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A Rational Independent Explanation

By Someone Whose Business (Neither Writing Nor Marketing) Is Based On It

What Makes These Neo-Tech Results Possible Medically and Financially

What These Positions and Research Have Grown Out Of:

Note: due to what this explanation entails, the beginning starts out slow but it builds and things go by "quite quickly" the closer you get to the end. If you're sure you have a valid understanding of Neo-Tech, you may want to skip down now to the subtitle "What This Neo-Tech Site Is". Those who want more of a background read in order.

The following is written from experience, completely independently of Neo-Tech Publishing, Wallace, Hamilton and associates. As always, not one cent is derived from Neo-Tech publishing, or any publishing company's, book / manuscript / etc. sales.

This explanation is in response to a preliminary application (see "Neo-Tech INcome" page then "click here to view the agreement and report" at the end of the page, then click on "I agree" to see what this is about - what Neo-Tech looks like in practice). This applicant listed "___" as the most valuable book he ever read. (Book name is edited out - it was a "funny" answer. I don't want to encourage any more of them.)

This explanation will benefit those who both have and have not read any of the previous Neo-Tech Publishing references. The benefits will be in all areas of life, especially if your intent is to succeed in this position, these fields period, business period, financial freedom-wise, medically or health-wise to the extent now possible here. (Applicant to whom this was written showed promise, but no background yet in Neo-Tech.)


Neo-Tech Explained the Way:

"___________". Decent book. That's a new one as far as pre-application answers go though. No, it doesn't sound surprising to me you list it. But that book represents just a small part of the larger picture.

Along the same lines (perhaps at first on the surface not seemingly related), Julian Jaynes The Origin of Consciousness In The Breakdown of The Bicameral Mind would have to be more to the point. Its value lies at the fundamental level although at first it may be more difficult to fully grasp. (Wallace explains its value in an easier to understand way in Section III of the Neo-Tech Discovery.)

Note: no matter how it's presented by them [Neo-Tech Publ.], it's not about "controlling people". It's about controlling yourself and your own destiny by identifying the constant attempts of others to control you. These attempts are via (generally unseen, not popularly acknowledged) force and coercion. Coercion includes manipulation by context-drops. Meaning is both definition and context; take the context away from the mere definition and you have subverted meaning, "suppressed" ideas, and words used to manipulate via generally unseen coercion.

In fact, Neo-Tech III identifies the fundamental, ill-understood mechanism used by others to immorally control you via force or coercion. This has been fully identified in context no where else. That mechanism is the manipulation of the vestiges of the bicameral mind - the "physiological" and psychological need for "external-authority" searches. Once the fundamental mechanism identified no where else is fully grasped, which means followed, actually tested, and actually seen to work, then it frees the reader permanently from the unseen manipulation and suppression of others. It frees the reader that is as long as they make a valid effort to USE the knowledge and identify such pre-packaged effortless "external-authority set-ups" around them. Such set-ups are designed to serve as substitutes for ones own necessarily self-guided rational thinking and ones own work.

One common example in business and non Neo-Tech "get-rich-quick" / "make-any-money-at-all" (for less than Reality requires to earn) schemes: most (if not all) popular MLM schemes and similar to "induce" / get other people to "do your work for you". These are (almost) entirely run and attempted by people who literally have convinced themselves they can't do anything else. Success in business requires rational business-like effort. This is because business is competitive. MLM-like schemes based on "protecting" poor "members" from "harsh", actually "yet-to-be-integrated" (by them due to lack of rational effort) Reality, are generally if not always fundamentally "uncompetitive". They seek to profit from such lack of "members" earned competitiveness. "Competitiveness" is not hard; it is simply rational. Prolonged "lack" of earned competitiveness is what's hard. Such pre-packaged "effortless" "automatic" external-authority set-ups are in direct contradiction to the above requirement for genuine business success (rational competitive effort and resulting earned competence). Such set-ups are termed by Wallace, Neo-Tech's founder, as "neocheating".

Such pre-packaged external-authority set-ups are highly effective on the populace because they take advantage of the populace's general, most fundamental, most all-pervading ("physiological" and psychological) weakness: laziness. Laziness as evidenced in the non Neo-Tech population at large is the desire to have things consistently done "for them", the desire to have their lives run "for them", so they "don't have to". Such laziness "begs" to be neocheated and manipulated by those the Neo-Tech Discovery identifies as neocheaters. It is the population's desire to default on the rational use of their own minds and attempt to substitute external-authorities for their information, livelihood, how they should live, etc., etc. Laziness is the desire to be told what to do - to have it instantly and essentially "effortlessly" done / thought out "for them". This weakness results in the search, through little if any fault, work or cause of their own, for external-authorities / "everybody knows" pre-packaged "automatic guidance" in nice "quickly and easily" digestible forms. Such laziness spells "perfect fodder" for those who make an unearned living peddling such non Neo-Tech "instant answers".

