unpublished trading systems

By sending for or requesting information on the below report or the positions / trade secrets / replication / methods, you are agreeing to the following:

["I" refers to reader / potential applicant and "you" refers to Alexander Moss / his assigns or companies in below agreement.]

I want to apply for medical and/or trading trade secret access.

I can fully see and agree that anti-objective or "fake-objectivity" / manipulation-based context-dropping writers, publishers, method sellers, over-popularized media-members, cults and all others who lack these or comparable trade secrets perceive they "must / can" over-promote themselves by digging up & aligning their business names with failed distributors & attempted trade secret thieves, envious "lesser competents", & disorganized crackpots & hypocrites. I have no doubt they do this to falsely attack / imitate these results, pretend they have their own, and prop up their own lesser values by doing all they can to fool readers on this site's contents.

I refuse to be taken in, and will not be fooled or misled. How readers have been misled. (Email for evidence.)

I also agree you're not affiliated with NTP, Neo-Tech [with or without the dash, space or capital "T"] as you use it at all times is / has only ever been a reference to a legally generic word solely denoting a philosophy / new technology in the publicly accepted meaning found widely on independent discussion groups not run by publishers, that "Neo-Tech" as you use it at all times is not a name, tradename or trademark, and what I've seen of your writing is unique; I have never seen anything like it from any other source and if I do, I'm sure they will be copying you, and that it's very foolish indeed to claim you are affiliated with Neo-Tech Publishing (or anyone else using / abusing the word Neo-Tech) or have ever meant them or any of their related limited scope tradenames / marks when referencing the generic word.

I agree there must be many sources who do not want me to understand or benefit from this site's or your material, and I want to practice integrated objective honesty by exercising self-guidance and make up my own mind.

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  • Download (see links below) the preliminary application document (a MS-Word "rich text format" file). Read. If you agree to the non-disclosure clauses and wish to proceed, continue.
  • Enter your answers (e.g. using MS-Word) into the preliminary application document and save on your computer.
  • Email me your completed document and your PGP key*.
  • Print, sign and mail your completed application and copy of ID to Alexander Moss, 34 Upper Tachbrook Street, Pimlico, London SW1V 1SW, UK
  • Allow typically 4 - 7 business days for my reply by email.

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*PGP key: online instructions under construction. In the meantime, email me for an explanation and basic instructions.

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