information (approach / product / service). And then there is the specific complete / integrated mysticism-free information (approach / product / service, etc.) that is by definition rarely popular and almost unknown. And so it will remain for quite sometime.

Put another way, there is the fast-food / drive-through-window hamburger that will keep you alive and save you from starvation (an easy, quick excellent marketing ploy). Then there is the properly cooked free-range, grain-fed, fresh Fillet Mignon chopped into a burger you make yourself (because you understand about parasites, pollutants, what cows are normally fed, the health of the cow you're eating, & the distinct possibility of prion diseases [human mad cow disease]). Which one is better for you when you are dying of a killer disease?** [see next paragraph] Or developing one?** Or suffering from unnecessary aging alone?**

** This is a reference to mass-marketing / popular opinion / books / widespread knowledge in ANY context vs. your own mysticism-free version that arises only out of necessity - this is not a reference or comparison to any particular person / approach / their devices. Although neither of their protocols worked / are workable for me & many others I suspect, Dr. Beck is responsible for one of if not the single greatest advance ("integration") in medical history and Dr. Clark is not too far behind - her books should be required reading by everyone alive seeking to remain so.


There is unequivocal proof of how these devices / approaches each work alone (although I see at least one fundamental error in most to all parts alone, each such error identified & fixed here), and the modifications made that make them each usable (to me) certainly do not make them any less "potent". The effects are not based on anecdotal evidence. There is / can be no (rational) denying of the effects, only "ignoring" of them. They are proven to work by live blood analysis under ultra-darkfield microscopy among other tests (see below). And then there are the outward symptom reversals and how soon they occur. There is no reason the effects would occur in me and no one else (already proven in many others) - the principles they operate on are universal & apply to everyone. Even goldfish. The effects of this protocol are EASILY demonstrable on you the individual as well as anyone else who cares to use it. Your own evidence will be undeniable if you give it an honest unbiased try.

Even Dr. Atkins publicly accused "leading" cancer researchers of suppressing multiple - not one, not two - but "many" "cures" for cancer alone, not treatments, not "remissions", etc., etc.. See what he says about it: visit www.rarebooks.net/beck - once there, click on "Related Articles" then click on "Famed Doctor Accuses Leading Cancer Fighters Of Suppressing Cures". Be sure you read the final paragraph there on Dr. Atkins "advice" for cancer patients and their families where he touches on a couple of important exposures of mystical medical practice that have become standard and to be expected. (His nutrient list is fine, but not a "cure" or "remission", or anything like what I'm describing here. For life and death conditions, as virtually all cancer is to mainstream mystical medicine, most of the doses listed there are insufficient to do much of anything other than act as a [very] mild preventive. However, blood tests and unbiased M.D.'s should always be consulted before and during what I can consider appropriate doses - yes, even for pills - for disease states or optimum health.)

One thing this is not: unlike certain device (or book) sellers, there is no magical "hodgepodge" of Clark / Beck / Rife and others all thrown together into one instrument for ego / marketing purposes on the electro-medical side of the protocol. 8 Each is used for what it is, individually, with necessary modifications & subtractions (although when such devices are used, it is probably only necessary to employ 1 or 2 of the 3 or so modified devices / individual approaches for optimal results when combined with something else not used in those 1, 2, or 3). I and others who use it eat & take what we want as far as minute quantities of detectable poisons in the diet / supplements go. It may not be a good thing to consume a poisonous diet in a serious disease state, but the protocol works independently of diet and uses no herbs and virtually no pills / supplements of any kind, let alone avoidance of such. For optimum health, consider trying to eliminate all the known poisons as per Clark. Let me know if you actually do it. (Note: you can't just rely on the books, let alone a 1-2 year old version [no good looking at the copyright date - she doesn't update them!] - you MUST consult her directly or ALL Road to Health newsletters including the CURRENT ones referenced in "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I" for updates!)

Kill Invaders The Same Way Your White Blood Cells Do Naturally

As published in the Sept 98 Science & Vie, pg 44, human white blood cells primarily kill not by bombarding invaders with drugs or supplements; nor do they go on diets, start exercising, or go on a fast when they "see" invading organisms. They kill invaders by electrocuting them. "Coincidentally", the very same way the devices discussed herein work - and by the only route ever known and proven effective. (If there were others from the above list effective in the human body, people wouldn't be dying of the killer diseases they are today). Human white blood cells kill by an enzyme activated, oxygen-dependent "beam" of electricity aimed at invading cells.

This protocol not only successfully alters the biological terrain to make it very unfavorable / impossible for pathogen growth, it directly "attacks" microbes using the same mechanism / approach of your own white blood cells. It also strengthens human blood cells to the below extents. This is not just for cancer, AIDS, & infectious disease - even mainstream medicine is waking up to the fact pathogens are involved in the cause, if not are the cause themselves, of virtually all disease period.

Why The Entire Basis of 20th Century "Medical Science and Biology"
Is Invalid

Surprise - You've Just Been Fooled Again - For Over 60 Years

According to conventional medicine, pathogens in the blood were not present in cancer and other diseases because viewing with the electron microscope couldn't find them. Rife and many others including Gaston Naessens, Guenther Enderlein, and Virginia Livingston Wheeler, knew better up to 60 years ago. What "conventional" "stone-age" medicine refused to explain to the public was that the electron microscope actually killed all microorganisms with its barrage of electrons in the act of supposedly "observing" them. This then made it a futile task indeed to search for anything living under the microscope - your own blood cells and how they behave included. Darkfield microscopes do not harm the specimens.

If you can't see the problem, how are you supposed to fix it? Obviously, you're not. When you get sick, you're supposed to go to the M.D. & the hospital neither of whom of course "bother" to use microscopes to view living specimens (or use them adequately).

Electron microscopes aren't the only problem: standard blood tests take numbered measurements instead of allowing the user to simply look and be able to see the physical Reality actually transpiring. Thus standard blood analysis, which is supposed to be "free" as you're supposed to pay insurance (or medicare levies or taxes) which in turn is supposed to foot the bill (adding all the more air of credibility about it) is essentially a useless career-creating, money-churning, appointment-filling exercise (if it weren't, cancer & other diseases wouldn't be the killers they are today). (That's what you get for "free".) The numbered measurements of hospital & M.D. blood tests are in fact thinly disguised subjective tests - they are vast non-integrated recreated numbered generalities of little use to illuminating the individual patient's own condition.

A "normal" numbered white blood cell count for example may in fact be immediately seen under the darkfield microscope as "diseased" when looking at the blood cells themselves. Obviously, malformed shapes, abnormal clumps and movement patterns, broken / leaking cells, dead cells, the response of the blood cells, free-radical damage, and debris, aside from foreign organisms and their action, show disease the same as wondering what that pain is and looking down at your arm, seeing leeches attached to the skin sucking your blood, a long graze or a broken bone. The number of cells can still be "normal", and just as easily their condition can be dire, and you can be on your way to an early grave. If you refuse to look at it, you don't know what's wrong and can only live with pain, broken arms, leeches, eventual demise, etc. (Of course, you can take pain killers, "radiate" the arm, then surgically remove it, but that's not going to help much either when all you had to do was tilt your head down and LOOK at it.)

Cancer, AIDS, heart disease, etc., etc., etc., are little if anything but a refusal to [stray from the herd instinct and] admit the problem. (The herd instinct is easy for neocheaters to manipulate.) After his persecution and eventual demise at the hands of the medical mystics of the day, Rife said the worst mistake he made was looking through the microscope. (His AMA-documented 100% cure rate with his device was due the fact he had developed a very complex microscope for viewing living organisms.) After that it was all over. He knew what had to be done, and his "fate" was sealed (because he admitted to it in public). ("100% rates" are what happen when you look through microscopes with high enough power at living matter - you see the obvious and get the answer.)

Same applies to heart disease and other diseases. You can easily - and only - see a) what's happening to cause the pain, etc., b) what happens as a result of specific treatments, and c) the disease process long before symptoms occur. Abnormal blood clots leading to heart attacks, strokes, and ischemia are easily seen and once seen fixed prior to the problem arising.

Even in normally regarded "healthy" people, all one has to do is look into the darkfield microscope to see their blood is anything but free of pathogens and living organisms. (Unless of course, they use this protocol, and then it can be as close to sterile as possible, or as certain scientific papers claim sterile period.)

See Disease Start to Form in the Bloodstream Up To 3 Years or More Before Symptoms (and So-Called "Diagnosis") Occur

(On Video. Your Own of Your Own Blood.)