Happiness and success come from the generation of self-esteem. Self-esteem comes from productive work. Productive work comes from identifying these external-authority set-ups, identifying how funny they actually are and avoiding them. It (all three - happiness, self-esteem, productive work) comes from profiting financially, medically, health-wise, freedom-wise, relationship-wise, and "social/personal life-wise" from the identification and avoidance of such set-ups. (Such attempts seemingly everywhere on recognition are defined by Wallace as literally "the creation of problems where none [previously] exist". This is termed "mysticism" - a new definition and context for the word.) Happiness, productive work, the rewards thereof, and self-esteem all come from the proper, valid use of the individual's own mind. Anyone can "imagine" things or use their minds to "re-create" Reality instead of integrating it. But that default into laziness and problem-creation spells doom in (worthwhile) competitive situations like business where other people aren't using their minds to "imagine and re-create" Reality.

The Earth Is Not Flat, The Sun Doesn't Revolve Around The Earth, Neo-Tech Is Not a Con, and Its Logical Consequences and Available Results Exist

When even "the idea" that one might not fall off a flat earth afterall (if "allowed" to "explore" that far) or that the earth might not be the center of the universe were first uttered, "the experts" held their hands over their ears and eyes. They had a vested interest in ignoring it for as long as could be gotten away with. They "owed" their lives, their funding and their income to the establishment. All that had to be done was to admit to easily observed reality. Yet they couldn't do it. It would mean admitting to the "big lie" they allowed non Neo-Tech interests to use to manipulate their lives (from all sides known to them) since birth.

Those entrenched in the traditional "world" of pre-packaged automatic effortless external guidance are literally surrounded by the creation of problems where none need exist (unseen mysticism). They cannot simply react emotionally or otherwise to Neo-Tech or Wallace's words. They have to absorb them if they are to be used properly. The temptation to seek automatic instant effortless pre-packaged guidance here by attempting to think about things before a basis is earned on which to understand them is yet another example of this bombardment. ("Earning" includes reading, initial partial understanding, then testing and out-side-the-head application, all necessary to see results.) This temptation is a further example of people being bombarded with the creation of problems where none exist on all sides to the point of drowning in it, unable to see out.

The Neo-Tech Discovery (and especially Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia) sets forth a useful philosophy written from a business / Ayn Rand / objectivist standpoint. This is the kind of objectivism not achieved in published literature before. Neo-Tech is useful - again in actual application - commercial objectivism / philosophy. Readers however cannot "think" about Wallace's words to understand them. (This is the mistake used with other philosophies.) The Neo-Tech philosophy has a purpose, and thinking about things is only the means to the end here. This philosophy is about results. It is not about sitting around thinking about things theoretically or superficially - which is the only kind of thinking that can go on prior to earning a valid understanding of them. Such understanding again can only come from their adequate use. Attempts to judge philosophical tools, apply previous opinions / knowledge or preconceptions to them without having to first (or usually ever) "use them" (the opposite of the genuine scientific method), spells death here - as far as results go. Business-wise, income-wise, health-wise, length-of-life-wise, freedom-wise. "Use them" here means follow them which is necessary for their valid, full, or accurate understanding or even for a valid test of their usefulness.

Partial understanding is irrelevant and leads to next to nothing. For the worthwhile results rationally desired here, all apparently separate parts of the Neo-Tech Discovery / Reference Encyclopedia must be completely integrated in order for any one of them to be completely understood or be of significant value to the reader at all. Individually, the concepts have little meaning: it's when they're put together - all 114 or so of them - that their synergistic integrated effect becomes even possible.

To those unfamiliar with Neo-Tech / FIH, the keys to successful use of Wallace's writings are:

1st read them (at which time you can think you can / do understand them, but whatever you do, don't "count" on understanding them),

2nd apply them - down to the last philosophical detail (it's not as hard as most want to make it out to be). If the reader's goal is anything other than to succeed, don't bother to complete this step #2 or #3 below,

3rd see how they work after they've been applied sufficiently, and

4th only after the reader has applied them enough to see how they work - then the reader should attempt to judge them or their effectiveness when properly utilized. If the goal is to take such judgments / "thoughts" seriously. If the goal is to be honest and correct. IF the goal is to achieve the results available in the FM position or by use of the site that is. Anything else is a simple rationalization.

Taking such thinking seriously / attempting to make judgments on the philosophical accuracy or usefulness of Wallace's Neo-Tech Discovery without having followed the above 1st three steps (in whatever entirety they entail in the individual reader's life) will fail the reader here. They will "skip" over the entire meaning and use of Neo-Tech. The value of Neo-Tech or any philosophy is at the fundamental level. Fundamental principles are often harder to fully, correctly grasp than specific everyday examples. This is what neocheaters take advantage of - lack of a fundamental understanding of what they're doing. The public is "confused" with everyday specifics to the point the real issue is successfully obscured and the neocheating and its profits (unearned power, control, false prestige, etc.) can continue unimpeded.

