The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I

Cancer, AIDS, & Infectious Disease Remissions

(Total, Lasting, Widely Proven, and

Anything But "By Chance")

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plus Candida, Chronic Fatigue, Vaccine Microbes, SV-40, E-bola, Chemtrail Sickness, Gulf-War Syndrome / Bio-Warfare Agents

and a long list of others (including diabetes, ulcers, allergies,

fibromyalgia, Crohn's, virtually all digestive disorders,

& many circulatory / heart disorders

("Remissions" are vastly superior to "cures" due to the current political / economic / legal situation: they can be discussed)

Warning: I would not run out and buy any electro-medical device until the Master Protocol is read.

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    Selenium / Trace Minerals

    MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane





    Green Tea Polyphenols / Caffeine

    Vitamin C

    etc., etc.

Because they are all fundamentally related, the answer to all these diseases and many others is the same.

(Presuming the absence of further official / industry disinformation, which may later prove to be presuming too much:)

AIDS: the leading cause of death for teenagers (U.S. Government), the leading cause of death for males aged between 25-44, the 4th leading cause of death for females aged between 25-44 in the U.S. (which means it will soon be the same elsewhere).

Deaths from all infections climbed almost 60% in the 12 years between 1980 to 1992: infections are now the 3rd leading killer after heart disease and cancer according to U.S. government statistics. (After elimination of AIDS, the climb is still considerable. And this does not even recognize the infectious origin of cancer.)

[For the web, some words have had to be replaced with blanks. The printed copy for those who buy the actual report contains the actual words without editing or blanks.]

[Private research / development I use on myself only - no medical recommendation, prescription, advice, treatment, diagnosis, or training is attempted or given in the text below. What you decide to do with the below is "your research" for which I cannot be held responsible; all readers / users of below agree to this paragraph and to the standard disclaimer below starting 2 paragraphs down (all paragraphs starting with **) or they discontinue reading now. Only those that fully & completely agree to this paragraph, the below disclaimer, and all disclaimers on this web site, should read further or even think about using any of the therapies mentioned below.]

This report is a supplement to the reports on heart disease and lifespan which explain the context of this: do not use this without understanding the heart report, Result of Unnatural Dependence on Approval of Others, and the lifespan report. [Important new excerpts from both revised 98 editions now included here as a separate document. Included portion is just enough to give the context, and there is much more, especially specifics including addresses, in the actual lifespan & heart disease reports.]

** What follows is a simplified listing of usually ignored treatment options NOT specific recommendations or medical advice. Anyone considering use of the therapies herein should consult the references as well as a competent medical doctor prior to any use.

** This publication is written, sold and should be read with the understanding that: 1) the author and publisher do not engage in specific medical recommendations, prescriptions, advice, diagnosis, treatment, or training, 2) the author and publisher are not responsible for and will be held harmless for any results, believed, imagined, or actual, of a reader's or user's use or misuse of enclosed information, references, or available protocol, 3) the reader / user acts entirely of his own responsibility in using information herein, and 4) even though meticulously researched and written to ensure accuracy and completeness of information herein, the information may not be infallible and therefore no responsibility for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies will be assumed by the publisher or author. If these 4 points are not perfectly understood, stop reading, and return this report for a full refund now.

** Promises or guarantees, implied or otherwise, of cures, or even of relieved symptoms in the reader / user are categorically not being made although remissions and total symptom relief have been proven in the past in other people. These are (research) "methods" whether self researched (including administered) or not. Methods are methods: they are not guarantees and are only designed to give the maximum possible chance of a future event occurring in the opinion of the designer. This is not medical advice: for that, at least one (preferably unbiased) qualified medical practitioner should be consulted. See # 3 in Lifespan Report to understand this more & why this is called research - especially under subtitles "Use of These Reports", & "Basis of Reading / Treatment"

There are many therapies (rationally) reportedly successful against cancer & related diseases. The ones here are selected because they are the best. It is better to have an 80-100% chance of success than a 30% or 60%. It is also better to have one that is perfectly workable on yourself by yourself than to have to travel & pay someone else typically tens of thousands more for something no more effective. It is also better to have one (or two or three or ten) that are not later going to be found to be simple "mistakes" or "tricks of light" (because it is known that they are not now). This information can save you enormous money (not to mention time, health, & life) - this means as always, with proper, unbiased, competent medical supervision.

It is not the place here to go into conventional treatments. If it is not already self-evident, they all have horribly low to non-existent success rates. For now I will only say if you "survive" chemotherapy or other poisonous mainstream therapies like AZT & AIDS / cancer drug "cocktails", radiation, etc. you are lucky. Much more so if you survive intact. In falling victim to the above poisons, you may have just substantially diminished your overall chances with some of these high-success-rate therapies however. Indeed, while much of it can, and still more in the master protocol at end, some of the below cannot even be considered when using such poisonous mainstream therapies or drugs.

Normal HIV test results are too erroneous & contradictory to give repeated objectively meaningful results - including the PCR test....

...HIV does not even appear to cause AIDS. (There is a large amount of money being made, there are [poisonous AIDS-causing] treatments being peddled, but there is no relation.)...

