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Result of Unnatural Dependence on Approval of Others:

A Contextually Correct Rational Response to Solicitor of Heart Transplant Donations - FINALLY!

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Part I: Update to Enclosed Heart Disease Report - Excerpts Now Online below

Treating The Immediate Condition: - Excerpts Now Online below

Correction of Deficiencies That Lead To The Condition / Further Therapies

Ultimate Chemical Protocol For Heart & Related Disease - Excerpts Now Online below

Dental Cause

Reversing Previous Damage - Oxygen Therapy

Two Things Much More Effective Than CPR

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Part II: Result of Unnatural Dependence on Approval of Others:

A Contextually Correct Rational Response to Solicitor of Heart Transplant Donations

Part III: Supplements to Result of Unnatural Dependence on Approval of Others:

Update to Enclosed Heart Disease Report

[Private research/development I use on myself only - no medical recommendation, prescription, advice, treatment, diagnosis, or training is attempted or given in the text below. What you decide to do with the below is "your research" for which I cannot be held responsible; all readers/users of below agree to this paragraph and to the standard disclaimer below starting "I In No Way Hint" or they discontinue reading now. Only those that fully & completely agree to this paragraph, the below disclaimer, and all disclaimers on this web site, should read further or even think about using any of the therapies mentioned below.]

March 1999

The report that follows this update was originally written a decade ago, well before the media caught on to the value of nutrient supplementation. It was also written well before M.D.'s in general began their self-promotion campaigns marketing their own "doctor-approved" brands.

Doctor approved / endorsed supplements universally, or virtually so, constitute a joke - especially when they involve M.D.'s (unoriginal, zero net value to previously existing brands [or formulas], overpriced, ripped-off mass-marketing-hype farces* designed to capitalize on mass-ignorance / dependence / external-authority searches.

(*A farce here = waiting for other people to do something first, ignoring them, discrediting them, mocking them for decades or as long as can be gotten away with - then copying them and "stealing the glory". When ignoring / discrediting any longer becomes dangerous to reputation and when the concept of ingesting the raw materials needed to maintain physical existence in a disease-free state becomes socially acceptable, then and only then do we see doctors and others "catching on".) (I have no glory to steal - I'm not in that business; being independent, I can just say things the way they are.) (And of course, I've never made one cent off any supplement or pill since I don't involve myself in that.)

These laughable marketing-ploys by doctors are blatant attempts to set themselves up as "FDA[ / "God"] substitutes" and give some now politically/socially/trade-union-acceptable air of (in this context totally unearned, false) "approval" about the nutrient. The misnomer "nutraceutical" is a similar attempt. 1. As a predictable result, every single M.D. "approved" brand I've witnessed, irrespective the "approval-based" claim made, invariably has been of lower quality [than those I will use], poorly designed, poorly packaged, and/or inadequately tested even for contaminants as per Clark and recent verifying expensive mainstream technology. [All these inadequacies relative to those I will use.] Even if the topic is limited to chemical substances, the very last thing the typical M.D. / drug company wants to admit to is the mass-pollution present in pills / supplements as identified by Clark and now verified elsewhere. Even if the ingredients in some of the popular brands somehow aren't contaminated prior to packaging, a big IF, the manufacturer can typically default into mass-marketed problem-creation, refuse to spend money on decent bottles / seals and let the packaging itself contaminate the product. These brands are thus little better than a "drug company" or "FDA Brand" "nutraceutical".

[Theoretically, there may indeed be an acceptable quality doctor-approved supplement brand. And one day, one reader somewhere may find a good one. But I haven't seen it, and having no more time to waste, my search is now officially discontinued. The formula & listed ingredients are basically irrelevant: anyone can throw anything together. It doesn't matter who or what endorses it. The contamination, the packing, the bottling/manufacturing processes, the quality (of everything, not just the active ingredients), the seal, the bottle, and any nitrogen-flushing, etc. are what determine the value and if it is even useable by the body at all compared to the pure uncontaminated substance in its proper form. Many supplements on the market are little more than toxins unusable by the body (see Clark and others).]

The concept of "alternative medicine" is equally a farce. These reports are about "rational" medicine. There are many alternative (and conventional) therapies, but only a few take precedence over all others based on their results.