The Neo-Tech Solution: Neo-Tech Publishing Co, and

The answer Wallace and Neo-Tech Publishing "sell" is that there is no correct, valid effortless pre-packaged "instant" answer that takes the form of "automatic external guidance". The answer is that there is only rational self-guidance, the "ultimate weapon", to pierce the veil of problem-creation and wade through the society based on the creation of problems where none need exist. Such self-guidance is necessary even to find and integrate the material on this site. (The above problem is partially why the site exists - read below.)

HOWEVER, what Wallace and Neo-Tech Publishing ALSO sell is that until one can see out of that society based on unnecessary problem-creation, non-self-guidance and eventual irrationality (the pre-requisites for neocheating control of the masses), one can simply use Wallace's system of "mechanical" thinking tools and see the results firsthand. The Neo-Tech Discovery and Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia provide philosophical examples of rationality that when integrated awaken the readers own rationality and problem-free mind. (Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia contained the most specific yet still philosophical examples. The site here contains its own non-philosophical mechanical system. Since it is based on the Neo-Tech philosophy however, is the only philosophically correct fully implemented and fully integrated, existing, tangible, hard, specific "mechanical system", and "systems" available.) Not only business success but genuine happiness are the results.

These tools of Neo-Tech / Wallace's "philosophical integrations" identify the source of the creation of problems where none need exist around the reader. All the reader then has to do is eliminate the source by using (applying) the concepts. These tools are "concepts" the user must apply to surrounding specific instances. They are what's popularly called "general" concepts because in order to be effective they must function on the fundamental level (to be capable of eradicating all such problem-creating sources). (Such sources are invalid thoughts that unknowingly give external authorities power over the individual.) The "advanced concepts" are also known as the "widest possible integrations" (integrations that occur at the most useful, when applied, level - the most fundamental level identifiable and possible). And that's where their power comes from: when they're applied.

In order to be applied, they must first be at least theoretically, superficially "understood", regardless of judgments or opinions about them: in order to be applied they must be validly followed. As all else in life, this is left up to the reader's own responsibility. The only way to accurately understand them - as in all of them, since it's the integration of them that gives them their power - not one, two, or three specific concepts taken out of context and isolated from the rest - is to test them. In order to test them, they again must be followed. In order to follow them, there must be a valid individual effort made to test the concepts as rationally and as objectively as possible.

"As possible" here is not in the context of the readers experience or previous abilities - this is easy enough and only as hard as the reader makes it. This is objective Reality. For those firmly entrenched since birth in societies based on the creation of problems where none need exist, bombarded with same from all sides, this can take awhile. Or, generally in younger people, a valid understanding can happen very quickly. "As possible" is in the context of objective Reality itself - whatever Reality requires to validly test them, must be done to validly test them. The alternative is there is no test and the individual does not profit from the new (unused) knowledge. It's as simple as that (despite how hard many people "have a vested interest" to making it seem).

It doesn't matter if the reader is convinced Wallace is crazy or not: that has no bearing on the scientific method. If it is not honestly tested or followed, it will not be understood and there will be no results. Again, this is not easy for those firmly entrenched since birth in a society based on the creation of problems where none exist. (And it is especially difficult in the non Neo-Tech society that - for no other reason than ego and job/status quo maintenance - routinely conjures up the most genuinely non scientific mumbo-jumbo possible dressed up in academic and politically-correct clothes and offers it as scientific fact to the external-authority seeking masses.) But unfortunately for those who fall into that trap of not being able to see out, the scientific methods doesn't "care". They will have a lot of company, but they won't succeed to 1/1000th the potential available here or possible via the "unnecessary problem"-free application of Neo-Tech.

One tiny example increasingly understandable to most people: drugs, medicine as commonly practiced and hospitals (amply covered elsewhere on the site). Another harder to understand example: "normal" non-self-guided, non-integrated overly-specialized "assembly-line"-like jobs.

At first thought fixed "salary no matter what" jobs might appeal to the reader. They get paid basically no matter what [compared to being out on their own]. However "pay no matter what" results definitely are not appealing: specialized lifelong stagnation, eventual (and relatively quick) mediocrity, eventual total or near total erosion of the basis for self-esteem and therefore happiness - not to mention limited or no opportunity in earning power. Such specialization is the basis for neocheating's effectiveness and makes possible non-Neo-Tech false external control over the individual and the population at large. It strips the individual of his freedom and ability to control his own destiny.

Neo-Tech Publishing's web site claims to have around 15,000,000 hits since July 1996. If true as it appears to be, it's not just due to "marketing" (I can't even find any links exchanged with other sites). Something can only be marketed so far, then it has to be right. In their case, that level was passed in the 1980's: if it were wrong, as is evident from personal experience given a valid test, they wouldn't be in existence today.

Man Controls his own destiny, and Wallace's original Neo-Tech writing shows you clearly a (fundamental) blueprint on how to do just that.