...Effective tests for determining your condition and the results of your therapies are 1) darkfield microscopy, 2) Clark device, 3) kinesiology, & 4) Multitest. All other AIDS / HIV tests can be regarded as "academic" / "career" / "doctor visit" - creating: no one knows what they really mean, but those who understand them know they are seldom if ever relevant. Any relevance they have is simply the relevance placed on them by the orderer of the test or other affiliated person / power-influence-grabbing organization.

Don't think this stops with AIDS. The same thing only worse has gone on in cancer treatment for at least 60-some years. (People "need" to earn a living some way - whether they understand, or care to understand, what they're doing or not.) (Sometimes I think the reason 99.9% of all people go to medical school is to rationalize understanding. To socialize it, to hide in a group, and to turn it into something that is "instantly imparted" to them by way of "external authorities" which they can then rely on for life or until their "peers" change it by majority vote.) (And then I see how much money they're not earning - how much "unearned income" they're taking in that is.) The same applies to virtually any disease. There are those who have an interest in "making a career" out of it (including the thin air around it), and then there are those who are interested in alleviating and curing it - these are two very different groups despite all irrelevant "intentions" or claims to the contrary by those brainwashed and lazy enough to allow themselves to be involved in the former. In a word, sickening.

Those with blood sugar problems should monitor levels closely while using any of these therapies, electro-medical or otherwise - at least some of them can have a powerful effect on blood sugar...

Microbes That Aren't Supposed To Exist

... Similar to the stolen energy / lanthanum theory of candida was observed by Donsbach / Alsleben (see their Candida / CFS book rated below) & called the "kleptic microbe" present in many diseases especially CFS. These "kleptic microbes" are much smaller than any other conventionally taught microbe - they dart back & forth very quickly stealing energy from healthy cells. The Bare video (see Rife) seems to show them (live & moving) under similar darkfield / ultra-darkfield microscope, but he doesn't mention them and only expresses bewilderment as to what they are. (When his Rife device causes cell wall rupture of paramecium, protozoa, etc. these tiny things, maybe 1000-10,000 x smaller than the organism, come out & start forming into other things & dart around going against the current flow & otherwise acting as if alive. This is similar to what Clark says about bacteria bursting out of the dead / dying larger parasites and needing zapped again. But these are out of the small ones & they're "everywhere" - like the tiniest dead parts of the organism that are or quickly start acting as if alive. It is this type of evidence which can clearly be seen in the $25 or so Bare video that gives rise to the pleomorphic theories casting severe doubt on the accepted germ theory views and giving credence to the view that organic material forms itself & re-forms itself under certain conditions according to its environment & not only DNA but "biophysical field"...

How to Drink Water
Colloidal Silver

The 3rd most important single substance anyone can generally consume is self-made colloidal silver. (Properly made, there are no known side effects in any half-reasonable (or even less reasonable) dosage in over 80 years of human use - only from other forms of silver.) This requires self-distilled water. [See below under Beck regarding irrelevant absorption context-drops, especially bolded parts of #4 under Disadvantages.]

Colloidal silver, minute amounts of silver floating in water separated by a tiny electrical charge, is an anti-toxin, anti-inflammatory, and sterilant of virtually all microbes including parasite eggs if not also some macroscopic parasites themselves. (Roughly 8 organisms are known that are not killed by it in 6-8 minutes, and HIV, E-bola, candida, and other common ones are not among the 8.) On top of that, it separately speeds healing. It operates on a much more fundamental level than antibiotics, is not toxic, and is side effect free unlike antibiotics, let alone AIDS & cancer drugs, and is "resistance"-proof. I have drunk 500-650 ml of 5-10 ppm (parts per million) 27 volt DC colloidal silver made with the hot water method (no salt or additives in distilled water) daily for 10 months. (See literature from the manufacturer of a silver maker for more on how it is made. Basically, silver wires are immersed in distilled water and a small electrical charge is run between the wires.) There have been no (negative) side effects. That may be overdoing it, but I would not listen to anyone who says not to take more than the standard 100-250 ml of 3-5 ppm a day. (I'm not saying you should take my above amount.)

Despite irrational attacks on colloidal silver including by otherwise recommended newsletter M.D.'s, the only side effect ever reported is a discoloring of the skin. But this is not even from colloidal silver itself apparently - rather from other forms of silver you should not be consuming and which are not genuine (contaminant free) colloids. Further, despite the misinformation, this skin condition is not permanent "for life" (as many doctors like to scare people into believing) anymore than a tattoo is permanent "for life". Although I haven't had any discoloration, a laser can remove it easily and quickly. (The few discolored patches ever reported in 80 years of use are almost certainly from other contaminating compounds - not colloidal silver itself.) Genuine colloids (especially ionic, plant derived, organic) are either non or far less toxic than the metallic or chelated minerals found in supplements and only exist in liquid form. Further, the golden color associated with "quality" colloidal silver is probably due to oxidation and does not mean it is good. Store bought varieties can be dangerous due to lack of purity and combining with other substances to form silver compounds and proteins which can easily have side effects. In the absence of testing which can only be done properly with a device like the one Clark uses, store-bought varieties also must be counted on as products of contaminated water. Overall, the chance of the manufacturers self-distilling their own water or even storing it properly (the water itself - not the colloidal silver) in glass is virtually nil (see Clark). The prices of course are also ridiculous. I would not consume anything I could possibly find "on the shelf". What anyone else does is their choice however.