Obsolete the Entire 20th Century Stone Age Medical Establishment Now -
Before You Get Sick and DIE From It

In the case of cancer and darkfield analysis, its beginnings can clearly & graphically be seen easily up to three years before any symptoms are noticed, let alone become life-threatening. Oxygenation, clotting times, and life-shortening nutrient deficiencies can clearly also be seen. Once identified and given all that time for intervention, the pathogenic blood changes stand little if any chance of remaining to cause outward symptoms against the elements of this protocol. However, there's no reason to wait for proper blood analysis to be seen indicating the beginnings of disease before employing this protocol. The protocol has very far reaching effects on health and possibly even maximum lifespan - every second it is delayed from being implemented is potentially a moment lost to unnecessary aging & disease - time & health that will never return. Continued existence for as long as possible and permanent optimum health should be the goal.

If you're being treated for cancer, aging, or ANY potentially serious disease, and you're having blood tests done, and your M.D. doesn't use an (ultra) darkfield microscope / live blood analysis as (one of if not) the main measuring stick(s), it is imperative you do whatever you can to find one who does - immediately. Locally, in many larger cities, you can easily find an independent practitioner / researcher who has one and will provide you with a video of your blood live under the ultra-darkfield microscope and their analysis for a small charge (don't even think of going to hospitals, etc. for this - that's like reverting back to the dark ages again). If you find it difficult to locate an M.D. / N.D. who uses one, call kinesiologists, NAET & nutrition & allergy specialists, go to the various health stores & look in the local health papers & ads. You can also find owners of Rife type devices who will give you access to theirs without having to buy one yourself & meetings where groups of people are (experimentally) treated at once.

Detect microorganisms / pathogens in blood, health of blood cells, affect of treatments, nutritional status of absorbed nutrients, blood cell life. The cause of illness can therefore be seen in progress and before outward symptoms develop. Liver problems, toxicity, immune disorders, etc. are all easily and graphically seen on the screen at 1500 or more times magnification. The difference between normal healthy blood and someone in the early stages of disease can be dramatic. Disease is easily seen as it starts in the bloodstream.

The Neo-Tech / FIH "Medical Zero"

To Medicine and Science What The Zero Was To Mathematics, and What "FIH" Is To Philosophy

The entire basis of 20th century "medical science" and biology as taught in the socialized educational system is invalid, based on non-sequiturs and guesses. Using the taught approach, no one can study or view live pathogenic specimens (or blood cells) in sufficient detail and clarity, as they are relevant to humans (includes in the pathogen's environment - your blood). The approach fails to identify the life cycle of pathogenic organisms and the relationship of environment and germs, fails to grasp pleomorphism, fails to successfully or rationally treat AIDS, cancer, any infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, and many if not all others. Live blood analysis is the philosophical zero of medicine: the zero allowed people to think, calculate, investigate, and trade like never before. Ultimately, only the lack of live blood analysis allows "incurable" disease and neocheating in medicine, health, biology, and the length of human life to remain.

If they are to be believed, it seems no traditional specialized scientist has ever seen let alone studied live specimens in nearly sufficient detail and clarity: all the human blood specimens used are routinely dead, stained / altered / killed by the "analysis" so that they cannot be seen to move, so that it cannot be seen what they do, how they change, under what conditions they change, what they change into, why they change, etc. When told about darkfield findings, such supposed scientists can only respond childishly name-calling the live organisms clearly seen as "ordinary expected features of unknown origin and function" as if you're just supposed to ignore them. If they're "standard, usually expected, predictable" parts of human blood, why don't they know what these clearly moving, living things are doing or where they came from?? No, a DNA analysis as used in courts of law would definitely be out of the question. These specialized worker-drones, seemingly happy if medicine and progress in general could be forever stalled in this 20th Century Stone Age that prevailed the latter 3/4th's of the century, simply "go about their business" killing the specimens with electron microscopes, viewing dead blood, and taking meaningless measurements based on population studies of similar meaningless measurements then somehow applying these averages and generalities to the individual patient.

(The only possible conclusion that can be made from any of this by any rational person with any half-valid grasp of Neo-Tech whatsoever is that the standard, traditional, mainstream [& otherwise] purpose, whether the practitioner is "aware" of it or "unaware" of it, is anything BUT to cure / remiss disease or alleviate symptoms.)

Under an ultra-darkfield microscope, the only kind widely available, accurate, clear enough, and capable of observing living cells in action, human blood, whether of normal or diseased patients, is a living sea. (One which closely resembles the oceans of long ago.) This is why hospitals, universities, drug companies, government agencies, "everyone" who survives on "research grants", M.D.'s in general, their associated labs, their trade unions used to hide in, and their sound-good "peer"-reviewed socially-acceptable trade journal published double-blind studies have to this day steadfastly refused to even act competently and trustworthy enough to use the proper kind of microscope. Such entities treat live-blood analysis and the very act of looking as if they were subject to an unwritten (unconscious) ban. They cannot bring themselves to observe things as they occur in live human samples and be able to relate this to human diseases, let alone future human diseases, (of live humans who will then be "benefited" by the study beginning) a mere 25 minutes later. 25 minutes later with knowledge of the real problem, what to do, and effects of various treatments. Instead they choose to do the only thing they "know" how to do: perpetuate, prolong, and cause disease as much as current society will let them get away with by waiting the up to 3 or more years later until outward symptoms manifest so they can then call it a "diagnosis" then initiate (absurdly expensive) "treatment".

To do otherwise and "look", especially beforehand, would quickly reveal the relationship between cause and effect between many things, lead to the immediate demise of the germ theory as it now stands (that says "the microbe [these socially-acceptable electron microscopes are conveniently killing] is everything", "and the biological terrain is nothing" 9 ). (This sounds well and good: it can be gotten away with because it's something the masses will easily accept. There's only one problem self-evident to those who "look". It just happens to be the exact opposite of Reality when simply viewed under a microscope without regard to the microscope's "social-acceptability" / "appointment or job creation value".) To look properly as Rife & Naessens did would lead to seeing tiny "energy bodies" (the smallest living particles, seen by Naessens and termed "somatids", termed "Progenitor cryptocides" by Wheeler, termed "protits" by Enderlein, and verified by many others) that appear in the blood and change shape into various stages taking various actions, and (very quickly) lead to "permanent remissions" in the process.

The Naessens and Rife microscopes are much more powerful than any other microscope (simple darkfield included). They are the only kind capable of accurately viewing the tiniest living organisms / energy bodies. They are the most useful and accurate microscopes ever built. In fact, it's not understood how they work. But it is known they do. Like treatments and live blood analysis in darkfield magnifications, all you have to do is look. But you have to get special permission to use the Naessens microscope and you're probably not going to be able to get near the other.

Take It From Louis Pasteur Himself, and

How to KNOW Colloidal Silver & Other Therapies Work (When Done Right) - Despite How Ever Many Peer-Reviewed Published "Context-Drops" & Misdirections the White-Uniformed "Drug Industry Salesman" / "Job-Creators" Care to Conjure Up

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Therapies and Supposed Test Results

Whole Organism Testing

Don't believe me: take "a hint" from the founder of the current germ theory himself, Louis Pasteur: "The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything" - quoted as saying from his death bed. Louis Pasteur, whose name has been used quite out of context to ruin milk / dairy products / packaged fruit juice and turn them into disease causing substances (when heated and homogenized) under the neocheating guise of protecting you (from neutral / beneficial) organisms.

If you're not on a raw food diet (means strict avoidance of all pollutants especially cooked food) or your terrain is otherwise "off" and you "have" to kill them, take a sample of untreated unpasteurized milk to the lab for a bacterial / pathogen count. (See "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I" on strict raw food diets.) Put more milk from the same container in a second container. As per the Master Protocol (magnetically) pulse all parts 10-20 times. Then throw some colloidal silver in the pulsed container. Make (maybe even buy) the colloidal silver according to the Master Protocol. Then take the other container of the same but treated milk for the same test. You'll see the difference and won't need to look for external authorities in the form of published studies that somehow "by chance" made it into the trade journals when an editor "wasn't looking". Just keep doing it again and again how ever many times you think the good name of "science" deserves it (for you to shell out your money in duplicate lab costs until you get the idea the first one was right all along).

Of course you can blame the virtual sterility on the placebo effect - maybe your subconscious mind "interfered" with the silver atoms as they were coming off the wires. Then again, probably not. Beware: if you do it right, you'll have obsoleted the popular excuse of the placebo effect which can no longer be defaulted on to explain the results by those failing to lift a finger to do the simple experiment. Not many people want to do that. An even better test that's been done repeatedly is with toilet bowl water. As low as 1 tablespoon of 5 ppm per 2 oz contaminated water of colloidal silver done the low tech Beck / Clark way has repeatedly done the trick. For a variety of people. Even starting with high CFU counts and with anthrax, e-coli, etc. One reportedly by the Dept. of Health, Ontario, Canada.