What This Neo-Tech Site Is

What I "market" [more accurately "make available" to those who have exerted the effort necessary to see out from their all-sided constant bombardment of problem-creation and understand it] is what results AFTER mastering the above. The results mentioned on the site are what occur after mastering the "mechanical" philosophical tools available from Wallace and Neo-Tech Publishing. What I "market" (if you have to call it that) is the specific application of that Neo-Tech writing. What's available on the site is based solely and genuinely on Wallace's original Neo-Tech writing. The recent headlines from Neo-Tech Publishing may look a little "looney", but at least I am grateful for Wallace's marketing. Without that original marketing, what you can now read about here would have never happened ("in this lifetime"). What you see here is the greatest specific use of Wallace's tools. Or another way, the widest possible (actualized) integrated (specific this time because it can be) use.

Neo-Tech: The "Promised" Answer

The specific (traditionally regarded as "quick") answer Neo-Tech Publishing promises does emerge. But only after the fundamental concepts of "fully-integrated honesty" are absorbed, tested, and adequately used. (Yes, there are a few errors in its "interpretation" as written by Wallace. But any errors are insignificant to the final result - its use - especially in a business context.) That specific answer can only be the result of prolonged and complete (or close to it) use. For example, the specifics disclosed in the FM position or those in the Master Protocol or even in the medical reports. (Prolonged and "complete" use of the concepts IF you're going to come up with them all on your own that is.)

The Original Neo-Tech Philosophy

When I refer to Wallace's original philosophy, I refer to the late 70's / early-mid 80's version of the Neo-Tech discovery, especially the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia published then by I&O Publishing Company. It is not a reference to the "marketing tactics", Zon and Cassandra included, that have surfaced from Neo-Tech Publishing since then. When I refer to Neo-Tech, I refer to the actual meaning of the word in its "full and accurate" context and definition ("fully-integrated honesty"). Neo-Tech's actual use is the only workable, genuine, "fully-integrated" way to (completely) see through the mass-manipulations, attempts at unjustified control, and suppression of the masses by professional context-droppers/neocheaters.

The Site Is Not About Mere Concepts

Yet certain concepts first need integrated to grasp the meaning of the specific results achieved. (IF your purpose is to replicate them that is.) Three "concepts" that when integrated explain what the financial and medical opportunities on site are:


How To Successfully Approach Neo-Tech:


To successfully achieve anything new (more accurately replicate the original researcher's results, as in build for yourself wealth, high income, medical / health results, scientific equipment, etc.), the fundamental principles of the scientific method must be employed. (Pay attention because this building of wealth and high income, and quoted health results, is as all start, or should start anyway - from scratch. Thus you are your own researcher operating rationally on the principles of genuine self-guidance. To look for wealth / income, or even meaningful health results "done for you" is to fail. It is to fail by failing to apply Neo-Tech and instead looking for external-authorities to substitute.)

Abandoning "everybody knows" external popularity-based approval, an explanation, including Wallace's philosophical one, of observed results must be taken as a hypothesis. The only results that matter here are the researcher's own. There is no reason for anyone else to "market" or pre-supply the reader with the financial results quoted on the site. (And indeed surprisingly little reason for the health results.) They cannot be sold or "done for you", at least not in the current non Neo-Tech political or economic environment. They can only be (honestly) earned (via replication). And given the magnitude of results available by this rational self-guided route, there is great reason to do so.

The hypothesis is a hypothesis. It is something to use - to scientifically test. To use a hypothesis means it must be understood and presumed to work according to past results the researcher is attempting to replicate for himself. This is known as a 'working hypothesis'. An "experiment" without a (valid) (full) working hypothesis is doomed to failure. It is failure in action. It is the opposite of Neo-Tech, fully-integrated anything. It is a rationalization. Yet it is the typical chosen perversion of the scientific method by both the masses and their scientific / academic neocheating leaders.

The researcher must, in the words of Harry Stine, "follow through without [the interference of failure-causing] quibbling". The standard "automatic reactions" of those who turn themselves into "emotional reactionaries" cannot be allowed to interfere or the (real) scientific method will be sabotaged. And with it, all chance of success in these fields will go down the drain. (Such standard automatic reactions are well-manipulated by non Neo-Tech neocheating interests.)

The answer to all the following is the same and a simple one. Its simplicity (fundamental nature) is again what is overlooked and well rationalized by traditional status-quo-maintaining specialized "laziness-at-all-costs".

How To Follow The Scientific Method.

How To Succeed In A New Field Where You Haven't Before.

How To Succeed As A (Neo-Tech) FM ("Fund Manager" - Definitely Unrelated To The Traditional Type).

How To Succeed Using Neo-Tech.

How To Achieve Results 99+% of The Socially-"Educated" (Who Just "Know Better") "Never" Will. (At the rate they choose to justify laziness and remain "rationally inactive" that is.)

