July 99 Update

The "other goal" of the Master Protocol:

Your Own Working Free-Energy Machine

A bigger problem than Y2K are solar flares. Now added to the protocol for both Y2K & Solar Flares (since they're related to the technology already used in the protocol) is the following.

(These are not theory, but proven inventions used for many years by the inventors. Simple, anyone with an engineering background should be able to duplicate them without undue problems. [Note: this is in a different context than the medical aspects of the Master Protocol - those, including the electro-medical devices to build are basically pre-packaged, very simple, and fiddle-free. Actual working free-energy machines on the other hand typically require more trial & error regardless the design used: think of them as the Rife-Bare Machine - just getting it to work that is. Many people try to build a Rife-Bare machine and claim they "can't" get it to work. Others unquestionably do get it to work reliably (and not just Bare himself). And when it works, it's what some regard as "magic".])

([Energy out of thin air is equally - or more so - a huge achievement, not to be taken lightly. It may require months or years of fiddling especially for those with no engineering background. However, there's at least one source revealed in the Master Protocol that has been selling them (see below) already working. And with the details provided in the Master Protocol, at least you now have the best chance I'm aware of hitting it right the first time - in as much as that is possible with free-energy.] Included:)

1) How to run your generator or car or any gasoline engine on nothing but water/hydrogen, zero gasoline which in a bad Y2K / solar flare scenario would be in scarce supply and at very high price.

2) How to build new ones (generators/engines, really "converters") that derive power solely from stressing gravity / accessing zero-point /___ energy. The most famous one confirmed by the U.S. patent office was absolutely unquestionably verified over & over again to be about half the average person's weight, connected to nothing other than a cable / hose that touched the garden / ground and produced a steady 48,000 Watts (although there's no guarantee you'll duplicate those specs). It was extremely high efficiency.

There are different designs, but all (that work, of the good ones) do the same thing. One extremely rugged type could easily be installed in every farm and home; some are patented, others not to avoid obvious suppression. The danger here is in ending up being "bought out" and shelved by some corp. government sponsored or otherwise considering it competition for their uncompetitive archaic stone-age gasoline / oil / electricity / nuclear power sources. As soon as they're deemed a "threat" & bought out, they can be used for some purpose other than to provide the public with power. And in that case, the public never sees them and they're never used which is tragedy.

There's one reason and one reason only you don't see them for sale and it has nothing to do with how well multiple designs have worked for decades: the reason is known as neo-cheating.

There is one published report in particular showing exactly how anyone can inexpensively build a similar device. It has been already successfully duplicated by more than dozens of independent researchers.

One is sold-state, the size of a cigar box.

Conventional generators are already in short supply due to Y2K; gasoline is unreliable and inefficient (not to mention noisy, filthy and a health hazard [benzene, formerly lead]) compared to these. No sun or constant power source is needed. Any batteries used have been constantly recharged by the machines themselves. These generators are already used in a different way for a different purpose to make the ____ [one small medical aspect of the Master Protocol] - they stop prior to producing free energy and impart similar effects on certain substances which when used immediately convert to biological energy in the body.

You can power anything with the same energy (actually you could as of the 1930's if you had known or witnessed Tesla and others demonstrating their devices).

If your gasoline generator breaks down in a bad Y2K / solar flare scenario [even having just one generator is unsafe in such a situation, unlikely as the scenario is] or you can't get the gasoline, or you get the gasoline (at 10-50 times today's cost), it's confiscated from you and you're found guilty of "hoarding" as those in Los Angeles with water distillers were during the riot, what are you going to do?? You need power and back-up power to even get water from your distiller. And water could be the most precious commodity of all in such situations - "quick" death results from not having it. (The tap water, if any, could be extremely contaminated, unfit to drink, in such a scenario.) (The concept of rational insurance, remember?)

There are many free-energy claims: the difference with these are they are easily repeatable by anyone giving them an honest effort in the context of free-energy devices. And they've been reliable.

Since there is always the possibly of electrical or in this case also "other" energy hazards when building your own machine, I am not responsible for the consequences of your own actions regarding these. You may be able to buy these pre-built, or get someone not biased against the subject to build one, but you'll probably have to build them yourself.