There are many therapies that can help cardiovascular disease. This report is not about them however. It only concerns itself with the best of them. There are many others, but they are not in the same league of effects. This report's scope is limited however to chemical therapies. Electrical & other non-chemical therapies are fundamentally superior to chemical in their results (see Master Protocol). The basics and place to start are here however. "Better therapies" will not substitute for deficiency diseases in those literally dying of them (as is the case in much if not all heart & vascular disease). Both the original cause of the disease and electro-medicine along with the other aspects revealed in the Master Protocol need addressed.

See "Context of This Report Explained In No Uncertain Terms" as found in the beginning of the actual report which follows this update. It is to be kept in mind when reading anything I write here, there, or anywhere else on the subject.

Cardiomyopathy / congestive heart failure is in the vast majority, if not all cases, the logical end result of conventional / approval seeking medicine becoming involved with a simple nutritional deficiency. Analysis of these final stage conditions provide the key for understanding the successful treatment and prevention of heart / vascular disease period (angina, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, blocked arteries, oxidized cholesterol, homocysteine, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, hardening of the arteries, etc.).

The strategy employed by medical neocheaters is to ignore for as long as possible the deficiency, lie to the patient, prescribe toxic, even heart-weakening drugs to attempt to cover up the symptoms for as long as possible until the patient needs an immediate "new heart" due to medical neglect, and then "come to rescue" with a heart transplant (if the patient is not too old and he and his insurance "deserve" it). It occurs typically after conventional medicine-caused blocked arteries and heart attacks "kill" portions of the heart muscle to the point it can no longer function.

The heart transplant is the end result of cardiovascular disease and the cause is medical neglect. Specifically, the M.D.-caused condition is a deficiency of selenium. Even when not thought to be, it is probably aggravated by it. Copper deficiency may also contribute. It may also be viewed as a deficiency of Co-enzyme Q10 and possibly other simple nutrients proven to reverse the condition below.

This is not just me saying this; you can also find out the same information "popularized" (in this context) by ____, _____, and even ____. These simple deficiencies set the stage for lowered immunity and subsequent damage directly attributed to infections of the heart muscle2, alcohol and other toxins. Alcohol and other toxins in turn inhibit nutrient absorption & utilization and create deficiencies and the seeds for disease3.

As evidenced in the reversals of the disease with simple supplementation, it is a virtual certainty that if the deficiencies are taken away, then the infections, toxins, and usually blamed "causes" will not damage the heart enough to require "transplantation". Regardless the quoted "cause" of cardiomyopathy, simple supplementation works. If, however, medical mysticism is allowed to prevail, simple supplementation is neglected and the real cause of the congestive heart failure / cardiomyopathy is not addressed, by the time talk of a transplant begins "as potentially the only option", the trap has already sprung. It may be too late in that case to expect a complete recovery with supplements alone. (See Master Protocol).

If supplements are prescribed, beware of the favorite trick of many M.D.s: the insufficient dose ploy - this is becoming an increasingly effective means of "creating a transplant where none exists" when public knowledge of the cause of the disease / role of deficiencies is on the rise. The effects are the same as being given "the silent treatment": huge amounts of money change hands and there is a transplant. Correction of deficiencies is essential in all stages of the disease, however in the later stages more powerful therapies have their advantages and are probably necessary to even rationally attempt to ensure survival (in any way approaching as best as possible) sans transplant. (See Master Protocol).

Any heart, artery, or blood pressure treatment with less than a 90-100% rate of complete prevention and almost certainly the same rate of "complete long-term / permanent remission from all symptoms" (if caught in time before too much unnecessary damage is allowed to be done) - or one with toxic or undesirable side effects - is inadequate and mystical (the creation of problems where none exist).

