Alexander Moss

Alexander Moss

Alex has been a full-time professional in derivatives / options / futures trading for over 8 years. In all this time, he has refrained from selling or publishing any trading systems or methods (money-management included).

Alex loves trading, wants to be around it 18 hours a day, and has recently accepted offers to manage other businesses as Chief Executive & Director of a leading trading & financial institution specializing in derivatives and futures (when he's not replicating his own trading methods to others in the FM positions here). Under his direction the firm doubled its market share in 2 years, slashed costs, and became the countries' #1 leader in the derivative exchange and equity index futures.

He is currently based in one of the world's premier financial centers acting as head of an equities division for a global conglomerate with diversified businesses throughout world.

Some accomplishments in managing these businesses include:

  • Sat on Committees of the Futures & Derivative Exchange

  • Invited speaker at the Worldwide Financial Planning Forum, Securities Commission Sponsored Derivative Workshops, & Stock Exchange Sponsored Programs / Workshops.

  • Specialist in Application of Chaos Theory and Fractal Analysis to trading and market analysis [Alex uses Chaos Theory very successfully in his primary trading field]

  • Development of proprietary technical trading systems

  • Conducted conferences on trading / technical analysis of equity, commodity, & currency markets

  • Head of one of the most active futures trading firms.

More details on these accomplishments - see #5 on Trading Results Summary page.

Alex tells it best himself:

"Even with these added duties I have always chosen to keep this website's FM business and its methods totally separate from all other businesses I choose to manage. My work managing these other businesses while in trading has also been separate from my other love of my primary field of trading. I have been fascinated since a young age with the profit potential of my primary field. There I have discovered how to achieve returns that boggle the mind to those of us reared in traditional investing. (Described on this site, this field is identified and discussed with those who send qualifying applications.)

I have always thought money is not what should be managed; methods and trade secrets are what should be managed, and the proper markets, fields, & methods found and developed in order to make that a reality. The result has been the FM positions available here - the culmination of 15 years research - where I replicate to those who manage their own funds while they manage proprietary trading methods and trade secrets for me.

This is very different to functioning as a method / service seller, a manager of other people's money, a broker, an adviser, or a publisher / writer.

Actually, I worked with my former partner on this. Eventually, I bought these unique arrangements (contracts, literature, writing) from him. Previously, they were purchased from a separate party initially responsible for much of the concept, literature and writing but who lacked the methods to make these positions the reality they are today. I have my own methods (and FM's) my former partner didn't, and so forth.

When my partner who first taught me his private methods starting talking of retiring and putting these arrangements up for sale, I knew the power and untapped potential at stake and jumped at the chance.

The fact that I am involved in the financial industry makes me understand the power of both these trade secrets and how they're replicated. Many have said if finances were no object, they would pay $100,000 for integrated information that is the FM instructions. I don't sell franchises however, and I try to keep costs low to attract those serious. There is small deposit involved, but nothing like a franchise or $100,000!

From 1995 on, my focus turned to finding a money management system that could plug into any trading system and transform it. I was frustrated with systems merely trying to predict market direction. I wanted to design a system of money management based on "Risk of Ruin" and Las Vegas gambling systems designed to beat even chance games. This was to eliminate the reliance on predicting where the market was going and exclusively concentrate on dynamic "bet" (trade) sizing and money management.

I now have that and more including mechanical indicators and complete methodologies of my own and others' design which have shown impressive long-term performance independent of money management.

One of these described elsewhere has been proven over 11,000 trades and all possible markets. This mechanical automated system was independently tested by a highly respected professional in the field (other than myself). The result: an average 67% net profit per trade over all 11,000 winning and losing trades prior to money management. The maximum drawdown is classified as "insignificant" (tiny).

This is an unheard of feat in my fields for an extremely simple system with very few parameters whose entire rules were derived prior to testing and remained unchanged thereafter. This achievement netted over 3100 trades a year. It is only one of many methods I've researched / developed throughout my time in options, futures, stocks, and other trading fields. It is classified as a very beginning method. Results of more intermediate & advanced methods have been proportionally better. Even so, tests of this 67% method with conservative money management have turned a $2500 account into between $2.5 and $10.3 million - depending on variables used - in under 3.5 years (trading simulation that considers effect on market using averages including market sizes). Entirely computerized and automated. How this and other feats are achieved is a trade secret, not for sale from any source. It is being replicated to those who send qualifying (trustworthy) applications. Applicants must pass seriousness and honesty tests. Experience and essentially capital and location however have been taken out of the equation.

Beginning Futures/Options trade secret managers (I call them my "Fund Managers" and use the term FM) can start by learning from someone who actually turned a $2500 account into approx. $1,000,000 in real time trading and real dollars (evidenced by account statements and brokers receipts) (depending on the trading field and quality of application). My trading replication represents over 197 years (real time) trading experience on the parts of the designers and myself."

Biography continued (Medicine).

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