After completing the above, if you want to see its effects in the body aside from any noticeable symptom elimination, then you'll first have to admit to the proper type of microscope. And you'll first have to admit to the total lack of any reliable rational reports of objective toxicity with colloidal silver in over 80 years of human use. Colloidal silver here = genuine, pure, not silver proteins, not silver nitrate, not silver chloride, etc. You take certain things, not just colloidal silver, wait 20 minutes, prick your finger, and see their effect on your own live blood. Yes, some things, when done right, have a DRAMATIC effect even 20-60 minutes after ingestion. Repeat it as many times as you think "science" deserves you to shell out the test money. Take it away, see the control, add it, see its effects, over and over again. This is aside from adding the substance on the slide directly to the blood cells [bypassing the ingestion route just to see "if your blood cells like it or not" by examining their reaction].

Aside from easy (no pills) whole organism testing on your own rats / mice / pets / lower organisms both animal and plant which prove the protocol's effects on lifespan / disease, there are other tests explained in the protocol you can perform on yourself and pets. Treated animals including rat / mice have repeatedly lived 2-4 times longer than untreated - using just single components of this protocol. (See also below on reports of "bringing back pets from the dead".) 2-4 times difference after which one study was called off because the animals "refused to die". It still isn't known how long the animals would have lived (that's where you as opposed to "the non-integrated, unmotivated, career-advancing experts" and reviewing / publishing charades come in). 10 There is nothing else that can or has achieved these results, and this is nothing to do with diet or pills. This is not a "claim". This is a fact and what you will be doing - if you want results that is. And no, it is no one else's responsibility time or money wise to "convince" you of anything let alone set up external authorities to "prove" things outside of where they've already been proven. If you want such results (and understand Neo-Tech, self-responsibility, and self-guidance), at the first opportunity, you'll start your own rat / pet experiments.

Only your own tests can or will be genuinely convincing or proof of anything. The alternative is to rely on external-authorities and studies you have no control over and do not know the amount of unnecessary problem-creation injected. Aside from that, what do the results of "other" people matter anyway when the subject is your life, your disease, your blood, and your aging.

This video and analysis of your own live blood including cell life before and after the protocol is only $60-$200 away. That's a typical cost. (You'll have to do it locally - darkfield / live blood analysis is not available here.)

Unfortunately, all ears had already heard Pasteur's earlier comments that germs, and not the biological terrain, "cause" disease. Despite the fact he gradually "came around", the public could only focus on "one theory at a time" from one well known figure. Coincidentally, it was his earlier theory the context-droppers immediately adopted to perpetuate their careers / grants / drugs / appointments / "supposed life-long study", etc.

The darkfield microscope, like the Naessens and Rife microscopes, is to medicine and science in general what the zero was to mathematics and what the heliocentric theory of the universe was to astronomy - only perhaps more so. Especially when coupled with certain elements identified in the protocol. With this protocol, you will now be able to understand what Wallace and his group of writers were trying to tell you in purely philosophical terms. (See the protocol itself for ways which can only be discussed therein.)

Value of Length of Blood Cell Life (Your Own)

The length of human blood cell life on the darkfield microscope slide after removal from the body is one of the best, if not the best, dramatic demonstrations of overall health. Consider it a (very) strong hint of what you'll otherwise have to wait 25-125 years to find out. Multiple components of the protocol dramatically increase this cell life. Even the appearance of blood can be changed to reflect a very bright oxygenation / energizing effect associated with younger blood (without ozone, oxygen, peroxide, etc.). (And especially without drugs, vitamins, or invasive techniques. Yes, even without minerals colloidal or otherwise, pollution elimination, diet, exercise or other limited value buck-making marketing ploys. And certainly without hormones, HGH, GH releasers, etc. which are the "worst bets possible" for affecting the actual aging process as opposed to simple effects thereof.)

My Blood Cells Already Live 8 Times Longer Than a "Normal"
Person's Sealed Under A Microscope Slide.

How Long Do Yours Live?

Problems With Supplements / Any Ingested Chemical,

Colloidal Silver Now Absorbable

Ozone / Peroxide Now Obsolete:

These effects on the blood cells of myself and others are beyond anything any ingested chemical including colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, or ozonated water can approach. Those three can help, but they're hardly in the same league.

Most olive leaf or any other extract is inevitably polluted as well and may even register harmful to many users over the long term when tested by Rochlitz / NAET / proper kinesiology alone. If someone is allergic / sensitive to it (more probably its pollutants), it cannot be absorbed properly and can do little if any good - the harm it can do aside. (My identification of its usefulness was always for the unpolluted version only. Like any chemical, if you're not testing as per Clark [$10 every bottle sent to Self-Health or do it yourself] or with the expensive mainstream method mentioned below, you should count on very probably polluting yourself to the point of causing disease in the long if not short run. Electro-medicine doesn't have this pollution / sensitivity problem which is a reason other than its effectiveness it should be the preferred mode used at all times.)

Colloidal silver as it's made in the popular Beck / Clark methods, and by every retailer who sells similar devices on the market, is essentially not absorbed into the bloodstream, although it has its effects in the digestive tract and a little may get through. How to get colloidal silver into the right size and shape for proper delivery into the bloodstream for potentially dramatic affects impossible with the popular approaches is covered in the protocol. Done the right way, colloidal silver upon ingestion can be mostly to entirely absorbed before it even hits the stomach.

Popular ozone makers can leak ozone / nitric acid into the air. Once escaped, lungs can become severely damaged either by low levels over the long term or very short term high levels.

Ozone has its benefits, but I personally would not go near any of the devices used with the popular approaches without other parts of this protocol which can potentially safeguard against damage. At-home ingestion of ozonated water and ozonated baths have their beneficial effects, but they are not as good at detoxifying (or potentially raising body oxygen levels) as certain other elements of this protocol. Using at least two different ways, this protocol cleanly oxygenates and (very rapidly if desired) detoxifies the body in ways that make ozone makers and peroxide drinks obsolete.

Final warning: ozone / peroxide work as very powerful free-radicals. Therefore, given their genuine lack of necessity and possible potential to induce premature aging due to oxidation not only of toxins, or at least toxin oxidation in a way stressful to the body, I do not consider them options in this protocol. And I myself would certainly not use them without certain protective elements found in this protocol. These protective elements are lacking in all the popular uses of ozone, oxygen and their ozone makers. Also, for those who want to use ozonated water, the ozone leakage problem is fixed to the greatest extent possible by this protocol.

Oxygenation of the body is good, necessary from the point of view of declining oxygen levels, resulting oxygen deficiencies, and what this protocol achieves. BUT there are far better (newer) ways to accomplish it than through ozone makers or peroxide. And although you can if you want, this protocol doesn't require breathing of pure oxygen tanks (expensive) to accomplish it.

Rife Mysticism:

The AMA's Test of Rife's Device Worked 100%. But Even Though It Did, And Even Though Results Were Repeated Outside of Published Studies (Before Being Attacked Into Oblivion), His Approach, Even Then, Was Still Crude, Mystical and Unnecessarily Complicated.

Nearly every newcomer to electro-medicine has heard of the 100% successful orthodox AMA cancer study back in the 1930's using a Rife device (before the AMA fully identified electro-medicine as "politically incorrect"). What most people haven't heard is that a) there was another study (or studies) which showed similar results using a different approach, & b) more than once this less popular approach was proven to successfully "remiss" both cancer and a wide variety of other disorders. 11

This other approach Rife failed to grasp is good, but, even for that, there simply has been little if any reason yet to use it given the effectiveness of the other elements of this protocol. It is identified however, and you can "research" it on yourself if you want.

Rife Disclaimer #1

For those who may have read "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I" a little too quickly and are thinking about using a Rife-Bare or similar instruments, part of the Rife section is repeated with emphasis added this time. This is for the Rife-Bare machine or any like it. The elements of this protocol, including modifications to Rife technology, however are much safer and do not need this same below emphasis:

    "7) Over-exposure can occur relatively easily. Cellular debris from dead microorganisms can temporarily impair liver and kidney functions. Although theoretically applicable to all diseases, in practice it is undesirable in some cases due to the removal of debris from target microorganisms causing more problems (rare) (e.g. where lymph system is blocked). Either over-exposure or excess debris can easily be hazardous.

    8) Inappropriate use may be harmful or theoretically deadly however unlikely. This is the most experimental and potentially dangerous of any of the devices mentioned here. Many people may not be able to be relied upon to operate it safely for themselves or others.

    Separately, RF radiation burns are also a possibility if you stand too close to the unit (possibly also if your unit is not working properly)....

    15) Use must especially be avoided within a certain distance of anyone with a pacemaker or pregnant, including animals."