The answer to all these: by following through without quibbling. If it were already (specifically) understood, it wouldn't be "new". If it weren't new, and a valid effort were made in light of the potential worthwhile original results, it would already be "achieved". (Here anyway - on the individual level) (the only worthwhile level over which there is any rational predictable control). If it were already achieved, there would be no reason for the reader to do anything about it / earn wealth / "earn" health. If they didn't have it, somehow weren't wealthy or biologically immortal, all they'd have to do is "push a button / take pill / go to [or typically even ask] a doctor". (That's if it were "already achieved" and not dependent on the current application of self-responsibility and self-guidance.) It's as simple as that and as hard as some people (with a "vested interest" in not seeing such results) make it.

"Artificial" Self-Induced "Success-Forfeiting" - the Non Neo-Tech Way

Thoughts (rationalizations for not having to confront Reality via the scientific method) that there is a screw loose somewhere with Wallace or the original "researcher" (because "everybody just knows" otherwise - "everybody" with some perceived vested interest / social-intellectual "education" or side benefit that is) are not only irrelevant. Such thoughts defeat the scientific method when they are used to influence test results. A working hypothesis must be formed to presume the existence of anything worthwhile if it were replicated. (See "Skepticism and Neo-Tech" further down.) If its existence is not presumed, there is no working hypothesis, and as a "result" (conveniently) there is no "test".

Many people deriving "secondary benefits" from vested non Neo-Tech interests (established fixed-salary-paid-essentially-no-matter-what "jobs", etc. employers, "higher" education, academic circles, medical trade unions, etc.) are subconsciously, if not also consciously, convinced they don't deserve these types of results. ("Niche-jobs": jobs "carved out" by those seeking to maintain. Because they rely on "unseen" problem perpetuation, the white collar hoaxes involved will do practically anything to protect their unearned niches. The niches may be unearned, but that doesn't mean they're not occupied by Ph.D.'s and M.D.'s who spent the better part of their lives "rising" the corporate / academic "free-funding ladder" to their carved-out "niche".)

These people will do anything they have to do to sabotage an honest test. As far as such white-collar hoaxes go, these results "don't exist". They don't exist not because they've given them a half honest test. They "don't exist" because they and "all their white collar-hoax colleagues" (want to) "think" they don't exist. Easily observed reality is meaningless to those employing white-collar-hoax rhetoric: they simply don't care. White collar hoaxes move in and "occupy" pre-supplied, pre-built specialized "niches" in business, academia, and the public spotlight. They live on (hidden) maintaining (problem-creation / perpetuation) instead of building. They consume resources and complicate instead of add productive value. They are neocheaters and adhere to very non Neo-Tech principles. (Building is the purpose of both business and genuine Neo-Tech research.)

The "scientific method" is really about remaining rational - remaining honest - when confronting "new", especially competitive situations.

Most People Are Too Afraid To Actually Test Things - Too Afraid They'll See How Little They Really Know -

- Too Afraid To Test and Face Their Fears To Achieve Meaningful Success in Competitive Neo-Tech Fields. ("Competitive Neo-Tech fields" are those where the rational rewards for success are the greatest.)

Skepticism and Neo-Tech

Skepticism is good. More accurately, avoiding the problem-creation of "thinking about things without first having a basis on which to think about them" (while taking such thoughts seriously as the basis for actions or inactions) is good. (Necessary repeat for some readers: avoiding that - resisting that temptation - is what's good.) (As far as achieving results go.) (Some people have read what I've written and thought they saw the opposite!) This is Reality. "Thoughts" are irrelevant. (Except in the head or in those actions suitably influenced by it.) Actions are what count. (Valid) (replicable) test results are the type of actions that count.

(Test most mass-marketed popular "concepts" and methods, let alone specific "income" / investment methods / rhetoric, and see them fail one by one. This also applies to medicine. I'm talking about established medicine here - "hoax-medicine"/ "hoax-science". The "wild claims" and "guilty until proven innocent" farces of establishment / hoax-medicine often far outweigh the wildness of those they libel as "unscientific". The fact that some out there are unscientific is irrelevant and the obvious-yet-"hidden" context-drop. See later "Unmentioned and Purposely Confused..." page, immediately relevant parts of which are reprinted below.)

When the skepticism causes lack of testing or inaction on the rational, logical consequences of the hypothesis, especially by those claiming to make a test of it (or even offering an untested "opinion" on it), it is no longer skepticism. It becomes mysticism (problem-creation). Only the valid (typically prolonged repeated) testing counts. Only after such testing can claims of invalidity be (honestly) made.

"Burden of Proof" Fallacies, Related Dogma, and Medical & Scientific "Quislings"

It is no one's and no organization's logical or rational "responsibility" to "prove" Neo-Tech to the reader. It is only the reader's responsibility to prove it to themselves. It is only people like Wallace's responsibility to prove it to themselves. Each individual is responsible for themselves, their own effort, and their own success. Of course, "burden of proof" exists. But just because it does exist does not mean it is anyone else's responsibility to prove to other people anything that's already been proven. Especially when such "proof" to others provides the original researcher with no rational benefit.