In part II of this report - the Master Protocol - (see end of this report), there are one or two sources, available by mail, of inexpensive pre-made colloidal silver of much higher quality than 99% of that normally sold: if pre-made is necessary, these can get results where others can't - including results that silver from the standard home silver makers cannot approach. However even they are claimed to be made with store bought distilled water. I use them occasionally when traveling or when insufficient time to prepare my own...

...Self-steam distilled water [one $400 portable unit is recommended] is the only alternative for those with a serious disease or those who want to prevent one (or all). Ozonated water also has its benefits, but I would not use popular devices (see Section C for the protocol and one I do use). Better than mere distilled is ionized water (see Lifespan Report - popular ionizers will not do the trick and I would waste no money on them)....


Everyone should read at least one of Dr. Hulda Clark's books to understand how pollution (including contamination of foods, supplements, water, cleaning products and personal care products) and parasites effect your health (even if you don't follow her parasite eradication program).

Clark's research is the original one that found pollutants allow parasites entry to parts of the body to which they would not otherwise have access. It is also thought certain contaminants further dissolve the parasite eggs allowing them to hatch in the body where they would otherwise pass through harmlessly. Disease follows when the immune system cannot cope. Cancer & AIDS in particular and potentially all / virtually all disease period. The contaminants are (usually) in amounts too small to be normally detected and build up over time disrupting body functions.

Her protocol is therefore based on killing parasites and, to be safe, removing all sources of pollutants and contamination. Her books include a "zapper" you can build yourself [in essence you give yourself small electric shocks of low voltage that you can't feel] to "kill" parasites and a device you can build to test for contaminants [neither require soldering or any specialized knowledge]. Herbs, co-enzyme Q10, and colloidal silver are also used to kill parasites. Liver and kidney cleanses are also a fundamental part of the program.

She has a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico where she sees critically ill patients. A bus takes patients to and from the clinic to their hotel in California daily.

Book rating:

14) ** Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D., N.D., Cure For All Diseases, Cure For Cancer, Cure For All Advanced Cancers and Cure For HIV & AIDS, New Century Press, 2232 Verus Street, Suite D, San Diego, CA 92154, 1-800-519-2465, (619) 423-5700 or (619) 423-7500, 1998 edition for Cancer, 1999 edition for Advanced Cancers, 1997 edition for HIV & AIDS, 1996 edition for Disease, or latest edition only (very important to get latest edition directly from publisher or possibly Road to Health & not to rely on zapper alone for killing pathogens) - overall approach and integration - 6.5 - 7.5; electro-medical approach - 5 or less; zapper approach - 2.5; choice of anti-parasitic substances / herbs - 5.5; choice of other supplements / chemical substances in general (linked to testing with her radionic-type device) - 8.5; identification of pollution - 8, if she didn't hide that fact it's a simple radionic detection method it might be 8.5 or 9 (for pollution identification). .


1) Designed to be self-administered.

2) Any disease can be treated.

3) Claims 100% success rate or near to it against cancer / AIDS / etc. for people who visit her clinic and follow all the instructions.

4) Can learn to test for contaminants yourself.

5) Research is ongoing.

6) Zapper does not magnify the effect of chemicals / foods / etc. which do not need to be avoided for that reason like they do when using Beck's protocol.


1) General avoidance of processed foods as well as many other traditional foods found to be contaminated. Lifestyle changes other than diet are necessary, especially if you are critically ill (e.g. using only contaminant free personal care products - which means you first have to identify the proper products). (Self-Health is set up to make this much easier.)

2) While generally cheap, in specific cases costs can run into thousands from necessary dental work, possibly house renovations to remove sources of contamination, etc.

3) May not get better until you identify and remove all contaminants.

4) Controversy as to whether the zapper works as claimed. Does not seem to do what is claimed (kill parasites) in the majority of users, but it does do something and definitely can help symptoms. Herbs must be simultaneously employed for the Clark protocol to be safe in so far as reliably killing anything. The best guess is it works by balancing the acupuncture points on the outside of the skin since the voltage isn't sufficient to penetrate effectively into the blood even though it may be sufficient to kill microorganisms when applied directly under the microscope. Any pathogen removal happens as a result of the body being balanced. It generally needs repeated 2-3 times a week minimum (removing source of contamination greatly helps). One theory is it benefits by temporarily radionically masking symptoms (giving the appearance of parasite absence when using Clark's test device).

Clark's zapper definitely isn't "technologically advanced", but to a certain extent it may be to electro-medicine what homeopathy is to the pharmaceutical industry. To those who've given it a decent test & done their research, homeopathy obviously works within its own limits yet according to conventional thought "it shouldn't". Similarly, Clark's zapper, not to be confused with Beck's zapper, definitely has its own effects even though "it shouldn't" and doesn't seem to actually kill anything directly (in the majority of cases, it seems parasite readings according to Clark's test device soon return when using her zapper alone. Other factors such as removal of contaminants, use of herbs known to kill parasites, dental work, and other supplements make it hard to isolate the zapper's effects however. Few people following her methods rely on it alone).

There is more than one thing that can be done to improve the zapper. The zapper effectiveness is definitely improved, seemingly greatly, when using a modified version and instructions in my protocol (see end).

5) Gets more complicated. Anti-parasitic herbs and supplements grow. Books available in bookstore are typically out of date by the time they hit the shelves. To even make a valid attempt, current information must be gotten from the source and/or ____.