End of Rife-Bare disclaimer.

Until more is known, the Rife-Bare or similar plasma-tube machines must be regarded as considerably more experimental than any part of this protocol. Even more so when you consider the frequency per disease disadvantage and how little is known of the actual, original, individual frequencies. (Pad / electrode type machines without gas plasma tubes are less "experimental" and more safe, however they typically cannot be counted on to deliver effects comparable to the Rife-Bare machines. And they're certainly not in the same league of effects as this protocol.)]

Rife, Etc. Disclaimer #2

In addition, the protocol identifies a potential problem with certain devices based on the work of Rife and others (not Beck, not Clark in this instance). Although I think they are probably safe, their safety isn't known or as sure as the parts of this protocol. After learning of this potential problem from the protocol, you may have second thoughts on using such Rife & others based devices or at least realize the need for especially careful monitoring when venturing from the protocol.

This potential problem is not alluded to in any sales literature or promotional material I've seen from the marketed device manufacturers, designers, or distributors. Nor can I find mention of it on the Internet. But it's at least identified here so you can consider it.

Make no mistake about it however, the modified Beck & Clark designs do NOT have this potential health drawback, nor does any other part of the actual protocol. Only certain more experimental devices which are not actually part of the protocol but which are identified therein for more experimental use have this potential drawback. Perhaps (as I would like to be) I'm wrong on this and a lot of well accepted facts & text have to be re-written; perhaps I'm not and perhaps they don't. It just isn't known yet, and you should consider the potential danger prior to use.

Three Important Disclaimers For Everyone To Read:

1) Where it says you do not have to take supplements it means, these are not part of the protocol and presumes the absence of deficiency. Deficiencies can undermine ANY therapy that would otherwise be successful. Deficiencies need identified and corrected no matter what therapy is used.

2) Those with diminished liver or kidney functions need to take things as easy as possible, with particular unbiased medical supervision, avoiding drastic changes / rapid killing of pathogens / growths which leads to an abundance of toxins and debris for the liver and kidney to handle. Some of the devices mentioned in the protocol may dramatically improve function of both these organs due to the devices' "unclogging" actions. Alternatively, if this is not enough to return theses organs to normal, cleansing the organs first (see Clark and others) may be required. Potentially toxic pills / foods / medications may still need avoided until function of these organs returns to normal (which can, not necessarily will, in any individual case, be easily accomplished when you know how).

Also, those pregnant, including animals, or with pace makers may not be able to use or be exposed to certain parts of this protocol, other parts they generally can, should, and need to use.

3) Where it says there are no things to avoid / contaminants to watch for, it means that going on pollution-hunts and blaming the detectable contaminants in any level is not part of the protocol. Such pollution hunts, while valuable in themselves, are not used in this protocol to substitute for inadequate electro-medical devices or other objectively inferior methods. Although avoiding all possible pollutants can help, it is not used in itself here. Minute traces of toxins and pollutants because they are nearly everywhere are obviously harmful for health, but avoiding them all is almost an impossible task compared to what I'm personally prepared to do and compared to what this protocol is about.

The methods in this protocol are much quicker-acting, easier and should be exhausted first. PROPERLY FUNCTIONING IMMUNE, LYMPH AND OTHER NATURAL BODY SYSTEMS (perhaps "revved-up" to meet the current need) SHOULD BE ABLE TO EASILY HANDLE THESE CONTAMINANTS - as such systems ALREADY have regarding serious disease for most people prior to the age of 20. (Actually, teenagers shouldn't even have colds or flus, and with this protocol used to its full potential, any pathogen infection causing symptoms is potentially impossible.) The devices and protocol used are designed to return this natural process that keeps toxins at bay to normal. Thus, they are prevented from causing problems as best as possible to avoid a lifetime spent on potentially wasted "pollution-hunts". (After you've found it, you have to eliminate it, and with it your favorite foods probably - according to popular methods not relied on here.)

Ideally, you should not consume them or expose yourself to them, but the fact that such toxins weren't present many years ago in the abundance they are today is irrelevant. Neither was this protocol or some of the devices used therein.

Also, where it says I take and eat what I want without care, it means WITH the proper (and very easy, almost effortless) use of this protocol and the electro-medical components therein. I definitely would not even think about acting in this care-free manner without this protocol and its components. If I were without it again, I'd (again) follow the popularized advice on the subject and go on "pollution hunts" and strict food and pharmaceutical avoidance - if for no other immediate reason, for the length of my own life and premature aging prevention. (You do what you have to do; it may be a potentially futile, frustrating, almost impossible task, but without this protocol it would be the only remaining option left to me.) (I've done it, I've tried it, and I don't want to go back to it.)

However, this does not mean to say overt "poison-binges" should not, or possibly need not, be avoided for a full recovery. Living on diet soda, chain-smoking, bingeing on alcohol or recreational / non-prescription / prescription drugs every day or weekend, living on donuts / sugary sweets pretending to be Homer Simpson (pretending to be able to eat/drink anything), and doing "everything" wrong that can possibly be done wrong obviously needs avoided to guarantee results as best as possible no matter what protocol is employed.

Some M.D.'s won't even accept patients who smoke, even when they're not (yet) suffering from lung or related cancer. Others simply "go through the motions", giving a less than "half-baked" effort with (very much) less than "half-baked" therapies (all with almost no chance of success sometimes) when they see someone in trouble who admits to this behavior even if earlier in life. The patient is somewhat written off as someone unlikely to be a lasting future income source.

The above addictions are generally easily treated and very quickly, very painlessly "completely remissed" with use of this protocol as mentioned in #9 below under Updated Specifics. All the above addictions and withdrawal symptoms can easily be overcome when the proper (various) electro-medical devices are employed by the patient themselves hooking themselves up and literally flipping the switch. The irony of this is the former chain-smoker / "poison-binger", even if refused treatment or written off with the usual "busy therapies" (all paid for by insurance), can have access to technology with absolutely proven effects totally unthinkable and unimaginable to the M.D.'s refusing or employing their "busy treatments". With the proper use of this protocol, the person caught in the above circumstances can literally be holding the (genuine) answer to his condition in his own hand (in the case of smoking, to avoid / treat developing cancer, heart disease, etc. and to eventually end cravings - latter which takes longer than other addictions.)

Total Inadequacy of Published & Mass-Marketed / Sales-Oriented / Literally
"Academic" / Supplement-Pusher / Drug-Company Funded /

The main ingredients of the master protocol, aside from the protocol itself, are not and cannot be found (even referenced) in a) any of the 60-some books referenced in the medical reports, b) any study referenced in the medical reports, and c) to a lesser extent, in any book / newsletter / trade journal / report / sales literature or similar self-promotion anywhere to my knowledge - including the very few new ones referenced in the master protocol.

All referenced books, etc. are good, and some of them should categorically be required reading by those ill / those seeking to prevent illness / formulate their plans in the event thereof. However knowledge of the protocol makes what may look, and has looked to some, like a mockery out of each and every book listed on the subject. This protocol was designed for my own use first. And that's the difference. I will continue to design it that way (the research of course never stops), and it wasn't designed to mass-market. In the beginning, to design it, the first thing I did was to accumulate all published literature on the subject. I've looked & found it explained properly & completely nowhere else. And I continue to look. Further, I would not & do not use methods as explained elsewhere.

Extremely Inexpensive

Total cost of correctly using the protocol (no money spent on this goes to or makes it to me) can be $1000 or even much less - even $400-$500 or less. Trips to doctors or hospitals are not a part of this protocol although they may be necessary in any individual case depending on the person's condition. You can completely use the protocol by yourself, on yourself, at home, at virtually no cost (& while you're doing other things). [Update: as individual methods are improved and newer & better overall protocol is developed, the total cost of an "all-out" "quick-result" approach may rise like anything else. As of Feb 1999, although probably not necessary in the vast majority of cases, the total can now go up to $3500, perhaps even $6500 depending on how aggressive you want to be. However, it is still possible to follow the basic protocols for next to nothing, less than $500-$1000 total.]

Things can always be made more complete (& expensive): as the protocol becomes more developed, it depends more on how quickly you want / need results, how aggressive you want to be to ensure the desired outcome in the least possible time, & how much money you want / have to spend. Other protocols state they take 6 months, even longer, to rid all major symptoms of otherwise "incurable" diseases. A wide variety of independent people have reported the methods used in this protocol to do it in much, much less time, even in a few weeks, at home, by themselves with virtually no supplements - even sometimes in days OR LESS.

More Specifics

All of the following are covered in the protocol, many as "side issues":

1) The biggest problem with following Clark's advice (current advice) now may be solved: kill any infection in teeth including root canal possibly making extraction (required on Clark protocol) totally unnecessary (from an infection - immediate disease-causing standpoint). Toxic materials used to fill teeth can never be recommended however, and cavities of course need filled.