One or more have been running in a location in the Swiss Alps since 1982. That device was first made long ago out of nothing but candy wrappers / plastic jars / assorted workshop junk. Like the cancer / death-industry, the neocheating cohorts in the media couldn't tell the public that - that would be deemed a threat to their very own survival, power, prestige, and income. They know they're neo-cheaters. You know they're neocheaters. They'd lose their grip, and neo-cheating would become obsolete. Competence cannot be recognized by those who live off incompetence.

Generator components without any valid need are the engine and the gasoline. This has been a known fact since the 20's and 30's. Argue with Tesla, the US Patent office, and many other famous people both living and dead ... it's only the replication / discovery of how the original devices worked that has remained largely unknown for decades. But progress has been made in more recent years, and certain people / schematics have come out of the woodwork and been duplicated over & over again.

Protocol users (yes, sometime after they sign, pay for it, and then get it - so don't waste too much time) can potentially make money selling free-energy machines they build. I don't want to have anything to do with it directly. (As of this writing, such machines are already being sold by at least one source [which you'll get in the protocol].)

(His device sells for less than $200 - you can buy it cheaply and see how it works. That's a low powered version obviously - not much use if you have no power at all other than to see how it works, recharge batteries and possibly use it as the basis of your future R&D.)

Much the same situation exists with the Beck electro-medical devices. Beck doesn't want to be involved with actually building, let alone selling, his devices to other people - he (and I) have too many other things to risk to get involved with that. And I don't want to get involved with selling or marketing free-energy devices. It's far better suppression wise if I'm not involved directly and if I just disseminate information to multiple people who then decide to do it on their own without involving me. One or two more centrally-important people who have control of the whole distribution can be stopped; not a variety of totally independent people each doing the same thing and each isolated from the other.

Someone just wrote in with the following about his ill-fated pipe-dream he "shelved" 5 years ago or so. It failed because he didn't choose the right machine. (He chose the "____" [popular, mass-marketed] method of free-energy machines.) With the protocol, his chances would have been far better. These machines revealed with the protocol have been demonstrated for a full 24 hours straight in front of entire audiences (stocked full of professionals who know what they're looking at).

I'm familiar with his pipe-dream design he mentions: I wouldn't touch it - it's a "toy" compared to those identified and tested in the protocol:


I think he's a bit paranoid. And he's not in Australia, NZ or the UK - he's in a far, far worse political jurisdiction probably with reason to be paranoid. I wouldn't worry much about suppression now, 5 years later. The topic, like electro-medicine, is coming out on its own more and there's nothing much that can be done to hold it back when it comes from "all corners" at once as it is now. [No, not even one of the corners are coming from me, and no, I'm not interested in patenting anything. Taking advantage of patents already made is another thing however...] Plus, if you just start by building for family, friends and neighbors, I wouldn't think it would affect you at all versus if you attempted to mass-market it.

Increased solar flares are either happening now or about to escalate considerably. Worst case: power, electronics could all go including the whole power grid. Unlikely as that scenario is, best is to prepare your generators to run on what Tesla and others did since the 1920's. Or at least on water. If that's currently "impossible" in your situation, the time is now to get this information. You can then get relatively inexpensive ones built to specifications or learn to build them yourself (start experimenting). But the important point is you start either way and start ASAP so you at least know what to do throughout the entire year 2000.

This R&D doesn't stop. I'm having new promising designs investigated and tested now as I write this. What I think are the most proven designs with the most complete explanations may change from time to time of course as R&D continues and results pour in. But, protocol users will get the current disclosure of what I deem best, whatever that is at the time. (The original were good, but without giving much away, I'll just say "there could be an improvement on these". It is always the goal to reduce & simplify. More users then have a greater chance of result replication.)

There are not yet any reported problems with the above supplier of pre-made devices [nor as of 1 Dec 1999]. But of course however, I have no control over any Y2K supplier problems or decisions by independent people to discontinue their own sales or change their prices, etc. If you want to get that one, the sooner you get the Master Protocol, the better...

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