6) Parasite killing herbs may not be well tolerated or suitable in all cases.

7) The device for testing contaminants takes practice to use correctly and seems subjective at first. 2-3 months practice is typical before it can be used reliably.

8) Zapper electrodes must be gripped restricting activities while using and of no use to those pregnant or wearing pacemakers. Attempts to mimic Beck's totally different device and turn the electrodes into wrist bands are primitive, superficial and cause burns when used for a long period of time.

This is overcome in my protocol (see end).

The zapper, while not necessary depending on the condition, has its place, and using it according to my protocol does not require gripping of anything or use of any confining straps around the wrists or anywhere else.

9) It may happen, but don't expect success if you don't follow the whole program. This is more complicated and certainly less powerful than Beck's protocol or a good working Rife-based machine.

10) Calls for elimination of substances patient reacts to negatively (pollutants, etc.) and goes on "pollution-hunts". The rational course however is to first change the body's reaction to the substance. (See Master Protocol). Pollution hunts should be an absolute last resort, and there are many things that can be done before resorting to them. Don't count on the Clark method working however without pollution-hunts.

Clark's clinic in Tijuana: New Century Nutrition, 619-575-4127 for information.


Dr. Robert C. Beck's (not an M.D. or N.D.) protocol, thought to be the most individually effective (& one of the safest when used according to instructions) of those immediately available therapies listed in this report, consists of a true zapper (blood electrifier) (higher voltage & different to Clark's) to deactivate parasites / pathogens in the bloodstream, a magnetic pulser to do the same in the lymph system and anywhere else the zapper doesn't reach, drinking colloidal silver (self made), and ozonated water.

The blood electrification part is directly based on various patents & developments made and then "hushed up" unlike Clark's. The most notable basis is one proving HIV deactivation made in the early 1990's by scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

They of course wanted to "set themselves up for life", etc. by taking the blood out of a patient, electrocuting it, then returning it similar to a kidney dialysis machine and even included surgical implants. (Surgeons & knife companies "need" money too.) Other people wanted to sell drugs & hospital stays so nothing of course was done with it.

Beck's version is better: you just place the electrodes over the artery pulse points and it works without anyone or their machine interfering with bodily functions. (I can only imagine the whole-body contamination and assorted "other" problems the approved "academic way" could and almost certainly would lead to - that is if it didn't interfere with drug sales too much.)

Unlike the zapper which induces a micro-current in the blood, the magnetic pulser induces electricity in tissue via a time-varying magnetic field typically around 2 Tesla (far below MRI strength & deemed completely safe). This is very different to static magnetic fields such as those produced by popularly sold rare-earth magnets. It penetrates everything including bone 4-8 inches. You put it over lymph sites and individual body places. Independent research has proven one pulse generally decreases microorganism population, immobilizing if not killing, by 100 times, but this varies with strength (between 2 & 100 Tesla) and type of food / container being pulsed.

Dr. Beck lectures regularly across North America. Videos, audio tapes and literature are available from device suppliers or One such supplier of higher quality devices is Sota Instruments*. Since these are the only printed materials available and they're not rated among below books, I'll insert their rating here: 8.75-9 making them the single highest of any material reviewed here. See for the same online (includes instructions for building your own units [requires electronics knowledge]).


1) Designed to be self-administered.

2) Most diseases related to pathogens / parasites can be treated with the expectation of a high success rate [multiple sclerosis reportedly not (theoretically); perhaps it could be with removal of contaminants as per Clark].

3) Thought to be 100% successful against cancer and all infections including AIDS if all parts of the protocol are followed (in time) which means carefully. Simple however. Even end stage cancer / AIDS patients reportedly recover with a very high success rate (again IF followed).

4) As a result of killing the parasites, a significant % of overweight people may lose weight following the protocol without making any effort to change their eating habits.

5) Cheap. Only cost is electrical / magnetic devices which can be bought for a few hundred dollars and used indefinitely.

6) Zapper electrodes are placed on your wrist (or ankles) leaving hands free to do other things enabling the wearer to move around. Zapper is small and can be easily carried around while doing other things unlike Clark's.

7) Cost of buying pre-made colloidal silver would be "ridiculous". (And much of it on the market is little more than poison.)

8) Disappearance of symptoms can occur in 3-8 weeks of specified usage.

9) After detox symptoms abate and symptoms are relieved, can give increased energy due to freeing the immune system from its already overburdened tasks.

10) Although they are two completely different devices whose beneficial effects are based on entirely different principles, Beck's zapper is obviously much stronger and more useful than Clark's.

11) Unlike Clark, those with pacemakers may be able to use the zapper safely by placing it against leg / foot blood vessels instead of usual wrist / arm.


1) Alcohol, drugs of any kind, garlic, nicotine, most supplements and herbs and some foods - everything that can be toxic if greatly magnified - need to be avoided due to possible 10-30 times increase in their usual affect when using the zapper or magnetic pulser. The protocol as stated by Beck is therefore incompatible with most others especially conventional treatments, however many aspects of Clark's program can be incorporated. Aside from overdose, avoidance of these substances and contamination therein may be essential to full recovery. Whatever this magnification is called or how often it occurs, it is real. "Forgetting it" and rationalizing it away with short-term individual experiences (which may change) as some people do is patently unsafe. At least two people are thought to have died due to this magnification effect and many have noticed it when eating caffeine / chocolate / stimulants / etc. This is not something that should be relegated to seat of the pants sensations - unknown long-term damage could be done. (Periodic complete liver & kidney profile blood tests are among those that should be performed when taking this risk but normal tests do not mean safety while consuming potentially toxic substances.)

