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This site is not for everyone. This is applied Neo-Tech. This is Neo-Tech for grown-ups. Trade secret replication is available to the right people via this site.

This site offers enormous potential benefits in investing / trading / income replication [non-marketing] and separately in [on yourself, by yourself] medical [disease "remission" / biological immortality] research. Initial capital of no more than $2,000 is all that's required for many of the methods since they are not a part of (ultimately non Neo-Tech) popular fields or types of investment / trading. Relevant disclaimers apply to each and are amply covered later.

These rewards are only for the serious (Neo-Tech people and a select few others). The only information or products for sale are two medical reports which contain background and details of replication. Income replication details and preliminary applications are online (laser printed copy available at cost). Everything else must be applied for by, awarded to, and replicated to qualifying* acceptable applicants. (* "qualifying" means honest and serious - those who act based on "fully-integrated honesty" - Neo-Tech - and a select few others learning what Neo-Tech means and looks like in practice.)

Much information is online, but the specifics can only be replicated, not sold. This site is not for those hesitant to exert the minor [albeit Neo-Tech] effort necessary to properly read its words.

Any repetition below or above is necessary and desirable to ensure understanding prior to entry. This is not mass-marketing. This is not a publishing house. This site's web pages act as a filter to attract the proper type of (Neo-Tech) readers who 1) first fill in acceptable preliminary applications then 2) put what they receive in return to valid use for the benefit of themselves and the site's owner.

Two groups of people enter this site - a) those who do, and b) those who do not know what the word Neo-Tech means (a philosophy, not a publishing company or business name when used on this site):

a) For those who know what the word Neo-Tech means or are familiar with it: by entering this site on the link below, you agree you understand all the following points and all points on this page.

b) For those not yet familiar with the word Neo-Tech and being introduced to it for the first time: by entering this site on the link below you agree you acknowledge all the following points and all the points on this page. You should better understand once you have read the referenced Neo-Tech literature. This literature is available separately from Neo-Tech Publishing with whom this site / Alexander Moss is not affiliated.

People both with and without Neo-Tech backgrounds are welcome. Those without will have to acquire a Neo-Tech background prior to or in some cases during replication. Again, trade secrets replicated here have nothing to do with marketing or "get-rich" / "get-healthy-quick schemes". If their (Neo-Tech) results seem "quick" it is only because the methods developed after decades of research work are like nothing else popularly available and like no non Neo-Tech method can. The Neo-Tech trade secrets / methods are not handed out to just anyone however - they have to be earned. Neo-Tech is a philosophy based on objectivity, honestly, rationality and "full integration".

Here this is applied to two of the most valuable and rewarding fields - medicine and investing / trading (income replication). Here this does not mean traditional / popular / marketed non fully-integrated medicine as it pervades today's society. Nor does this mean the usual non Neo-Tech investing / trading / income replication.

In addition to the original methods replicated, this site / Alexander Moss also recommends a variety of little known products / services. To remain objective it does not sell any of them and prefers to remain totally independent of any such product / service or company behind them. Not one cent is made from any such company, product, service or recommendation. This site and Alexander Moss represent no one but themselves. The most fundamentally recommended products are those on which the research / development is based - those which identify the philosophy of Neo-Tech - those by Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide.

The methods available for replication are based on the integration of all worthwhile external sources with a (very) heavy dose of original methods. These original methods are Neo-Tech pure and simple. They can only be gotten here. They are not like methods for sale. They have repeatedly and consistently achieved the so-called "impossible".

"Replication" is a Neo-Tech word and does not involve marketing or sales. Alexander Moss is in the business of inventing and identifying trade secrets for investment, maximum profit, and medical research (on himself, by himself) - trade secrets he uses himself and through other (Neo-Tech) people. He does NOT gamble like 95(+)% of all investors / traders, most of whom use unproven methods and lose in the long run. The Neo-Tech based methods used are known to work.

Anyone can achieve short term success (otherwise known as gambling), and anything can be "curve-fitted" to appear to work: that's the non Neo-Tech approach. The non Neo-Tech, "less than fully-integrated" approach does not result in profits - worthwhile, long-term variety. Trade secrets available via this site are proven over the long term, some even over tens of thousands of real time trades. By contrast, the fundamental nature of (non Neo-Tech) marketed methods are based on statistical insignificance.

Genuine Neo-Tech trade secrets are used, which includes replicated: they cannot be honestly, rationally sold. Those very few good (non Neo-Tech) methods that are specific and complete and are sold / leased / licensed / franchised / done for you" in any form ultimately find their profits - their results - "ruined" by public use - ruined by the sale. The market(s) are then said to "change" or the non Neo-Tech method "just stops working" as even a relatively small amount of serious people begin to learn of it and use it. The only route left then for the non Neo-Tech seller is to "curve-fit" or come up with "new" rules (actually a different method): he then has the option of keeping it all to himself this time or peddling it / a steady line of "improvements" to existing (again non Neo-Tech) "buyers".

There are also factors in medicine / health which greatly complicate the widespread use (and knowledge) of genuine (fully-integrated, working) Neo-Tech approaches.

This site allows the individual acting based on Neo-Tech (honesty, full integration, objectivity, and rationality) to solve both these problems for him/her self.