[The context of this site is "my" results - methods made for my own benefit that are then compounded and replicated into "your" results - for my benefit financially, personal, and research wise. Of course, the external authority some desire as instant pre-packaged effortless unearned "proof" may be popularized - some day. Ha. You're more likely to be dead first. There's simply no rational reason for proof set up into popular external-authorities here. Here it would ruin things. This site's purpose is not altruistic. This is not academia. This is not a hiding place for "white-collar hoaxes" ("hoax-science" is dependent on external-authorities - external funding, external publication, external "salaries", external jobs, external "peer" status, and most of all popularity, mass-marketing, and mass-acceptance.]

[Here, all these "hoax-science" attributes have no place and are seen for the non-(rationally)-self-guided, non-Neo-Tech mystical perversions of science they are. This is not a library or government program. This is not a free handout. This is better by a wide margin. This is a business. It exists for one thing: results. Mine, and via replication, yours. This exists for one reason: my benefit and the benefit I derive via replication to a very select number of people who "have their heads on straight". The purpose here is neither "sales" nor "reports". Any reports are "made available" to find the right people. The purpose here again: results, replication thereof, and furtherance of results via replication in a controlled risk-free scientific business-manner. Meaningful, non-hoax-science medical and financial results only come about via testing and replication. They only come about via the correct application of the scientific method.]

[This business offers the opportunity to replicate the quoted financial results for yourself just as other Neo-Tech users have been doing for "some time". (Click on I agree [see below "click here for full access"], then look at the unencouraged testimonials no other company can or has received.) It also offers the opportunity to replicate my own health results via simple, inexpensive, almost "instant" objective tests and experiments you can easily conduct yourself / at your doctor's office on yourself / pets / even plants - even in 20-45 minutes. Yes, if previous tests are any indication, even your first 20-45 minutes of testing.]

[Unlike popular health / medical methods and tests that all ultimately rely too heavily on academia instead of direct integrated Reality and earned trade secrets, dramatic objective easily observable results can be seen even in the first "try" - almost instantaneously. This is what the Master Protocol [MP] shows you exactly how to do. Even though near "instant" results have been achieved in 90-100% of people thus far, this is not to be used as an external-authority. This is in the context of the MP agreement which states there is no guarantee of individual effort or individual results and you are your own researcher conducting "tests". (It benefits me - and by default you - most that way.) Maybe it will happen in your first 20-45 minutes like I think it will, maybe it will take a little longer to see these dramatic results. (But there's nothing else on the face of the earth that achieve them - THAT is an absolute certainty. If there were, I and other MP users would already be using it and it would already be integrated into the MP.]

The question is to whom does "the burden" exist and what does that person "look like" in "applied Reality" outside of mere academic philosophical theory. "The burden" exists of course to anyone who wants these original results or to anyone who wants the rewards offered by the correct application of Neo-Tech. It is the responsibility of the reader / researcher to "prove" such things to themselves. Whoever they then chose to let in on it is an entirely different matter.

(Here, this starts by consulting the references, and sending in the pre-application. As far as medicine goes, the references are removed from the web or other advertising for good reason: that's why they're in the reports and more notably the Master Protocol itself. This is because they are "original": no one / virtually no one knows of them and to arrive at them requires "massive" - in the context of popular medicine - amounts of experimentation and self-guidance. After already going through that personally first in business and trading, over 20,000 trades, then in medicine for my own results, and seeing the fact "no one else" has done the same, what possible benefit could be arrived at by "giving it" - literal trade secrets - away or compromising them at all?)

In the most valuable fields containing the most rewards available to those who choose to integrate them, fields such as those covered by site, this self-guided self-responsibility is greatly amplified. It is amplified 1000 times or more over regular "non-self-guided" fields and "niche-jobs". There is simply no real valid reason for anything else.

Where anything specific in the fields here is concerned, anything else would be absurdly over burdensome to genuine progress and those who make it (including you). It would involve the purposeful failure-causing / progress-stifling mountains of "red tape". And of course, to anyone who really knows what they're doing, anything else would be detrimental to their earned rewards - the reason for engaging in the field in the first place. Such "responsibility reversal" would simply be a non-profitable waste of time. Except of course, to those who want to replace their own rational Neo-Tech self-guidance with the non Neo-Tech external-authority substitute of such unearned responsibility-shifting. (The replication agreements solve this as much as possible. Mass-marketing or widespread public knowledge by people who are not "ready" for it however remains simply not an option. Still, identifying the nature of Reality and individual self-responsibility, again, "you are your own researcher", "cures" will not be discussed until such time as it becomes "socially-acceptable" to do so, there is no guarantee of individual effort, therefore individual results, or individual profits, etc.)