To understand the significance of this, first read Clark, then imagine how quickly disease could be caused / accelerated if all those daily drops of solvents (benzene, etc.) & other contaminants in bottled / processed, etc. food / drink / shampoo / etc. were magnified to 20 or 30 times in one day! Or even 5-10 times. We're not just talking about magnification of vitamins and popularly known ingredients here. Beck does not state contaminants as per Clark need to be avoided; nevertheless detoxification via oxygen, silver (& MSM, etc.) is essential when following Beck's protocol as is.

My protocol on the other hand (available below) uses a design that fixes this magnification problem entirely thus greatly enhancing the ability of both the device and pills / foods / etc. to be used at the same time. Contaminants can at least then be viewed at their normal (Clark) levels again.

If you're using the popular design as Beck specifies and you need to take a drug / pill / potentially toxic food, it should be done 10 minutes after zapping which there should be none of again for at least 24 hours. Potentially, there should be no pulsing for 24 hrs either. This however is a compromise and not necessarily safe.

Just because the magnification effect can occur does not mean it can be relied on for increased absorption of beneficial nutrients even in non-toxic levels or that you can take less of needed nutrients when zapping with Beck's protocol. Can does not mean will. Confusion (and a bit of delusion) here could easily lead to a "gerontological disaster" - one worse than Walford's regard for the Atkins diet. Potentially, one of the surest routes to an artificially shortened personal lifespan and to accelerated aging is a long term deficiency of an essential nutrient (essential nutrients of which there are far too many to name here).

2) Disables parasites causing disease enabling the immune system to more easily kill them but doesn't seem to address the underlying cause of the parasite "overgrowth" in the first place. At least not as much as some other therapies. If other measures are not taken (e.g. dietary) to change the body environment, such as but not limited to from an acid to an alkaline state generally, you may have to strap a zapper on "for life" becoming dependent on it, the pulser and the silver for a "2nd" immune system. The ozone and silver help this, but although they may cause rapid disappearance of symptoms, they aren't enough to potentially avoid dependence. Some on Clark's protocol are known to have relapses if they do not identify and remove the toxins and clean up their diet. If your environment is not too poor, you can however get away with short term use of the Beck devices just like the Clark herbs & zapper. Some people use them constantly to derive increased energy from freeing the immune system much like is known to happen with olive leaf extract.

3) For best (or any) results, zapper electrodes need placed exactly over the proper points of the proper major blood vessels of the wrist (or ankle).

4) You need to make colloidal silver yourself which can be time consuming, frustrating at times as soft silver electrodes break and need properly positioned in water and distilled water is required. According to Clark all bottled distilled water is contaminated, hence the best alternative is to distill your own (which also requires more time if using a portable unit). Salt / electrolytes should not be used due to increasing silver particle size and forming undesirable silver compounds. Boiling the water is the most efficient but still more time-consuming. Under no circumstances should any plastic / rubber / glue touch the water or inside of the heated container and the wires can't touch each other - including where they virtually do already at the top. Optimal is 1-1.5 inches uniformly along the 80% of the silver wires immersed. Positioning is essential. Wires need cleaned including scrubbed with a Scotchbrite or similar pad since they change color one turning black after every use.

These & below problems are addressed along with the absorption problem and are fixed in my protocol available at end.

Shining a light through the silver water results in virtually nothing seen (as should be according to the Tyndal Effect): it is still potent, but this is just a reflection of the quality (I don't know what Beck was seeing in his video where he seemed to use tap water; using pure water there has been no effect in 120 or more batches). Any debris floating or otherwise from the wires, etc. must not be ingested: you can try filtering it with a coffee filter however that must be presumed heavily contaminated along the line of Clark until (each batch is) proven otherwise.

Absorption of this type of silver is generally regarded by those employing surface logic as questionable at best; this is irrelevant and those defaulting on this argument have obviously made no effort whatsoever to actually test it for effects as opposed to come up with reasons why they "shouldn't have to". This does not mean it is ineffective since the digestive tract, where much of the problems reside, starting with the mouth is being virtually sterilized given sufficient quantity & quality (where the silver can immediately reach without for example brushing) (avoid contact with metal fillings / braces, etc.). It goes in one end, sterilizes virtually every pathogen in sight, then goes out the other end (may take 6-8 minutes to do its work in any one place however). (Pathogens have an uncanny ability to find hiding places, so you may only be getting the top exposed layer of them without disrupting their hiding places.) A very small amount may also get into the bloodstream as a bonus. The Beck zapper & other things hit the bloodstream & lymph directly. But if you want the silver to essentially bypass the gastro-intestinal tract & go directly into the bloodstream (via drinking it), see the Master Protocol at end (section C). There you will see how to accomplish this - unquestionably - (not the normal / popular / Beck / Clark way), without resorting to tinier ionic silver: you can then have it both ways - as you should.

