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By reading this site you agree "Neo-Tech" means 1. a philosophy of "fully integrated honesty" put into public use without trademarks / trade names in the 1980's, and 2. "New Technology", both specific and a philosophy thereof.

You agree no one and no company can "be" Neo-Tech because no one can "be" "Fully Integrated Honesty", that Neo-Tech cannot be bought or sold in a book, and that Neo-Tech can only be honestly earned. It can only be used and applied.

You agree use of the word "Neo-Tech", always capitalized to show the philosophy's importance in its genuine original meaning, is not a reference to anyone's trade name, trade mark or part of their trade dress. You agree this site is not affiliated with and not responsible for the actions or claims of any other company, including Nevada companies, especially any unexplained, easily proven wrong, unidentifiable / ill-defined / out of context or misleading anomalous uttering that may be found originating from any of them. You agree I'm not in the publishing or writing industry and the industries I'm in are identified under my name in the letterhead on the top of the page.

You agree this site is not responsible for the "active imaginations" of writers, journalists, booksellers, or their "sales" people - from wherever source - no matter what the originator "calls" themselves or what words or concepts they choose to wrap it in. You agree Neo-Tech is not what you thought it was or think it is, and that Neo-Tech is not what anyone wants you to call it. You agree that Neo-Tech is what it is, and that business and commercial ventures are a main context and at the central core of Neo-Tech (fully integrated honesty). You agree that the word Neo-Tech cannot be properly used outside of a competitive maximum value and profit-oriented business context. You agree that maximum profits are only achieved by first building and developing, as opposed to stealing, maximum values, and that over-promotion of lesser values can never be Neo-Tech in practice. By reading this page / site, you agree to learn what Neo-Tech is - the real kind.

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