Excerpt From Neo-Tech Lifespan Report's Online Contents:


Unmentioned and Purposely Confused Context of Business and This Neo-Tech Position:

The same thing only worse goes on in the advice / method selling / "wealth-profit-making" book writing industry. This is because, to begin with, there is no valid reason to sell good workable information (very competitive by definition). This is why I don't sell "money-making" information and instead use it (and far from mere "information"). I use it via contracted applicants who function as fund managers (positions where applied trade secrets, not traditional ridiculous sums of capital to substitute for good methods, are the primary factor in determining success). Where large or "easy" amounts of money are to be made, the fields are competitive - like any other field in business - only more so due to the potential rewards. Thus selling such "opportunities" via mass-marketing or otherwise can only be ruinous to profits - where the methods are specific that is.

(Vague-generalities are the only thing that can be thrown together for marketing purposes and sold without totally ruining the method. Vague generalities are not trade secrets and are not what I use.)

Upon testing of this "concept" over the past 15 years, it has easily been proven correct.

A very, very few decent methods in the last 15 years, and virtually none, have snuck through their sellers marketing practice even somewhat intact (by private trade secret standards). These however seemed to happen purely by accident. And then they were quickly pulled from advertising after the "mistake" was realized. The alternative again was complete ruin for anyone (serious) using them.

Such once-or-twice-in-15 years-of-constant-R/D-methods certainly do not "come to you" in the mail, ads, or web. They seem to be written by "writers" who one day have written so much that they finally "wake up". Then by "osmosis" they put out a good one from no where "by accident" not even knowing how good it is themselves. In that case, don't look for more by the same writer: he's now graduated to the league of users. And as a user, his livelihood is now suddenly dependent on discouraging people from using the same specific method he uses. Don't look for quality (specific or full) explanations of his new-found "income source" or further advertising of it (let alone any more of the same from him).

To base any part of your financial, business, or personal existence or success on finding that "once-in-a-lifetime-shot-in-the-dark" method is the same as playing the lottery. Searching for it in those that "just happen to come to you / public view" from writers/marketers who approach the problem by osmosis and succeed one day "by accident" is gambling. And, as I know from personal experience and much wasted time over the years, needs counted to lose.

Spend 10 or 20 years searching, and you can probably find 1 (or 2) good or semi-good methods ("good" to marketed standards). But what's the sense when in the same - or more probably much less time, you can build your own from scratch and rationally proceed to control and safeguard its profits. That's 10-20 years of 8-12 hr a day 6 -7 day-a-week self-guided rational "fully-integrated" effort to do it on your own. And surprisingly to some beginners, not much less to find that "once or twice in a lifetime" "magic marketed method" / "working" external-authority". And then surprisingly again to some beginners, wait to see the "guru" "hit by a truck" or it suddenly stop working due to over marketing or markets simply changing. In that latter case, it "stops working" because it's an externally-guided method, as opposed to one based on rational self-guidance. It just stops one day because you have no direct control over it and probably little integrated knowledge of it necessary to fix it when it "mysteriously goes bad". That 10-20 years of those pure external-authority searches for that one method could all quickly go down the drain - at any time. 10-20 yrs or a lifetime wasted in that case. And those 10-20 yrs of 8-12 hr days to do the same thing on your own via rational self-guidance are with a full valid at least semi-experienced understanding of Neo-Tech... without it, from personal experience, I don't see any chance of it happening.

I do, in contrast to such pure external-authority searches, from time to time, offer genuinely and highly profitable literal business positions. These are similar to partnerships or employment opportunities (very limited ones) where methods are replicated to hard-working individuals who want to BUILD with and/or for me. People who are motivated and take self-responsibility to want to DO things in business as opposed to just think about them, buy them, or "be told" about them. People who want something valuable and hence understand they need to do something of value to themselves and others. Good people. It is literally my version of full-fledged employment. The "phantom" employee gets considerably more money than traditional, is actually an independent business person who can and should eventually hire his or her own employees, works much harder, gets more done, and eventually has a better knowledge of the business. This is largely because no external source finances his or her every move.

For some businesses I may get 10%, others 90% of the net profits. Each is very limited - like an actual employment opportunity - and only available to the amount of employees or "partners" I need at the time. Profit split depends on end resulting profits and originality. I treated early offers as finders / consultants agreements: never again. It turned out I got far less than what at that time the profit opportunity was worth. Now I've upped my split considerably, eliminated the "commission", acknowledged the genuine and original opportunities (usually unavailable anywhere else) as the fully implemented businesses they demand to be. I've had to deal with an immense increase in details any specialized writer, publisher, finder, or consultant would drown in. It takes more time (!), and it's a lot more work, but the result is greatly increased profits for both sides of the agreement even though one may be getting a lesser % of total net profits. I've heard of no other investor who goes to the trouble I do of involving other people.