How much "silver" (really colloidal silver - two completely different things as far as human ingestion is concerned) do I drink per day having no particular health problem (just researching effects)? In terms of the standard 5ppm, 12-16 oz for over 8 [now 12+] months straight at the time of this writing with no immediate plans to curtail it. (I'm not done:) AND, another 24-32 oz of a different more powerful kind, total 36-48 oz each and every day for approximately 4 of those 8 months.

Is that too much? Not for me. At least there hasn't been any indication of that being "excess" so far. When I notice the slightest side effect, let alone toxicity, as the scare-mongers want you to believe (typically so they can continue unimpeded by Reality in the promotion of their own established self-interests whether inferior or not: doctors visits, peroxide, light, photoluminescence, supplements to no end [now that's it's deemed socially-acceptable, not when it wasn't, 10-20 years ago but when many of the effects were equally known as well], publication sales to everyone alive, and everything else under the sun that will cost ridiculous amounts compared to self-made colloidal silver, let alone admittance that Beck & Clark even exist), I'll email everyone who has sent me an email address who has either ordered this report or indicated interest - within, say, 72 hrs or as close to it as I find possible. Those who have the Master Protocol get more. Those interested should be sure to keep me current on their email address changes / alternative ways to contact them once email becomes obsolete since this could take quite a while to arrive at the conditions that would warrant an "emergency communication".

Many people drink large amounts of (genuine) colloidal silver (means: self-made) with no side-effects. I would NOT drink this 36-48 oz/day amount long-term however if I were limited to the popular 27 volt DC Beck method (16 oz/day would be my comfort range). NOR would I drink any batch if after any filtering employed & careful examination with a flashlight it contained floating or sunken debris that could possibly be larger pieces of silver, etc. broken free from the wires (not to be confused with dust & tiny hairs from the air). (This is not a recommendation for anyone else to take this dose without adequate research and testing; rather this is an example of what is toxic and what isn't in my case.)

I am also taking reasonable doses of selenium & vitamin E: toxic effects of silver are thought to develop in an absence of either substance.

5) Those not drinking adequate water in the amounts and times called for (now self-ozonated as he calls for) or most likely ingesting harmful beverages in its place (soft drinks, bottled liquids, etc.) are very likely to experience detoxification problems since there are insufficient healthy liquids to wash immobilized pathogens through the body and digestive tract.

6) Unlike Rife technology, silver aside, this doesn't seem to kill the pathogens only immobilize them leaving the rest up the immune system. This works however, and it may be better than killing them outright which could cause even greater detox symptoms. This is a much more gradual process taking a considerably longer time period than a successful Rife based device (but this is very easy, very simple, very inexpensive, very known, very uniform in design among device suppliers, and very proven).

7) Zapper usage needs started at only 15-30 minutes a day watching for detox reactions and only gradually increased to the 2(+) hrs a day. Too rapid detoxification is the major danger.

8) Pulsing within 4 or more inches (any direction) of metal filings, let alone plates or pacemakers is a total unknown and very suspect action currently to be avoided.

9) Pulsing with the south or positive side of the magnetic coil could theoretically be disastrous (if it were the only therapy employed). Pulsing is safe only when the negative or north side is against the body (liquid, food, etc.) - at the very least until more is known. Make sure you know which side is which according to the manufacturer and then be absolutely certain to have it checked by someone who knows or verify it yourself. There are two different definitions for polarity: for health purposes you are only interested in the polarity relative to the Earth's magnetic pole, not navigational or industrial polarity.

Verification: North attracts south; north repels north. Opposites attract; like repel. With a properly calibrated compass the needle of which is north-seeking, if the needle marked North points to the magnetic field, the pulsed field is negative (north). This may seem difficult at first due to the short duration of the pulse but is very easy to determine.

10) Beck says 3-6 weeks of initial use, then stop. A much safer (and better) length of use is continually for at least 3-4 months. Some people use it period - without end. And, after building up to it, 4-8 hrs a day, not 1-2. Again it depends on your (body's) environment and the desired results.


Aside from what was said in the lifespan report introduction on suppression ("Why doesn't Rife Technology Work?"), Dr. Royal R. Rife developed a device that used a gas plasma tube and radio energy to emit "plasma waves" of varying frequency that destroy, disable or weaken pathogens and invigorate normal cells via resonance.

Units sold as Rife units that do not use plasma waves but require some sort of contact with electrodes are not (the original) Rife units and cannot be expected to be as effective due to lack of penetration of the resonating frequencies. This is not to say these much cheaper units are necessarily without their effects.


1) Modern units can treat many people at the same time (Rife treated one patient at a time with his device). Everything within so many feet (passes through walls including refrigerator walls) of the device is treated and you need no direct connection to the unit to be treated. Plasma waves penetrate skin easily, unlike resistance established to electrical currents.

2) Easy to treat pets.

3) 100% cancer cure pronounced in a test of 16 patients in the 1930's. Recent research reports consistent positive response from those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, lyme disease, candidiasis, PMS, flu, herpes and colds (the later 3 being overcome completely within 48 hours). Can stop seizures as they occur. Can clear cataracts. Due to past "intimidation" of those involved, cancer & AIDS results are generally not talked about as much as those of lesser diseases. The right unit may be effective against almost any disease or any disease.

4) Has other applications such as pest control, and killing mold in bathrooms and fridges.

