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Fully-Integrated Medicine / Life &
Fully-Integrated INcome

The Widest Possible (Actualized) Integrations and Greatest
Specific Uses

(Note: where this web site reads "Neo-Tech" substitute the words "fully-integrated honest(y)" where desired and vice-versa.)

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Alexander Moss
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London SW1V 1SW
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** Disclaimer: Promises or guarantees, implied or otherwise, of user / reader cures or relieved symptoms, let alone of income, are categorically not being made although remissions, total symptom relief, and long-term method results have been proven in the past in (many) other people. These are (research) "methods" whether self researched (including administered) or otherwise. Methods are methods: they are not guarantees and are only designed to give the maximum possible chance of a future event occurring in the opinion of the designer. This is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment: for that, consult an (unbiased) licensed qualified medical practitioner. See # 3 in Lifespan Report to understand this more & why this is called 'research' - especially under subtitles "Use of These Reports", & "Basis of Reading / Treatment".

Read the full disclaimer. All prices are in U.S. funds unless otherwise specified - convert to your currency below or pay in the international standard, (e-)gold. .

Due to the limited and personal nature of this opportunity and being in the business of actually doing the work (it's rewarding), not selling it, round trip email communication time typically = 2-7 days, occasionally longer.

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Information is useless. Knowledge is next to useless. Integration of knowledge is valuable. Fully-integrated knowledge is the rarest, most valuable commodity of all...


Reports are currently delivered electronically via email. Printed reports are no longer available.

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