2) The simplest of methods that will cost you next to nothing - maybe $5 ever (no exercise, muscle-testing / kinesiology, & nothing to do with pills, pollutants, or acupuncture) - to do what can remove the cause of a very wide variety of illnesses and symptoms. In fact, it's been widely estimated by knowledgeable physicians for decades that this one easy method alone that requires no training can add up to 20 years or more to the average person's life. It has been used to totally eliminate the symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disorders, epilepsy, digestive / liver / skin disorders, excess weight, insufficient weight, mental impairment, tiredness, and lack of energy, etc., etc. As it has done in me. It has also been used to prevent this chain of events from developing into a wide variety of killer / debilitating diseases later in life (heart attacks, stokes, asthma, and it is thought even infections & cancer).

You can be sure of one thing: 99,999 out of 100,000 M.D.'s will never tell you about this - even if you're dying of the above diseases this has "removed the cause / future cause of".

3) Schematics are available for many of these devices - build your own - nothing is stopping you from building them for yourself, friends, family members, and pets (or "making yours available" for their own use). (I don't sell, treat, or make any devices for others or receive one cent from anyone doing so. This keeps the research information independent and un-influenced by the profit margins that could be created [and prevents what has happened with the pharmaceutical / hospital / drug / doctor industry]. Again, this is all based on results and the mounting (unfulfilled) need for them.

Updated Specifics


Although each only one small part and together still not a main ingredient of this protocol, elements of Rife, Lakhovsky, Skilling, and others centrally important (whom I must currently resist naming) are now all (completely) integrated. When combined with the other main aspects of this protocol, the result is the ultimate, all-out, "immediately-as-possible" "tide-turning" option. Again, this is only one approach you can take once you have the protocol depending on the type of results required in your condition; it is not one I consider necessary for the vast majority. Otherwise, the standard approach (much of which should be included in the "all-out" approach for optimal results) may be described as follows:


Beck / Clark / Rife / Any Electro-Medical Device or Pill May Not
Be Necessary

Actually, it may not be necessary to use Beck, Clark, Rife or any electro-medical device in order to find complete relief. The order as of late 98 is:

Beck (modified) comes in at #7 on the list of therapies to use in that order. This means there are 6 different things to do in the protocol prior to having to resort to Beck's devices, good as they are in themselves, and you only make it to #7 if the symptoms still continue.

The first FIVE are not chemical & not electro-medical, not diet, & certainly not exercise or pills. Many people may not have to go past the first 2-4. The protocol (see end) ranks the various aspects & treatments in order of preference of application based on ease of application / lack of side effects combined with effectiveness at the most fundamental level. As well as fixing fundamental errors in the popular electro-medical approaches, the protocol identifies specific treatments that cannot be specifically described here.

Clark's zapper (modified) comes in at #8 after Beck. Rest of Clark's method (herbs, detection, avoidance, etc.) is optional only if you want to go into it. 7 things to do first without even having to think about Clark's method including zapper.

Rife (modified) after Clark at #9.

Chemicals / pills of any kind (other than the most basic used in any lower #'d treatment, e.g. as per Clark instructions) don't even enter the picture until #'s 10-14.

Again, many if not most people may not have to go past the first 2-4 steps.

And there is nothing colloidal until #13.

The popular approaches are not the most useful although some may be necessary (with much needed modifications) in cases of immediately life-threatening disease; some of the higher #'s may be more effective in that case, but they're also more difficult, time-consuming, (& expensive). These steps are designed so you can stop when you reach symptom relief before going on to the harder ones (yes, even strapping on a device is harder than some of these other successful therapies ranked higher). Of course, if you have an immediately life-threatening or serious disorder there is nothing stopping you from using all at once and not waiting to measure the effectiveness of each one individually.

Anything safe can be used as a form of suicide including breathing too much oxygen and drinking too much (even pure) water, but each of these therapies are 'extremely' and as 'safe' as it gets. The purpose here is to identify & integrate ALL effective, safe, rational therapies no matter where they originate. This is known as rational medicine. Rank of therapy importance / usefulness above are as of the time of this writing and may change from time to time as research continues / new are identified & tested.

Dental work is not one of the therapies - that's included in Clark.

Pills / chemicals in general are #12.

Diet is # 14.

Photoluminescence & oxygen therapies are also in the least important higher #'s.

Induced Remission Therapy is not listed yet due to its essential unavailability.

It could prove a big (expensive, time-wasting) mistake to jump straight to Beck (7th most important) or Clark (8th), or Rife (9th) just because they are popular in certain circles and ignore the first 6 & others. In cases of serious disease, there is no time to wait or waste. Knowledge of what to do is needed now, as you read this, before they develop and very, very, urgently after symptoms have been allowed to develop. It is "ironic" that mainstream medicine ignores all of these therapies. The average M.D. does the same. Most "alternative" practitioners are little better.

Even almost all "alternative" practitioners ignore the first & most important 5 (or typically the 1st 9 if they do not integrate Beck, Clark, Rife, etc.). Unfortunately, none of the 1st 5-9 are deemed "cost effective" for them to use by and large. They are however very cost-effective for you to use.


Reports of "Bringing 'Large' 'Household' 'Animals' 'Back From The Dead' "??
Without Seeing "Vets"?
You'll Have to Decide

Not one, but at least two different parts of the protocol, whether they are completely responsible for this effect or not, are reported by experienced users to repeatedly & graphically 'save the lives of animals from certain death' [loose translation] and [quote:] "bring pets back from the dead" [unquote]. (Latter quote is not thought to be literal, HOWEVER, the words "literally" and "completely motionless for a few days [prior to 'awakening']" have been used.) And I'm not only talking about fish - but 'large' 'household' 'animals'. No, I'm not going to say humans, but I will say I'm describing ones who suffer the exact same fundamental disease & aging process as you suffer.

While I can say more than what device or chemical sellers, manufacturers, and practitioners are allowed to say - presuming the latter are even able to demonstrate some intelligent speech on the subject (anything but a given for the vast majority unfortunately 12), regardless of whatever human results there are or aren't, the same is legally hesitated to be said for "humans". But, it can also be safely (legally) said that yes, these two protocol elements are being extensively used on humans (including myself) with extreme, and I mean extreme, reported benefits that could not be more obvious.

I'm not talking about Rife, Beck or Clark technology in either of these two instances. Nor am I talking about any chemical obviously.

[One example: see protocol user quote near end.]


280% Increase In Lifespan

Incredibly simple experiments you can easily replicate that have increased the life of lower life forms by 280% [unrelated to minerals, colloids or anything revealed in the lifespan report]. It has also returned health to the same when dying - and done it as graphically and as obviously as can be.

If it does this at home, on your/my "lower life forms", what can it do on you?

For similar affect on lifespan, it hasn't been tested on humans, but it's been used in humans for its other beneficial effects, it's as safe as things come, there's no reason not to use it and every reason to use it (like I do). These lifespan increases and results are not to be confused with diet, pills, or any "written-up" / "academic" way to affect the aging process: these effects are much different and far superior in many if not all regards. There is no waiting, no dieting, no pill popping, you just use them / flip the switch, and the results have been there - again I say, as graphically as possible. This is not conventional medicine. This is not mystical medicine, this is not what you can see published in the "socialite", "external-fund-crazy", too-easily-manipulated trade journals. This is Reality pure and simple to all who choose to integrate it. This is "FIH" in its purest form.


BI &
What This Is

This is BI (biological immortality) research. This is how you do it. This is how you start. Don't start with these techniques and one thing needs counted on as a certainty: you won't achieve the goal (and you will die of some illness "everybody" - in conventional and mystical unconventional medicine, the media, co-workers, business associates, friends and probably family - "just knows" is incurable - yet has been ["completely, permanently remissible" of course] for years - or more probably many decades).

"BI" research, since its purpose is for you to continue existence, for you not to die, is:

  1. take advantage of the best of all known techniques to eliminate & reverse disease - ESPECIALLY those diseases you now have or are developing right this minute (sorry, cryonics is out) (this so you don't DIE while you're stopping the aging process or waiting for same to be "commercially" available);

  2. THEN, and only then, can you rationally work on the aging process. (You may find when the first step is done right, as opposed to popular, mass-marketed, "mass-delusion", "alternative" standards, you've already made considerable progress towards that 2nd step.)

    Popular BI Delusional Mysticism

    Due to the delusions in this area on the part of many people, any perceived repetition in the rest of this short section of #5 is necessary, critical, & very desirable.