Conditions of entry:

1) The word Neo-Tech used on this site is the original meaning defined by Dr. Wallace and I&O Publishing (15-20 or more years ago when they put it into public use by selling the "Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia" / "Neo-Tech Discovery" and related mass-marketed publications. These amply defined the word Neo-Tech and created a new philosophy. The initial package was sold for $60-some dollars).

Neo-Tech used on this site means "fully-integrated honesty". It also means "New Technology" which does not necessarily have anything to do with the philosophy. The meanings overlap however as it's hard to genuinely have one without the other.

Neo-Tech used alone on this site, without "Publishing, or Worldwide" after it, is not a reference to a publishing company, trade, or business name. (I&O Publishing is now called Neo-Tech Publishing, or at least the latter has taken over for the former.)

Where you see the word Neo-Tech, substitute the words "fully-integrated honesty", the philosophy, or "new technology" where desired. The only exception is where the word "Publishing" or "Worldwide" immediately follows the word Neo-Tech - in that case the combination of words reference an independent company.

2) When used on this site, Neo-Tech alone is a noun or adjective and means a philosophy (literal definition above) / "new technology" and identifies the necessary background understanding and type of people being attracted to the specific use of applied Neo-Tech here.

3) Alexander Moss / this site is not affiliated, supposed to be affiliated, nor portrayed as being affiliated with Neo-Tech Publishing / Neo-Tech Worldwide or any of Neo-Tech Publishing's / Neo-Tech Worldwide's works identified on this site. Such works are identified here as necessary philosophical background. Neo-Tech Publishing's / Worldwide's works remain necessary for full or accurate background understanding of the specific research / development opportunities available via this site.

The referenced works of Neo-Tech Publishing / Neo-Tech Worldwide, although based on objectivity, integration, rationality, & honesty and originally defining and setting-forth the philosophy, constitute their own writers' / Dr. Wallace's interpretation of what Neo-Tech / fully-integrated honesty means. This site constitutes Alexander Moss's "interpretation" including application. However, the two are not directly comparable: Neo-Tech Publishing's / Worldwide's context is fundamental, philosophical and "thinking tools" that "integrate the mind" based on achieving results - commercial, business objectivism. www.neotech-specifics.com context is just what it says: specifics - the application of those fundamental tools to achieve results in business and medicine.

Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide teaches you how to think; this site's replication is what results after mastering that. Meaning is both definition and context.

(Neo-Tech) investing / trading is treated here as what it is: a business. It produces money and wealth for its practiced competent (Neo-Tech) owner who then gets to consume only what he/she can first produce (for him/her self). (Neo-Tech) investing / trading is not an end in itself. It is the means to achieve freedom and capital to begin to rationally control further businesses based on externally-measured value-production. The ultimate example is putting the value produced for oneself - money and freedom - into ones own medical / biological immortality research / development / experiments.

One person (genuinely) acting on Neo-Tech can often outcompete millions of non Neo-Tech worker-specialists. This is not an exaggeration. Genuine Neo-Tech actions allow the "impossible" to become a regular occurrence.

The ultimate rational (yet still short term) goal of Neo-Tech is biological immortality and disease elimination. Vast yet still essentially private and not mass-marketed inroads have already been made to achieve this goal. You can benefit from them now via this site.

See later via this site Alexander Moss's "The Fully-Integrated Answer To Disease, Part I", and "Part II, the Master Protocol" (part II is replication of research, not for sale, yet still available to anyone acting on the principle of Neo-Tech). (Free excerpts are online.)

4) There is no imagined approval or sanctioning (or portrayal of such) by Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide of any medical or investment research / development replication or report thereon available via this site / Alexander Moss. The words www.neotech-specifics.com are simply an accurate description of what you are about to see. This site / Alexander Moss is completely independent of Neo-Tech Publishing. Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide covers philosophy and philosophical tools necessary to integrate Reality. This site covers replication of the specific application of that not covered by Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide.

5) Click on the large type headline word Neo-Tech (immediately followed by Specifics) near the top of the main page (by first entering the site by taking below link). This will provide references to the Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide works on which the trade secrets replication of this site here are based.

Many links to this site's pages are found by first entering this site below.

6) This site / Alexander Moss does not sell, supersede, or in any way replace any such necessary background reference in 5) that are available only via Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide. This site builds on the philosophy specifically and applies it, specifically, in the real world in investing / business and medical research.

7) In using the word Neo-Tech on its site or in the title of certain web pages or in 2 medical reports, this site and Alexander Moss are NOT using or attempting to use any trade name or business name of Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide. This site and Alexander Moss are referencing philosophy using a word Dr. Wallace and I&O ["Individualism and Objectivism"] Publishing already sold to the public / put into public use without a trademark in the early/mid 1980's if not earlier. It is also referencing "new technology".

8) Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide are not liable for the results of anything you use, purchase, see, or find as a result of reading the this site or Alexander Moss's work. Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide are not liable for anything that results from your reading of this totally independent site.

What You Agree / "Filter Process" Summary

You agree this paragraph and all the above is perfectly understood, completely agreed to without reservation, and that it is the context and use of the word Neo-Tech alone at all times on and related to this site and work of Alexander Moss. The use of the word Neo-Tech on this site does not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. Wallace, Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide or any of his/their affiliates. You understand the letterhead at the top if this page is who you are communicating with at all times and there is no relation / affiliation to Neo-Tech Publishing / Worldwide.

If you are one of those (Neo-Tech / honest, objective, rational, integrated) few who can keep things in context and in perspective, then you will like what you are about see:

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