5) Can have its effect very quickly unlike Beck / Clark - 10-15 minutes/day (per frequency) is reasonable with the Bare design; in some cases potentially involving severe detox like cancer & candida, there are recommendations of 1-3 minutes maximum, other places stating to start out with mere seconds a day observing detox reactions. At least one person's kidneys are reported to have temporarily shut down due to inability to handle the large amount of debris created by the device as it killed / immobilized the pathogens. Hence the recommendations various places to start with as small a time as possible when dealing with certain serious conditions, observe cleansing reactions, and increase times gradually. Even once a day may be too frequent initially with 2-3 times a week preferred. The USC 16 patient study which showed the AMA / academic / 5 highly-qualified-professional-MD's pronounced 100% cure rate of "hopeless" cancer cases used 3 minute treatments, once every 3 days over 3+months: better results were claimed for this than daily treatment.

6) Can relieve pain for up to 2-3 weeks after exposure without drugs. Has a vitalizing effect.

7) With future research, resonance may be a useful diagnostic tool.

8) Causes electroporation in target cells, cells from higher life forms are not affected if used correctly. Drugs etc do not necessarily need avoided as when using Beck's devices.

9) Especially if used on those not ill, it can substantially increase energy, decrease / change sleep times and invigorate healthy cells. If used at any time other than early in the day, sleep may be near impossible.


1) A rife machine typically costs $2000 - $3500. You can build one yourself for around $1000 [requires soldering, drilling, basic electronics knowledge using Bare's instructions].

2) Controversy over how well it works. Since Rife developed his unit, electromagnetic exposure from radio, TV, cellphones, microwaves etc has greatly increased and microorganisms may have adapted to the increased exposure. This means the frequencies required to kill microorganisms may be different from those established 40 to 70 years ago. Much of Rife's original work was destroyed leaving uncertainty as to exact, best and critical specifications and characteristics of a Rife unit. In fact, no one has successfully duplicated a Rife unit as he designed it with old fashioned vacuum tubes (not necessarily desirable now, recent designs improve on some aspects of Rife's design) but have instead produced solid state versions. Modern day protocol is still being developed, especially for cancer (and if people are treating AIDS patients with Rife units, which they must be, they are keeping quiet). Although many people with cancer have benefited, 100% success rate with cancer patients has not been duplicated to my knowledge. Lower success rate is no doubt in part due to a) toxicity of other treatments used, b) "defeat the healer" [see Beck] activities, c) irregular or less than optimum exposure times / frequencies, & d) failure to build the unit properly or build it as Rife did. Optimum frequencies may vary from one device to another. Rife individually calibrated every unit he made.

3) Units can be high maintenance, break easily, be difficult and time consuming to set up and operate. Most/ many people it seems cannot get the Bare device to work even when there is no doubt it works for other people. Such things as precise cable lengths and exact positioning of components are critical to correct operation. With current ongoing research and development, expect lower maintenance, lower cost and easier to use units.

4) Kills parasites causing disease but doesn't seem to address the cause of the parasite "overgrowth" in the first place. To keep a disease at bay may therefore require 2-3 times a week exposure.

5) Some recent tests reported of modern day Rife machines indicate little improvement in people whose disease is well advanced and immediately life threatening. Similarly, response is poor if the patient has recently had radiation or chemotherapy treatment. The immune system needs to be intact enough to recover, fight back and repair.

6) Units may not work in certain weather conditions.

7) Over-exposure can occur relatively easily. Cellular debris from dead microorganisms can temporarily impair liver and kidney functions. Although theoretically applicable to all diseases, in practice it is undesirable in some cases due to the removal of debris from target microorganisms causing more problems (rare) (e.g. where lymph system is blocked). Either over-exposure or excess debris can easily be hazardous.

8) Inappropriate use may be harmful or theoretically deadly however unlikely. This is the most experimental and potentially dangerous of any of the devices mentioned here. Many people may not be able to be relied upon to operate it safely for themselves or others.

Separately, RF radiation burns are also a possibility if you stand too close to the unit (possibly also if your unit is not working properly).

9) Each microorganism / condition has its own resonant frequency (traditionally, 1 for candida, 1 [or 2] for cancer, etc.) and with most units is only affected when the Rife unit is set to that frequency. Therefore you first need to determine which disease or condition you want to treat, then use the appropriate frequency many of which are uncertain or yet to be established. Blood tests should be done soon after first exposures to determine effectiveness of treatment. This is unlike Beck's zapper and magnetic pulser where the frequency is not critical - the micro-current is effective against all microorganisms. Clark's zapper similarly does not rely on frequency nearly to this extent.

10) For maximum benefit, different applications may require different gas plasma tubes (containing different noble gases).

11) Resonance can loosen and crack amalgam fillings (rare). To be safe, all metal fillings should be replaced before use. You don't want it fixing one problem (temporarily) while adding to mercury or other heavy metal contamination thus degrading the environment and setting the stage for further infections and related health problems.

12) If used to successfully reverse cancer, and its cause is not otherwise addressed, to be safe, the patient may have to continue exposure once or twice a week or every two weeks permanently to prevent its return.

13) Too short an exposure to a frequency can cause stimulation of microorganisms instead of destruction.

14) Possible interference with radio broadcasts if the unit is not working or designed correctly.

15) Use must especially be avoided within a certain distance of anyone with a pacemaker or pregnant, including animals.