    The ultimate foolhardiness would be to work on BI and die of an infection or cancer or cardiovascular disease or diabetes or another killer disease or complications therefrom.

    Even the best popular mass-marketed "visions" of BI routes "in our lifetime" and similar disease cures are out of context and fundamentally flawed in the way they are used and promoted. Those who would attempt these routes as promoted are doomed to failure if they neglect to spend what little time is needed to integrate previous advances regardless of whether the advances are mass-marketed, popularized, or "published" for "everybody to just know and instantly understand". Visions of heroic entrepreneurial battles against microbes (all of them heretofore really being battles against people [see explanation of biological terrain]), visions of consciousness transfer machines, visions of nano- and other technology for organ / body part replacement, visions of new cloned bodies / brains, visions of genetic reprogramming of the aging clock... All these popular routes and more to achieve BI are (partially) valid in their own right, but very, very non-integrated mis-directions without the use of what's in this protocol - without using what's available now and has been available for many, many years in some cases.

    According to popular opinion ("popular" in this context) that has unknowingly relied too much on mass-marketed, "published", "everybody knows", overly obvious non-self-guided information sources, the above visions are what should be worked on and what they want YOU to (eventually) work on. This popular opinion does not take into account the depth of mysticism in medicine and just happens to be wrong: ignoring all this, Beck, Clark, Rife, everything else in the protocol is mystically ludicrous. This overly popularized opinion is all based on the vast non-integration that these diseases you have / will get / people are dying of right now & have been dying of when these popular opinions were formed are as of yet hard / impossible to cure (or should we say, "completely remiss all symptoms of") just because neocheaters in medicine, the media, academia, etc., etc. spend their entire lives attempting to do little but popularize that opinion. They're not hard to cure / "remiss". (Even though no "cure" or symptom relief is promised / guaranteed here.) That's the whole error in the above "popular" logic and is a result of the chemical over electrical & energetic background again. (Virtually) no one dies of aging - they die of a disease (long) before they run out of time and hit their maximum lifespan. Diseases that not only could have been but were pronounced (even by the mainstream AMA) quickly, easily cured 60-80+ years ago.

    When your life is on the line, you integrate individual advances and all past progress; you do not eliminate things because they weren't mass-marketed or some "entrepreneur didn't form a big company around them and bring them to the public's attention". The results are the only thing that count. FIRST you remove the mysticism of the past (because it takes almost no time compared to pioneering these heroic visions above [a.k.a. reinventing the wheel, very problem-creating, very mystical]).

    Just because you see something with mysticism surrounding it doesn't mean the thing itself is mystical - especially when it is something that will save your life.

    (If your purpose however is to profit from "new advances" via mass-marketing, which requires that you IGNORE all that has already been done, and your goal is not the result but rather "marketing commissions and royalties", then like the approval-crazed drug companies, none of this applies to you.)

    But, if you do actually want (admit to being in need of) the result, first you look to advances ALREADY MADE; they've already been done and are just waiting for you to "integrate" and use. Then and only then can you rationally pursue BI. You're not immediately dying of aging. In the current non-"FIH" society, you are immediately (now) dying or WILL (sometime) die of a disease - cancer, cardiovascular, etc. which together kill 75+% of the population of western countries.

    Your individual purpose as a "FIH" user doesn't = work on, wait around for, or encourage others towards some mystical BI invention where organs are replaced, etc. (And I don't mean by surgery.) New technology to make unnecessary replacements is largely to entirely redundant when the reality of progress is integrated. The organs are FIXED. By the body itself once returned to its "disease-free" (albeit aging) state. You use what's available at the time. You don't ignore it. You never ignore it. All this and all these results that have occurred in other people by actually using the information identified in this protocol up to 60+ years ago = BI = do whatever it takes to ensure continued existence, and do it now. Once you've eliminated the current threats to your continued existence, then you can concentrate on the second phase of making yourself immune from all death period. And you start (the whole thing, the first phase) by concentrating a little more than some are on the here & now (and past advances whether popularized or not).

    Sure, it's hard with chemicals, operations, & unidentified / unavailable "consciousness-transfer" devices, undiscovered / undeveloped non-existent "new savior-technology". It's hard because even the thought of the above list is being used as an external authority to avoid integration of present & previous Reality. It's hard because you're doing it the wrong way. It's hard because you're "following" "FIH" instead of applying it. Much of these chemical / operational precepts are the products of the mainstream mystical medical profession. The operations-chemical nature & the whole philosophy (of what the approach is / might be) is the problem and what's wrong.

    BI research is here now and has been for quite awhile.


Dramatic Results Under The Microscope

There have been highly dramatic improvements when used on humans as seen in live blood analysis under a darkfield microscope - and that's even from a variety of different individual parts / steps of this whole protocol. It is expected these graphic changes can be seen in everyone properly using it, to nearly everyone, especially in those with disease states, although there can be no guarantee of this on an individual basis and that's why you're here. (You're the "researcher" with this protocol taking responsibility for your own health and doing whatever it takes to achieve the desired [needed for continued existence] result. All I or anyone other than yourself can do is give you my/their research method after removing as much mysticism as possible and show you the tools. The rest is your sole responsibility.)

Some of the changes have been so graphic that conventional scientists look at them and can only say they have "no idea" what it means or what they're looking at under the microscope other than something is very obviously happening and they've never seen anything like it before. Then they, predictably, disregard the overly-obvious benefits against disease easily seen by anyone in the reversal of their own symptoms and outward signs of disease undergoing the same therapy and go on to their next "study" / "research grant chase". The fact that reversal of same symptoms is called "incurable" by conventional medicine is lost on them. The fact that the person was given __ weeks to live and was written off as hopeless, or that others are in the same situation right now, many others, statistically some of their family members and even themselves later in life, is deemed "irrelevant" to them. It's not why they're there.


Required For The Use of "FIH"

This protocol is absolutely essential to the proper, full & accurate use of "FIH" to best ensure continued existence NOW and well into the future. Sorry, there's no way around it. As I and users know, there is no way you can practice "FIH" without it. Follow it, maybe. That's easy. But not practice what the words mean.


Used Everyday

As part of my personal BI research, I use multiple parts of this protocol every day. And have been for at least a year now (other lesser things like colloidal silver and zapping, some for a lot longer than that.)


Lasting Effects Far Beyond Anything Possible
With Drugs or Chemicals

At least one way and suspected multiple different ways are identified that can eliminate all addictions, cravings and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, nicotine, sedatives, narcotics, tobacco, cigarettes, foods, sugar / carbohydrate / fat / "flavor" cravings, and other drugs. In some cases, elimination is very quick. In some if not most of these cases, results are in minutes and lasting freedom from symptoms within a few days. When used in smoking, to end cigarette / nicotine / tobacco craving & addiction, this has taken longer. However, if there were any objectivity in medicine today, this would probably be the universally-accepted standard therapy number one to be employed in ending & alleviating cigarette use & cravings in smokers. (Make no mistake, cigarettes are one of the most dangerously addictive habits it is possible to form and are harder to stop than alcohol and many drugs and just as, if not more, disastrous in the long-term.) And it is approved in at least one country for related disorders (not specifically mentioning cigarettes).

Related conditions reported to be (greatly) benefited include: insomnia, depression, improved IQ, concentration, migraines, headaches, anxiety, alertness, increased mental speed & auditory / visual perception, relaxation, nervousness-induced digestive problems, memory loss, and attention deficit disorder. Better memory and intelligence increases are reported.

In addition extreme benefits include:

a) Actual reversal of so-called "irreversible" brain damage and with it the cause of impaired thinking / cognitive function,

b) Healthy personality changes (dramatic increases in self-sufficiency / self-guidance, dominance, & assertiveness),

c) Natural release of endorphins, neuro-transmitters, & related chemicals associated with the "runner's high" but without the need for exercise or chemicals: these have a weaker morphine-like effect (all from positioning & "flipping the switch" while working, reading, relaxing, etc.)

d) Prevents physical reactions from "going cold turkey" while eliminating long-term cravings and withdrawals,

Exactly what all those attempting the high-low diet and therefore known-standard intervention of the aging process need.


First Things To Disappear

Stress & low energy are among the first things to disappear for the vast majority of users even if there are no addiction / withdrawal problems. I expect calmness, potentially vastly increased energy, less need to sleep, clearer thinking, and relaxation as routine results from almost anyone.

Lose Weight Seemingly "Effortlessly"

As with the use of Beck's device, but without its limitations, a significant percentage of even slightly overweight people may experience the side effect of weight loss without dieting, exercise, or pills. And that's independent to the protocol element that can eliminate food cravings. Put them both together with the effect immediately below, and you may really have something.