Beware when someone (usually relying on his "hundreds, thousands or millions of satisfied customers who can't be wrong" but still aren't making much if any money!) tries to sell you a free business. A free business is one without a reasonable (to him) profit split, without stringent legal agreements, without the very limited nature of hugely profitable employment-like opportunities (and what about the price?). Remember, ideas aren't profitable, businesses (like selling ideas!) are. Take away the profit split, agreement, and exclusive nature and it's not really a business - it's a book! Or a newsletter! Or a system! In the book / newsletter / system / advice selling business, the more you sell, the more you profit! In the "business" business, the more you sell of your very own business, the less you profit and the more you ruin it!

"An informational work" is worthless compared to a business. A business is about integration - integration of knowledge. Information is neither integrated nor knowledge especially the kind that all your competitors can easily acquire. Business is competitive. Test most marketed "business" ideas in a competitive real business environment, and even the good ones will fall flat on their face. That's why they're marketed. So their authors can make money without having to fall on their face. Ideas are not competitive; ideas are dressed up with words or technical indicators and sold!

You have 3 real, very valuable businesses here (primary field, futures, stocks) (plus another not mentioned on the web site that can only be explained to qualifying applicants) (see pre-application) and up to 80% or more of net! I profit from your investment efforts, it is very exclusive, and I am considering stricter conditions.

If you want better, you have only 2 choices: 1) build it (from scratch), or 2) work with - or more accurately for - me as I implement my own investment methods which ARE the perfect (meaning most profitable) businesses in existence (for those involved). Not because I say so, but because I've gone to great and unheard of pains to absolutely ENSURE they are, have you? Because I KNOW! Of course, statistically, positions in my businesses will probably fill shortly.

Nevertheless, if you want investment knowledge (integrated kind) or the most profitable businesses in existence, I'm the one to see. My business opportunities are not even moderately marketed and the literature has changed quickly (like every 100-200 mailed out or every 30 days on the web!) See the summary / order form or web site and get my necessary literature that's available at the time for a real position in a real-live business. Save your $1000- $3000 or more checks on worthless heavily advertised business opportunities, "investment methods" and materials ...

As far as I know, I am the first to ever "market" actual long-term, perpetually increasing in worth, business relationships, business replication, and employment opportunities through the mail (now the web). (The contracts and final applications, as opposed to the simple preliminary application, are "longer" [and better] than you've ever seen for ANY mass-marketed "opportunity" / investment method.) (You'll realize this is desirable when you see them. You can also easily figure that out for yourself by clicking on "I agree" from the Income page [or see link at end below] and reading the full online report.) That (making proper use of the mail and web) confuses some people because the only things they've seen for comparison are "mail order" books, reports, systems "informational works", MLM / networking and get-rich-quick schemes. No wonder they're confused!

I think the web / mail to a certain extent is the single best marketing vehicle possible for both sides of nearly any business or employment relationship. It's beautiful: the web / mail is the only way in existence to hope to find the best people (or proper people for these offers), the most naturally self-guided, and the most forced into independence and therefore actual entrepreneurial decision-making and accountability of their own actions. (Both totally non-existent in traditional employees.) (Local newspaper ads don't work for this. I tried them in the beginning - extensively!) The web / mail is the only way I see - at least for what I do - to facilitate maximum motivation, maximum freedom, maximum productivity, and maximum money for both sides. "Employees" actually own their own business within my business and run their business with a minimum of interference from me. At least in what I do, the vast majority of the time, personal contact and phone calls do not even come into play until the person has proven he or she has the self-discipline to follow simple directions. Also until he or she has made me money. I keep in close contact of such peoples' efforts but even phone calls are almost always an unnecessary waste of time to avoid integrated competitive effort. I deal only with people who want to think for themselves - because that's the only place the real money is (for anyone).

In my main business, investing, not only in the traditional sense, but also in people, there is no "store" or industrial plant, and I'm there to please myself first and only. I am both the producer and the consumer. The only limitation is I get to consume only what I can first produce for myself. ZERO dependence on others - producers or consumers. Zero selling. This isn't Burger World, fast food, french fries, or toilet paper!

The people run their own business - do, for example, all the investment analysis, all the investing / order placing, all the testing, all the developing, and the accounting, all the thinking, all the hiring / firing / contracting, all the financing within the context of their responsibilities. Of course, I show them exactly how and fix it so initial capital is virtually no consideration ... The only deciding factor is their own effort. The business is constantly improved from both sides. Building never stops.

Regarding futures, I especially draw your attention to the sections that are part of the introductory literature (see after clicking on "I agree"), Initial Capital, Time, Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes, Confusion, and Reality which answers some commonly asked questions. Also Method Specifics which describes one of the many methods covered in the Futures initial disclosure, one that's normally been the best initial method for beginning FM's. (A couple of others are now mentioned in its own update near end and may be more optimal however considering they now require less capital.)

Due to its results, I am now looking for a few more people to use an even better method however. (See the contract about the options method detailed there that requires less capital than the Method Specifics one and has had a higher return.)"

End quote.

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