See for the Royal Rife Research Society where you can get videos, cassettes, books, & copies of testimonial letters (they don't sell any devices)* and for Bare's version. There are various other versions of the Rife device, a Rife-Crane device (distributed by Road To Health) and a potentially better more modified version called the "Ultra Photon Sound Beam VII" [UPSB7] and other more expensive designs by Ed Skilling**. (Note bolded "strong suggestion" in immediately preceding footnote regarding all Rife-based or expensive devices.)

book rating:

15) * Barry Lynes, The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression, Marcus Books, 1987. Marcus Books, P.O. Box 327 Queensville, Ontario, Canada, (416) 478-2201 - 7.25

16) James E. Bare D.C., Resonant Frequency Therapy, Building the Rife Beam Ray Device, 1998, James E. Bare, 8005 Marble Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, email:, (505) 268-4272, fax (505)-268-4064, book & video - 7.0

The Most Fundamental (and Successful) Treatment

The most fundamental treatment for cancer, infectious disease, etc. is of course to change the acidic condition to one of a natural alkaline condition and/or to otherwise create a fundamental change in the environment to make cancer, etc. growth impossible. All the invaders can be killed and the body can be turned into a battleground destroying parts of both sides, but without this fundamental environmental change, the condition can / will return and the treatment is essentially hit or miss / does not address the problem regardless its quoted success rate. MSM and ionized alkaline water help these states gradually over the long term, but if the disease is already present especially, other means need / should be utilized as well to quickly and dramatically change the environment. Oxygen therapy is one answer but there are more fundamental (including better, easier) ways (see Master Protocol at end). The other therapies listed herein contribute to conversion of acidic states to alkaline in their own specialized context. These blood changes are easily seen in analysis by Darkfield microscopy. In the wider integration, the acidic problem (not stomach acidity) is itself the result of the even more fundamental electro-magnetic / other energetic problem.

There are various ways to affect this fundamental change, and even of the more fundamental ways, some are more involved, costly, require "external administration", and take longer to have their affect than others. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and electro-magnetism only constitutes one aspect, pill / substance consumption is another lone aspect, both together only constituting two aspects. There are more than two aspects, and the other(s) may be more fundamental (including useful) than the usual routes (chemical, electro-magnetic). The protocol (see end) ranks the various aspects and treatments in order of preference of application based on ease of application / lack of side effects combined with effectiveness at the most fundamental level. The protocol identifies specific treatments that cannot be specifically described here, changes with current research, and also identifies the errors in popular electro-medical and other approaches that limit their results. The protocol is designed to fix all such errors.

Master (Ultimate) Protocol:

You can use Beck's, Clark's, etc., or you can use mine ("fully-integrated" kind - the opposite of "ego-improvement" or "marketing-hype" based). All the above and below said, if you've seen and used theirs, and you see mine, I think it's safe to say you'll be in for a shock (or two). See description following references / overall (58 different) book ratings.

There are a few books left out here that are mentioned in the master protocol. You don't need anymore information than that included here and in below references in order to get results mainstream mystical doctors could only watch in wide-eyed amazement (no guarantees in any individual case of course), but if you want more, and all there is to be said on the subjects, and what I regard as the safest, surest, and quickest possible route, you know where to look. (And I don't mean just for cancer, infectious disease, and those listed in the beginning of this report, but for 1) aging & 2) longevity themselves.) (Rather, genuine "new technology" in its purest, least widely understood, most unacknowledged form.)

Section C (from "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I"

Late 90's Research and Beyond:

Master (Ultimate) Protocol

The previous Cancer, AIDS & Infectious Disease Remissions report (now titled more accurately "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I") represents research done mainly in the late 80's to early / mid 90's. While every single part of it remains accurate and useful in itself to this day there is as of 1999 now much better and much more.

Looking at the early research, before much was known about the below, I'm forced now to admit the original report looks (to me) little more than surface logic. Surface / popularly-known logic that is compared to what I now know (but not compared to conventional therapies which have still failed to grasp / admit the above). (Medical report contents are far from obsolete - they are required as the basis for either a full or an accurate understanding of the Master Protocol. I continue to use the medical report contents every day along side the Master Protocol. Each one of the two compliments and benefits the other.)

What follows started out as the most recent major revision of the above report, but it was soon realized it would entail rewriting the whole thing, a senseless endeavor especially considering that the below not only can't be put in a report by its very nature and definition - it just isn't the sort of thing put in a report / newsletter / article period - let alone one that 50-some dollars either can or does buy (anywhere, any topic).

The final result may look simple now, but realize it was arrived at only after years of prolonged detailed personal research, development, and experimentation.

The protocol described here represents "advanced" knowledge: readers must be prepared for it by first reading and understanding the rest of "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I", and preferably the "Heart & Vascular Disease Remissions Report" (& the "Lifespan Report"). To grasp what is being communicated below, it is especially necessary to have read the summaries and disadvantages (& advantages) of the Clark, Beck & Rife approaches. The "Lifespan Report", especially the online part, also greatly aids understanding of the protocol. The Master Protocol is far more than a report and is thus only available to those who have purchased (& "hopefully" understood) "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I". The protocol material needs understood and requires a lengthy agreement found at end of "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I". The protocol can be described here but it is not something that can be put online.

Click here for the continuation of the Master Protocol Description

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