Hunger Can Virtually Disappear

Hunger also can be dramatically reduced even in those already at their desired weight. Blood sugar can stabilize on various parts alone of this protocol. It can be far easier to stay on any diet, especially carbohydrate based, using this protocol and eliminating the source of much of the hunger as well as any food intolerances. (Much of the cause of both is the "living sea" in your blood as well as the larger parasites that can now be quickly, easily destroyed without resorting to chemical / herbal "attacks". The microbes and pathogens want you to eat to feed them, and unlike the mitochondria described below, following your hunger instead of removing its cause is very detrimental to you).


Pain Stands Virtually No Chance

Multiple aspects of this protocol are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE in both removing and preventing pain, inflammation and swelling no matter the cause. Not a mere analgesic, doesn't mask disorder symptoms: REMOVES THE CAUSE.

Extreme competitive advantages and uses for athletic activities.


Newer "FIH Secret Weapon" Technology

There is now, above & beyond anything else described here above or below, with potentially far reaching effects unannounced, unhinted at anywhere here, what I consider my "secret weapon". Due to the nature of this technology, and the "adequacy" of the normal protocol in itself, as is above, this "secret weapon" may or may not be disclosed depending on my knowledge of the individual I'm dealing with. As Dr. Wallace states over & over again, self-guidance is the ultimate weapon to pierce the veil of mysticism. This then is perhaps the ultimate (specific) weapon of all self-guidance oriented ultimate weapons. Near immediate to immediate results in HERETOFORE literally UNIMAGINED WAYS. (This one's results came as a shocker EVEN to me. What other people may "believe" of it until they see its results is too much for me to have to deal with at this point in time.) Dramatic results have very easily been seen in the microscope - the kind of results that have heretofore been impossible with ANY other approach.

(You can still "remiss" all the above conditions in above described ways, it just may be "a little" more involved and take a little more time compared to this. This does other things too however.)

13) For any of the described results here, whether with the new "secret weapon technology" or the rest of the protocol, unlike what had to transpire when Dr. Wallace first wrote the Reference Encyclopedia, no longer do you a) have to be rich, b) have anything more than the most modest of incomes, c) have to wait for some big corporation to mass-market these results to you (for a hefty price). What he didn't count on was the (full) value of (specific) information (yes, once and actually fully-integrated), the urgency of life-death, and the "lack of need" whatsoever for "ordinary" people, some not even armed with "FIH", to be dependent on "entrepreneurs" and corporations (in highly regulated environments with extreme mysticism forced on them) to bring these results forth to the public. Business has everything to do with it and is what "should" build on these results to make commercial BI a Reality. Entrepreneurs / corporations / business however have certainly failed to be instrumental - or responsible at all - for getting us this far (all attempts to impede it aside).

Unfortunately for the "profit motive", people - individuals - haven't and aren't going to allow it to take that long. It's their lives that are on the line "waiting for developments" that aren't occurring. (It's more "profitable" [in this non-"FIH" society] to sell death and "a multitude of ineffective treatments, tests, and 'professional fees' one right after the other then followed similarly by hospitalizations and funerals". If the person lives and no longer has the symptoms, revenue and vast industries are [perceived as] "lost".)

If you want the results, that leaves one alternative only as easily identified by many including myself: do it - or at least start it - yourself, and forget about how much money you're going to lose / make if you market it to other people.


Save Money On Using Pills / Chemicals The "Old Fashioned Way" /
"The Way 'Other People' Want You To Use Them"

Stop "Consuming" Them To Get Their Effects

The protocol identifies 3 different but related ways, EASY, quick, simple as can be, that have been used to get the effect of a chemical substance / pill / food / liquid without having to ingest it, inject it, or potentially buy another when you've "consumed" it. (Unrelated to homeopathy.) Whether it works in all people the same way, we'll only know with the aid of your research. They seem to work in at least most people however.


Regeneration of Lost Limbs / Current Regrowth of
Human Body Parts

This technology now disclosed has the proven "potential" for regrowth of human limbs and other body parts - even when the parts are completely missing and there are none of these same parts' cells left to rejuvenate. This is common in lower life forms such as salamanders - they lose a tail and an entire new one can grow back. Higher life forms have lost this ability to evolution where it now only occurs in the case of scar tissue.

It is now thought this ability can be artificially induced by altering the electrical potential of human nerves to return to the peripheral electrical state of lower life forms who have not lost this ability to evolution. This has been done in mammals.

Amputated limbs have been regenerated in animals via the proper electro-medical devices. Cells have been shown in experiments to return to their earlier states (dedifferentiation). They later re-differentiate into the required type of cell for the limb regeneration.

Amputate a rat or mouse leg for instance, apply the proper electrical stimulation, and the leg grows back - some of the blood cells rushing to the scene form into the leg cells as if they were always part of the leg and the leg were still attached.

Severed fingers have reportedly grown back in humans with the use of the proper (extremely safe) electrical stimulation (even though such "experiments" weren't technically "allowable" by law). (No, I wasn't involved.)

Application of the proper electrical current on the affected area definitely seems to speed up repair and regeneration. Disease tissue has a lower electrical conductivity than healthy tissue. Swelling and inflammation are natural attempts to increase body fluid in the affected area to raise conductivity. If the proper electrical current is sent through the built-up fluids, tissues have quickly returned to normal.

Again, there is "no hope" of achieving any of this with chemicals, surgical "attachments", or any other, ultimately inferior, approach.


Clark's Pollutant Tester Now Verified By New "Mainstream"
Technology ("Educated") People (And Courts)
Will Listen To

Now you can verify Clark's pollutant search tests yourself with new non-Clark "mainstream" technology. As long as you want to pay $40-$300/sample per pollutant analyzed that is. This disproves once and for all the excuses of her critics who charged her so-called "claims", which you or anyone can easily verify themselves by simple self-experimentation, were somehow "unfounded" and name-called as "unscientific" because the basis of her findings was the "subjective / radionic" pollutant search device. Her zapper may be a radionic device with distinct flaws that prevent it from acting as claimed, but that's irrelevant to her identification of widespread contamination central to her method.


At-Home Painless Wrinkle Removal

Three different ways I'm now investigating and testing claimed to dramatically remove wrinkles and sagging skin giving face-lift life results (electro-medically of course). And I'm not talking about the simpler facial "exercisers" on the market that simply firm the facial muscles by causing them to twitch.

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Master Protocol (All Disease and Aging) Agreement and Details from "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I" - includes request for Master Protocol to sign and return for MP and Part II (agreement and details only available in this report) @ US$27 each. Click here to see more extracts and contents from this report.

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1 because you "research" (including use) it on yourself, by yourself, needing no one's permission or "approval". And because M.D.'s and doctors are not "allowed" to treat you with it, "merely mentioning" it - or anything else proven or even thought to have these effects - to clients is foolhardy indeed to both their clients "laziness / external-authority / death wish" and the doctors incomes, licenses, and social / peer status. As long as the vast majority have a reason to, (unconsciously) want to, or do suffer / die of these diseases, regardless this protocol's effects, it will always be "experimental". Those with any understanding of "FIH" whatsoever should know better than to expect otherwise. Return to text.

2 in many instances safer than tap / filtered / bottled drinking water and safer than exposing yourself to shower water or breathing in its vapor. Return to text.

3 EASILY and previously in many others. Return to text.

4 in you presuming you take full responsibility for your own existence, apply it properly, easy as that is and as Reality makes it, (far) easier than with popular methods; no one can guarantee your own results since they are not you, do not know you, and you are applying it to ("researching its effects on") yourself independent of them and of your own responsibility; the only thing that is 100% known is how it has (easily) worked in the past in other people. Return to text.

5 because this has been - by the prolonged use of "FIH". See subtitles "FIH Pure & Simple", and "Who You Are Communicating With" later; Wallace, Hamilton, & related publishing company have their views (philosophical and fundamental). And then there's mine (specific application based on the former). Both are necessary. Return to text.

6 because it's not legal in some places to use the word "cure" regarding any "mysterious and powerful" disease "anybody" (and their politician) "just knows" is (and should stay) incurable, whether it is or it isn't. And even if it were, I wouldn't use the word anyway. Return to text.

** in blanks insert "Complete 'Spontaneous' Remission & Long-Term / Permanent Freedom From All Symptoms (and not by chance)". Return to text.