To the chagrin of those who make a living as professional context-droppers, meaning is both definition and context. First then, the standard disclaimer: "Context of This Report Explained In No Uncertain Terms"

Without engaging in medical advice, just quoting the "opinion of a researcher" and results of research that need tailored to each person along with and monitored by an unbiased M.D. (medical doctor), in the context of rational "self-experimentation", if I were suffering from cardiomyopathy / congestive heart failure / high blood pressure, or any remotely similar condition, it would be absolutely imperative (for me) to immediately take effective doses of the following. (The exception would be unless allergic / sensitive to the brand or for some other reason like a diet already high in selenium / copper.) (I would not take fiber around the same time as any of the substances, nor would I eat much of it anyway, as fiber can easily decrease absorption.) (The below can dramatically reduce need for blood pressure and other medications QUICKLY, hence proper monitoring of BP (blood pressure), condition, and toxicity of drugs & conventional treatment is essential):

Treating The Immediate Condition:

- In the right dosage, under the supervision of a competent and knowledgeable M.D. -

Oral strophanthin (ouabain), a powerful compound which must be used properly, normalizes the pH of the heart muscle and has made at least fatal heart attacks and further significant heart damage impossible in 15,000+ heart disease sufferers. This would be among the very first chemical substances I'd consume if I had the slightest reason to think I were developing let alone had cardiovascular disease - possibly even high blood pressure. (Note however, "too much" of it can be taken unlike most of the nutrients listed herein.) Fundamentally, the cause of, or "terrain needed" by any disease is an abnormal pH (acid-alkaline balance). When this is localized, the disease is localized. Overall body pH can be normal, but if the heart muscle is diseased or a tumor is present, the pH will be acidic in the localized region affected. In the case of a heart attack, the most fundamental cause is not a blocked artery or lack of oxygen flow to the heart - it is an acidic pH whether or not blocked arteries, etc. are a factor in forming the localized acidic environment. (And in most to, more probably, all cases, blocked arteries, even when they do occur are probably irrelevant since secondary arteries take over on their own for the blocked arteries before any therapy including surgery can possibly cause "remission". Enlargement of secondary arteries is natural and keeps the blood flowing to the heart making it impossible for blocked arteries to be the real cause of heart attacks. [One of many things you're not supposed to hear when large incomes, entire "specialties" & professions are on the line. But don't bury yourself in the references just yet - there's more...])

Heart attacks come on suddenly. Over 75% of all heart attacks are "silent" - painless. Even angina can be "silent". Half of all people having a sudden heart attack die before reaching medical assistance. Hence, when relying on chemical substances, the herb strophanthin would be my first choice - with the above precautions.

Another primary treatment is listed at the end of this update under "Ultimate Chemical Protocol".

... [regarding selenium] Most "experts" scare the public, especially heart disease, cancer, AIDS, and infectious disease patients into taking an insufficient dose due to talk of selenium's theoretical toxicity. The level at which toxic symptoms become apparent can vary greatly of course, and this does not mean people should be careless about the dose and non-observant of toxicity signs, but chronic total daily doses from all food & supplements of under 900 mcg are virtually free of reports of toxicity. Hair / fingernail loss, garlic, sour, or metallic breath / sweat / taste, vomiting / nausea, irritability, emotional problems, fatigue, and liver or kidney dysfunction are symptoms of toxicity...

... [regarding copper] Aside from plant derived colloidal copper (hard to take in necessary doses), copper ____ is the best form to take and is an anti-oxidant (other forms are pro-oxidants). This form is not harmful or useless like standard forms of copper in reasonable amounts [this is not referring to artificial copper-chlorophyll compounds used as dyes]...

... 400 times more powerful than flax oil, and 200-350 times more powerful than other essential fatty acids is a patented _____ (This can dramatically reduce inflammation according to Australian university studies.)

Kinesiology is called for to test for allergic reactions to supplements/ pills/ any & all therapies every day.

See ____ for simple kinesiological / energy balances & corrections that can greatly help to prevent and treat heart disease. Blood pressure and other symptoms have been reduced in minutes.

Darkfield microscopy is essential (see Master Protocol).

... If I were not already using & taking the above, and I were in the above condition, there would be no attempt being made to treat my condition and there would be a virtual guarantee of it resulting in disaster. (Treated = to successful conclusion.)

Again, this is not anything any specific person should do - other than myself, understanding the above, and somehow finding myself in the above condition.

Heart transplants are a direct and typical result of the failure of the patient to take supplemental selenium (and the above) and correct deficiencies in the early stages of the disease as well as less (300-400 mcg/day) prior on a preventive basis. If "not" selenium in all cases, then strophanthin, Co-Q10, and the others listed here. Although better, easier and quicker-acting treatments exist identified in the Master Protocol, there is thought to be zero need for a transplant OR a heart attack, at least of the fatal or debilitating variety, if all the chemical options listed herein are utilized in time. Possibly, only some of the substances listed herein are necessary but that's a gamble and less safe.

