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Neo-Tech Explained

"Fully-Integrated Honesty":
Context and Definition

Neo-Tech, as originally defined by Wallace and Neo-Tech Publishing Co., translates literally into "Fully-Integrated (objective) Honesty". "Fully Integrated Honesty" is a powerful "mechanical" Reality-based (integrated) system of philosophical / thinking tools. It comprises a new technology - extremely effective fundamental tools for gaining traditionally "unseen" advantages in any competitive situation.

The fundamental nature of these tools are overlooked by the masses and are what give them their power.

Once you integrate the "advanced concepts" and fundamental thinking tools, even how you relate to those around you will dramatically change. You may even find it impossible to communicate meaningfully with old friends, associates, relatives. Suddenly, your thinking (integration of Reality around you) has taken a quantum leap - if they do not integrate the same tools they will be unable to keep up with you. You will then quickly become bored and attract new types of relationships / communication.

Upon integration of these tools it is common when attempting communication in old social, personal, and business situations to find yourself suddenly and continually spotting fundamental errors that before went unnoticed.

If you are to succeed monetarily or in any way, it is dependent on one thing: how well you understand and apply Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech was discovered by Dr. Frank Wallace and marketed by Neo-Tech Publishing Co. - their's is philosophical literature that teaches you how to think; my Neo-Tech job replication is what results after mastering that.

Not affiliated with and no income derived from Neo-Tech Publ. Co, NV, USA.

Originally based on Ayn Rand's work, Neo-Tech does not resemble: positive thinking / meditation / motivation / dreaming / "subliminal programming". Similarly, Neo-Tech has nothing to do with religion / politics / cults / external authorities setup to follow. Neo-Tech does not resemble any book / course / etc. advertised on TV (I or anyone I know has seen) / liberalism / conservatism / other forms of irrationality. Neo-Tech is the opposite of anything the slightest bit mystical.

This is an independent objective evaluation of Neo-Tech. The Neo-Tech philosophy was chosen as the basis for these businesses, investing, trading, replication, and reports, and the same grew out of the philosophy of Neo-Tech. This is because Neo-Tech was and is the only system of ideas and tools that facilitate maximum (or any comparative) results in any worthwhile (competitive) situation - whether personal, financial, business, love, etc.

Philosophy and its tools, as opposed to dogma, if properly integrated are the cornerstone of success in any endeavor. If you have not found this to be overwhelmingly correct in tangible results, you have been cajoled into using the wrong philosophy. These fundamental principles are often harder to understand than everyday specifics.

There's a lot on the site here you can look at to see just what Neo-Tech is and just what Neo-Tech looks like when applied in practice. But first I'll cover the basic Neo-Tech background material. You'll have to contact Neo-Tech Publishing Co. for the following books. Don't bother to give them my name. I'm not in "that" business. If there were a "commission" in it for me, I wouldn't accept it. (This is not a reflection on the quality of Neo-Tech Publishing's material.)

For a better understanding of these opportunities and of Neo-Tech in general, those serious will want to get and understand ("to get" may take weeks to months so don't be discouraged):

  • "Neo-Tech Discovery I-V" (or later variation)
and those by Wallace himself first including:
  • "Neo-Tech I: Neocheating: The Prediscovery" (for the metaphors - this is definitely not card games or gambling!),

  • "Neo-Tech III: Controlling People's Bicameral Minds" (for the mechanism non Neo-Tech "interests" who survive via manipulation, coercion and force are using to unjustly control you right now),

  • "Neo-Tech IV: Business Success and Predicting Stock Prices" (for the fundamental principle - not stocks or specific methods), and

  • "Neo-Tech V - Achieving Commercial Biological Immortality".

Especially useful and recommended is the original
  • "Neo-Tech II: The Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia / Psychuous Sex" .

After the above have been digested, then it's time for
  • "Neo-Tech Business Control" and/or "Neo-Tech Global Business Control" ,

  • "Neo-Tech: The Philosophical Zero", and

  • "Happiness Forever" in particular.

(Latter two, now integrated into some other publications, are also good introductions to Neo-Tech .)

Understanding of this material is a requirement for all positions, however, depending on the position, not all of the above Neo-Tech background material needs to be digested in order to start (and profit). Once the above are digested, other worthwhile Neo-Tech publications include:

  • "The Neo-Tech / NeoThink Matrix / Grand Event",

  • "Neo-Tech Protection Kit",

  • "After 2001: Our Neo-Tech World", and

  • "Neo-Tech Timeline".

The entire Neo-Tech manuscripts are necessary for continual personal referencing, however at least parts of these are now online at (it's over 2000 pages, but only some of it is from above publications)

In my primary field of investment [see report] prior knowledge and understanding of Neo-Tech is necessary except in trainee positions where applicants study both Neo-Tech and investment methods. In my other investment fields [see report], however, applicants are not required to have prior knowledge of Neo-Tech although they are required to learn it: honesty and grip of Reality is required.

For the full version of this explanation - a more thorough explanation of how Neo-Tech relates to these fields and positions, click on "Neo-Tech: A Rational Independent Explanation (Full Version)" at end. This I think is the best explanation of Neo-Tech on the web as can only come from the perspective of someone who actually uses it and whose business is actually based on it (and little or nothing else). (Marketing and writing about the "general idea" of using Neo-Tech, no matter how "good" the writing or marketing, doesn't count as the actual integrated specific "use" of Neo-Tech in this context.)

Then, click on the "Surprise: I'm Not Selling Anything" page below for more details on exactly how all this applies to Neo-Tech business, Neo-Tech (as opposed to popular) investing, and Neo-Tech trading.

For those serious about actually achieving results with applied Neo-Tech, then click on "Full Disclaimer" (it's more than a "disclaimer").

And if you're really serious about using Neo-Tech (as opposed to reading and talking about it for the rest of your life), then click on "Unmentioned & Purposefully Confused Context of Business explained".

Follow that up with the full report on Neo-Tech income and preliminary application for trade secret disclosure, which you get to by clicking on "I agree" from the agree page. You'll then be well on your way to actually putting Neo-Tech into (outside the head) use.

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