7 [Relevant "Fully-Integrated Medicine" quotes that do not only apply to cancer / AIDS:]

"Implementation aside, presuming the surgeon is not drunk, high, etc. and the surgical team & hospital involved do act competently, a small % of surgeries involving cancer are rational - e.g. those whose cancers have already been allowed to grow badly & now threaten nearby organs. Even for those "given only weeks to live", malignancy can be gone in 1-3 days, not necessarily will be gone in any individual case, and substantial tumor shrinkage can, with the same caveat, begin to occur in days to a few weeks - enough to make surgery irrelevant depending on the damage already done / in effect to surrounding organs. (Malignancy means the condition of the tumor to spread often like wildfire: the tumor itself obviously takes longer to disappear.) Whether you have cancer or not, if you are not aware of this, you are in desperate need - now - before the problem arises / gets any worse - of genuine, fully-integrated honest medicine based on rational self-guidance. (In other words, of properly directing your M.D. / health practitioner - after properly choosing one or more - not by following him, not by setting him up as the external authority most do to "provide" instant "authentic" pre-packaged "effortless" "guidance" - but by following his properly directed advice and using him as the consultant he is supposed to be. Neither "FIH" nor rational self-guidance mean self-diagnosis, self-treatment, or lack of needed medical tests. They mean: a) you can & should know when you're being rail-roaded into a death / diminished health sentence, b) you can treat & even test yourself (technically known as "conducting your own research" on yourself, by yourself, which no-one can stop you from doing) & prevent a condition you think you have / will have, or cause its complete disappearance, again with the caveat "not necessarily will in any individual case", while you wait for your doctors appointment(s), & c) you can thus save large amounts of money & time on totally unnecessary, racked-up, mis-directed, problem-causing / perpetuating doctor & hospital bills that make everyone but you rich. Traditional doctors are not there to save your life - they're there to do a job, get paid, & then say "look, everyone else I know is doing the same thing" / fit in with the crowd / do what's socially, academically & politically "acceptable", and then go on to the next patient - whether that leaves you to live or die. You are there to save your own life. And now you can - with properly applied "FIH".)

You can allow the length of your life to be determined by the approval-seekers, popular-opinion-panderers, book sellers / writers, pill-pushers, professional hoaxes, context-droppers, salesman, "mass-marketers", & the "follow-the-leader-&-do-whatever-they-can-get-away-with" social / pseudo-intellectual types (you know who they are) who choose to ignore progress in general for their own benefit. OR, you can have "some say" in the matter and dictate the length and quality of your own life.

The length and quality of your life is on the line.

And you don't have to be rich to intervene."

Important quote from the lifespan report (section on popular medical misdirections under "Erroneous & Well-Rationalized Use of Statistics"):

"It does not matter how stupid the misdirection is. ANY misdirection / creation of medical problems where none exist can be used to make money because it creates disease, and diseases (really symptoms) "need" immediate treatment. What happens after symptoms appear is akin to a panic attack on the part of the sufferer - especially if he runs to his conventional M.D. / hospital / vet / dentist and then follows their advice. Although action needs taken immediately, then is not the time to "figure out what to do" let alone follow advice blindly. The time for developing "battle plans" that focus on far more than mere prevention is long before the disease sets in. In such a situation, there is typically no time to question, fathom, or even identify all the misdirections taking place, and the speed of the process is the reason the misdirections can continue and so many can easily (profitably) be trapped. The result to the individual patient is always debilitation and death, and all of it is unnecessary." Return to text.

8 Attempts to market devices combining two or more of the Beck / Clark / Rife devices into one box are typically delusional collectivist ego/marketing ploys designed to generate sales by appearing more valuable in the minds of the uninitiated. All three devices operate on entirely different principles, whether the published book explanation of how they work makes them seem related or not. In many aspects, these three are incompatible to one another (AC vs. DC, enough voltage to penetrate skin, pads / electrodes vs. no pads / electrodes, stimulate acupuncture points vs. get current / waves into the body where it directly affects cells, etc.). Return to text.

9 thus leading to the "attack, attack, attack" [or immediately "give-up" but either way then die] [self-] destruction mode with chemicals, radiation, surgery, etc. when, at least in the beginning of the disease process, there is nothing to attack, simply an environment / biological terrain to change in favor of human existence, away from one conducive to microbe / invader existence; even in the end there is nothing to attack if the terrain is not being changed. Attacking is only a secondary "clean-up" procedure. Any other mindless attack, as it's made every day in untold numbers of cases by mainstream mystical medicine, is literally nothing but an attack on the patients themselves. The mysticism is what should be attacked, not the patients. This is why microbes are now linked even by conventional science to the cause of not only AIDS and all infectious disease but also cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis - virtually all disease - because the biological terrain sets up their proliferation. When this happens the patient's body, knowingly or unknowingly to the person, is inviting them in and asking for damage to be done. Clark calls these microbes parasites and these disruptions in biological terrain pollutants but there is more to it than that. Diet is traditionally cited as a major cause of biological terrain disruptions, but even the effects of a poor diet on biological terrain are now much easier to overcome. Return to text.

10 You didn't still think they cared did you?? Read the online lifespan report excerpts. Sure, they care - about themselves. In this context that means what they care about is the opposite of science and the opposite of simply "doing things right". Those two are ignored where they may "conflict" with income, prestige, neocheating and everything else the "published peer-reviewed external-authority-based association / approval / external-funding happy experts" can possibly get away with. Over and over again they have proven they try to get away with everything they possibly can as long as there's not a massive public outcry against it. And for as long as possible. Even refusing to use the proper type of microscope and refusing to look are only two examples. They're key ones to bypassing the textbook / medical school / trade journal propaganda however. And they're the key examples that make possible your own results as well as your own obsoleting of current Stone Age medicine.

These over-glorified external-authority based "experts" that live off their own and the public's lack of rational self-guidance will only ever tell you a) what their own failure of rational self-guidance "can do", and b) what supposedly "can't" be done (by the same lack of rational self-guidance). It's up to you to obsolete this compete failure of rationality and complete failure of self-guidance, use the protocol, see your own results, and achieve what they render themselves (and try to render you) incapable of achieving. Or you can die first waiting for someone else to do it "for you", easy as it is to "research", "look", and prove to yourself right now. Return to text.

11 Rife was "unprepared" - totally defenseless against the reaction his "end of disease" results "brought out of the woodwork". Lifespan report reprint (keep in mind, even though the technology worked and drew this attention, it could have been done in a much simpler way even back then):

"Why Doesn't Rife Technology Work"?

Simple: Dr. Rife died of valium poisoning administered in a hospital (after contracting medical / drug profession-induced "alcoholism" from their constant "attention" and "agreeing" to stop his work). Although "routine" hospital / doctor errors are to be expected and a major cause of death & illness, and only an estimated half of all M.D.'s diagnoses are correct (by other doctors), there was more to this story. His own lab was ransacked, his research effectively lost, stolen, &/or hidden, the laboratory duplicating his work in New Jersey was burned by "arsonists", another doctor duplicating his work, Dr. Nemes, was killed in another fire along with his own research. In the midst of this, there was a 100% "cure" rate proclaimed by orthodox M.D.'s themselves, and finally Dr. Milbank Johnson, president of the AMA of Southern California, was determined by federal police to have been murdered by poisoning just hours prior to appearing at his announced press conference concerning his own University of Southern California team's self-proclaimed 100% "cure" rate in terminal cancer patients using a Rife device. At a time when poisoning was a popular means of murder while alleviating responsibility for "direct" involvement (now there are more laws and the courts can be used more "efficiently" by the establishment for framing / discrediting / silencing competition), still other doctors involved were persecuted, and another doctor, Dr. Koch, was found dead of arsenic toothpaste poisoning. Further, the head of the Northwestern School of Medicine who was closely involved was never heard from again after getting hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars (worth a lot more then) in whatever you want to call them (in academia they're known as grants). Keeping something like this out of the nice socially-acceptable (& similarly funded) trade union so-called "medical" journals that rely on advertising & lack of other journals as competition was then the simple part for the now billion dollar a week perversion of capitalism known as the drug / hospital / doctor / insurance / funeral / "death" industry.

These shenanigans took place in the 1930's (see Lynes; Royal Rife Society referenced at end). After that, government raids, harassment & irrelevant convictions of associates further "cleaned-up" the scene. "Why doesn't Rife work"? Simple: To those who understand "FIH", it's called neocheating (see especially the "Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia" by Wallace) - the same reason Beck, Clark, many others' therapies are not supposed to work or exist (even though they do of course to all who exert a valid effort to understand / test them). (Such attacks are much easier seen for what they are now; but there are still licenses, income, & social-acceptance to be lost by orthodox M.D.'s & scientists who venture "too far" through the clutches of current day mysticism. "The earth is flat and they might fall off.")

Many people use devices based on pieced-together Rife Technology, some even with great success today (on themselves, by themselves), although for cancer & infectious disease at least there are now other therapies known to be better (more current documentation / test results / proof, easier, less expensive, not fallen victim to the same harassment) (see "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I"). Return to text.

12 Regulatory environment, overly concerned with marketing, etc. Return to text.

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