The relationship between selenium and cancer (and possibly AIDS) is even more dramatic than it is for heart disease and stroke. However, it has been estimated for 18 years, since 1981, that a mere 200-300 mcg/day of selenium (in supplements and diet) can prevent up to 60%-70% of both heart disease and cancer cases. Does this mean 70% have been averted or that it has even been prescribed? You should know better...

Lifespan Report quotes relevant to heart disease (all indented; expanded on further down). Especially note the section near indentation end regarding autopsies of so-called heart attack victims. The ultimate chemical protocol follows:

End Lifespan Report quotes.

Ultimate Chemical Protocol For Heart & Related Disease

(Not to be confused with the Master Protocol
or electro-medicine)

- again, in the right dosage, under the supervision of a knowledgeable M.D. -

Like Strophanthin, seemingly around 90-100% effective against heart disease is ______. Combining these two therapies while correcting deficiencies provides what is very close to the ultimate chemical protocol for heart & related disease. (Actually, there is another chemical substance revealed in the Master Protocol that I would consider essential in heart / artery / blood vessel disease; combining these four therapies makes for the surest thing possible from chemical substances and provides greatly increased / normalized energy and breathing ability. Profound elimination of fatigue and vastly increased energy, no matter the heart condition, are among the first things I expect from adding this fourth chemical therapy and/or the electro-medical aspects of the Master Protocol).

The catch is, normal ____ tests (and doctors in general) are useless in themselves. This was found in the 1940's by an M.D. when heart disease was "new" and before doctors were "trained" in the prevailing dogma regarding it. The M.D. was simply interested in keeping his patients healthy and discovered this "side benefit" by "accident". No heart attacks were seen in his practice during 13 years of ____ therapy. In the 1970's he wrote a now out of print book about his clinical experiences with over 1500 patients entitled "______", by _____, M.D., Ph.D. (Copies have been made available from _____.) It also exposed the cholesterol / egg / meat scares, exercise, smoking, drinking and diet propaganda and polyunsaturated fats for what they were long before the media began to catch on.

Below normal body temperature, as it diagnoses insufficient thyroid function / Wilson's Syndrome is one warning sign of cardiovascular disease later in life. Another warning sign is high blood cholesterol - BUT elevated blood cholesterol has nothing to do with diet and is a result of insufficient _____. Normalization of body temperature seems to be required and this probably means, as _____, ______. ______[normal accepted version of medication used today] do not work; they are incomplete and do not supply what is required for these effects. Very few M.D.'s are aware of this: in addition to strophanthin, correction of the acidic condition of the cardiovascular system directly attributable to insufficient _____ is an absolutely essential "very serious consideration" for those with ANY sign of heart / artery disease, high blood pressure, ______ or ____ conditions.

Again we see these results with heart and artery disease were obtainable in the1940's and even marketed to the lay person in paperback form 23 years ago.

See also Clark's "Cure For All Diseases" book and "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I" on ____ syndrome. The information therein can also help ____ return to normal. Ridding the body and ____ of pathogens and altering the biological terrain / eliminating pollutants that cause ____ damage is thought to be able to return _____ function to normal (see Clark, use of Beck's devices as modified in the Master Protocol and other devices identified therein are optimal and may be absolutely required either without ___ medication or in developed / end stage cases).

If you rely on _____ medication (probably polluted as per Clark), you may have to take it for life - even going off it for a few weeks to months may be dangerous. Correct dosage and gradual increases / decreases are also critical. If ____ function can be restored to (better than) normal using electro-medicine alone without prescription _____ medication, all the better. But ______ must be restored to safely eliminate the threat of death from cardiovascular disease.

Many other conditions are relieved with restoration of _____ (infections, immunity, fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, etc. - the whole list of them mentioned in connection with _____ in "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I").

... [If you have the Master Protocol, there is a method identified there for use at home by the lay person that has repeatedly stopped heart attacks cold in progress; this is even more valuable than the ___ technique mentioned here, and is a necessity for both the heart patient and anyone living with them. Unfortunately, hospitals, doctors, emergency rooms, and first aid manuals are absolutely useless for this and cannot be relied on to even identify it to those dying of heart disease.]...

Click here for the Master Protocol Description

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